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Innovative Demonstration

No! They are not planting paddy seedlings in a field. It is very hard to believe that this is actually a road between Hilltown and Mount town in K U District. Locals fed up with the condition of the under-construction road staged this innovated protest to hurry up the authorities concerned in finishing the street.

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Necessary Vocabulary Notes

Innovative /ˈɪnəveɪtɪv / (ˈইনভেটিভ্‌) adj [introduction  or using new ideas, ways of doing Sth, etc.(অভিন্‌ভো) There will be a prize for the most innovative design.

Demonstration ˌdemən`streɪʃn / (ˌডেমনস্‌ ˈট্রেশন্‌) n 1. [a public meeting or march at which people show that they are protesting or supporting Sb/Sth] (বিক্ষোভ প্রদর্শণ) a peaceful/violent demonstration.

2. [an act of showing or explaining how Sth work or is done] (হাতে কলমে শিখানো): We were given a brief demonstration of the computer’s functions. A practical demonstration. A demonstration model.
< = also informal “demo” >

Violent Image

/ ˈvaɪələnt / (ˈভা্‌ইয়ানট্‌) adj [involving or caused by physical force that is intended to hurt or kill someone] (হিংস্র; সহিংস): Students were involved in violent clashes with police. The crowd suddenly turned violent. Children should not be allowed to watch violent movies.

Modelˈmɑːdl / (ˈমাড্‌ল্‌ ) adj [= the model used to show how Sth works]

No / noʊ / ( নৌ) [used to give a negative reply or statement(না): ‘Are you ready?’ ‘No, I am not.’ No! Don’t touch it! It’s hot. ‘She has had an accident.’ ‘Oh, no!’

Plant / plænt / (প্ল্যান্ট) n 1. [a living thing that grows in the earth and usually has a stem, leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree or bush] (চারাগাছ): All plants need light and water.

2. [Factory, Machinery] (যন্ত্রপাতি; কলকব্জা): a nuclear reprocessing plant. Japanese car plants * a chemical plant

<SYN>   Mill, Workshop, Foundry 

<VERB> [to put plants, seeds, etc. in the ground to grow] (রোপণ করা; বোনা; গাড়া; পোঁতা): to plant and harvest. They planted a flag on the summit.

Local / ˈloʊkl / (ˈলৌক্‌ল্‌) n [belonging to or connected with the particular place or area that you are talking about or with the place where you live] (স্থানীয়; আঞ্চলিক): local men are accused of the murder. It is difficult to understand the local dialect.

Fed up (adj) [bored or unhappy, especially with a situation that has continued for too long] (চরমভাবে হতাশ): You look fed up, what’s the matter? Fed up with Sb/Sth, People are fed up with all those traffic jams.

Paddy seedlings (= ধানের চাড়া)

Stage steɪdʒ / (স্টে) n 1. [A period or state that Sth/Sb passes through while developing or making progress(পর্‍্যায়; অবস্থা): The project is in its last stage and will be completed next December ’15.

<SYN> Phase  

2. [a raised area, usually in a theatre, etc. where actors, dancers, etc. perform] (মঞ্চ): The audiences threw rotten( পঁচা) egg onto the stage. 

<VERB> [to organize and present a play or an event for people to see] (সাধারণ্যে পরিবেশন করা; নাটকীয় ভঙ্গিতে প্রকাশের ব্যবস্থা করা): The play group was staging a production of ‘Nozrul’.

Innovate ˈɪnəveɪt / (ˈইনভেট্‌) v [to introduce new things, ideas, or ways of doing Sth] (নতুন কিছু প্রবর্তন করা): We must constantly adapt and innovate to ensure success in a growing market.

<NOUN> Innovation /ˌlnəˈveɪʃn / (ˌইনˈভেশ্‌ন্‌) n [the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing Sth] (ব্যবস্থা নতুন রীতি; নবধারা): The company is very interested in product design and innovation.

Adapt / əˈdæpt / (ˈড্যাপ্‌ট্‌) v [to change Sth in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation] (খাপ খাওয়ানো ; অভিযোজিত করা): The play had been adapted for children. The organisms were forced to adapt in order to survive.

<SYN> Adjust
Protest ˈproʊtest / (ˈপ্রৌটেছ্‌ট্‌) n [the expression of strong disagreement with or opposition to Sth; a statement or an action that shows Sth] (প্রতিবাদ বা আপত্তি করা): Why did you protest against been calling you a raving lunatic?

Lunatic Image
Lunatic / ˈlnətɪk / (লূনটিক) n [someone who does a crazy thing that is often dangerous] (পাগলাটে; মানসিক রোগী): She drives like a lunatic.

Authority / əˈθɔːrəti / (ˈটি) n [the power or right to do Sth] (কর্তৃত্ব; অধিকারিত্ব): Only the manager has the authority to sign the cheques. He has the authority to search for this building.

<PHY> The authority concerned (= সংশ্লিষ্ট কর্তৃপক্ষ)  

Noted From Oxford Dictionary  

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