Living Room Things Names & Pictures | Necessary Vocabulary

Living Room; Living Room Things Names and Pictures; বসার ঘর; sala; غرفة الجلوس; बैठक कक्ष; soggiorno; リビングルーム; sessorium; 客厅; Wohnzimmer; sala de estar; гостиная; living room vocabulary
Living Room Things

Living room / ˈlɪvɪŋ rʊm / (ˈলিভিঙ্রুম্) n {UK sitting room; AUS lounge room} [the room in a residential house, apartment or flat that is used for relaxing, entertaining guests, socializing and watch television, etc. such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house, but not usually for eating] (<বাড়িতে>বসার ঘর)

Thing / θɪŋ / (থিঙ্) n [objects, clothing or tools that belong to somebody or are used for a particular purpose] (সামগ্রী; মালপত্র; জিনিসপত্র): Bring your swimming things with you? Could I help you pack your things? 

Living Room Related Necessary Vocabulary Note

Ø Lounge / laʊndʒ / (লানজ্) n {SYN living room; sitting room} 1. [(UK) a room in a private house for sitting and relaxing in, but not for eating] (বসার ঘর): All the family was sitting in the lounge watching television.  

2. Lounge / laʊndʒ / (লানজ্) n [a public room in a hotel, theatre, club, etc. where people can relax or wait for] (আবাসিক হোটলে আরামদায়ক বসবার স্থান):

3. Lounge / laʊndʒ / (লানজ্) n [a room for waiting in at an airport, etc.] (বিমানবন্দরে বিমানের জন্য অপেক্ষার স্থান): the airport lounge, the departure lounge

Ø Residential / ˌrezɪˈdenʃl / (ˌরেযিˈডেনশল্) adj [(of an area of a town) suitable for living in; consisting of houses rather than factories or offices] (আবাসিক): a quiet residential area

Ø House / haʊs / (হাছ্‌) n [a building for people, usually for one family, live in] (গৃহ; বাড়ি): It was easy to get lost in the rambling house.

<VERB> House / haʊz / (হাউয্‌) v {Pt. Pp. housed / haʊzd / (হাউয্‌ড্‌)} [to give a person or animal a place to live, or to provide space for Sth] (আশ্রয় বা বাসস্থান দান করা): The government is committed to housing all refugees. The fishes can be temporarily housed in a smaller aquarium. 

Ø Apartment / əˈpɑːrtmənt / (ˈপাঃর্ট্‌মন্ট্‌) n {UK flat} [a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a building] (ভবন): high-rise apartment blocks

Ø Relaxing / rɪˈlæksɪŋ / (রিˈল্যাকছিঙ্‌) adj [helping you to rest and become less anxious] (নিরুদ্বেগ; দেহমন ছিথিল): a relaxing holiday  

Ø Entertaining / ˌentərˈteɪnɪŋ / (ˌএন্টˈটেনিঙ্‌) adj [funny and enjoyable] (আমোদজনক): He was always so funny and entertaining.

Ø Socialize / ˈsoʊʃəlaɪz / (ˈছৌশলায্‌) v {SYN mix} [to meet and spend time with people in a friendly way, in order to enjoy yourself] (আড্ডামারা; খোশ গল্প করে সমায় কাটানো): I tend not to socialize with my colleagues.

Window, house window
1. Window
Window / ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˈন্ডৌ) n 1. [an opening in the wall of a building filled with glass or in a vehicle, that allows light and air in and people to see out] (জানালা): All the windows blew out with the force of the blast. All the windows were barred. The bedroom/kitchen, etc. window 

computer Window
2. Window

2. Window / ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˈন্ডৌ) n [an area within a frame on a computer screen, in which a particular program is operating or in which information of a particular type is shown] (<কম্পিটারের>জানালা): to minimize/maximize a window

Different kind of windows

Bay window
Bay Window
Bay window / ˌbeɪ ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˌবে ˈন্ডৌ) n [a large window that sticks out from the outer wall of a house and usually has three sides] (বেই জানালা; তিনপাশ জানালা): Shut the bay window. 

Ø Bay / beɪ / (বে) n 1. [a part of the sea or large lake, where the land curves in so that the sea is surrounded by land on three sides] (উপসাগর): The Bay of Bengal.

2. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n {Also bay leaf} [a herb used to give flavor to food, made of the leaves of the bay tree] (তেজপাতা):

3. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n [a marked section of ground either inside or outside a building, for example for a vehicle to park in, for storing things, etc.] (তিন দিক ঘেড়া স্থান): a parking/loading/bus bay

Dormer window
Dormer Window
Dormer window / ˌdɔːrmər ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˌডোর্ম ˈন্ডৌ) n {Also dormer} [a vertical window in a room that is built into a sloping roof] (ছাদ-জানালা):

French window
French Window

French window / ˌfrentʃ ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˌফ্রেঞ্চ্‌ ˈন্ডৌ) n [a glass door, usually one of a pair, which leads to a garden/yard] (উঠোনমুখি জানালা): Open the French window.

Ø French / frentʃ / (ফ্রেঞ্চ্‌) n [of or connected with France, its people or its language] (ফরাসি): French food/music   

Picture window
Picture Window
Picture window / ˈpɪktʃər ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˈপিকচর্‌ ˈন্ডৌ) n [a very large window of a single piece of glass, positioned so that you can see an attractive view] (ছবি-জানালা): Close the picture window.

Ø Picture / ˈpɪktʃər / (ˈপিকচর্‌) n [a drawing, painting or photograph, etc.] (ছবি): A picture of flowers hung on the living room wall.  

Sash window
Sash Window
Sash window / ˌsæʃ ˈwɪndoʊ / (ˌছ্যাশ্‌ ˈন্ডৌ) n [a window that consists of two separate parts, one above the other that you open by sliding one parts up or down] (যে জানালা উপরে নীচে ঠেলে সরানো যায়): We need two sash window for our building.

Ø Sash / sæʃ / (ছ্যাশ্‌) n 1. [a frame with a piece of glass in it which is used to make windows and doors] (<জানালা বা দরজার>শার্শি):

2. Sash / sæʃ / (ছ্যাশ্‌) n [a long narrow piece of cloth worn around the waist and fastened at the back, or a strip of cloth worn over the shoulder, which is often worn with a uniform at official ceremonies] (শোভার জন্য কিংবা উর্দির অংশস্বরূপ কোমরে জড়ানো কিংবা এক কাঁধের উপর ঝোলানো কাপড়ের দীর্ঘ ফালি; পরিকর): She wore a white dress with a blue sash. 

Pane, window pane
Pane / peɪn / (পেন্‌) n [a flat, single sheet of glass, used in a door or window] (জানালার শার্সির কাচ): a pane of glass; a window pane

Blind, blind window
1. Blind
Blind / blaɪnd / (ব্লান্ড্‌) n {US shade} 1. [a cover for a window, especially one made of a single piece or strips of cloth, paper or plastic that pulled up or down by a string] (খড়খড়ি জানালা): Pull up the blinds and let some light in. a roller/Venetian blind

2. Blind
2. Blind / blaɪnd / (ব্লান্ড্‌) n [people who are unable to see] (অন্ধ): He trains to guide dogs for the blind.

Ø Strip / strɪp / (স্ট্রিপ্‌) n [a long narrow piece of paper, cloth, metal, etc.] (ফালি; চিলতে): a narrow strip of cloth

Ø String / strɪŋ / (স্ট্রিঙ্‌) n [material made of several threads twisted together] (সুতলি): a parcel tied with string

Chandelier / ˌʃændəˈlɪər / (ˌশ্যান্‌ডˈলির্‌) n [a large decorative light which hangs from the ceiling and has several parts like branches for holding lights or, especially in the past, candles] (<ঘরের ছাদ থেকে ঝুলন্ত>ঝাড়বাতি): a crystal chandelier

Ø Ceiling / ˈsiːlɪŋ / (ˈছীলিঙ্‌) n 1. [the inside surface of a room which you can see when you look above you] (ঘরে ছাদের নীচের পিঠ): a large room with a high ceiling  

2. Ceiling / ˈsiːlɪŋ / (ˈছীলিঙ্‌) n [the highest limit or amount of Sth] (সর্বাধিক উচ্চতা, সর্বশেষ সীমা বা স্তর): price ceilings

Bulb, light bulb
1. Bulb
Bulb / bʌlb / (বাল্ব্‌) n {Also light bulb} 1. [a rounded glass container with a thin thread of metal inside (= filament), which produces light when an electric current goes through it] (বাল্ব): Can you remove the fused bulb and replace it with an energy-efficient one? The bulb flickered and went out. The fitting in the kitchen takes a fluorescent bulb. A room lit by bare bulbs (=with no decorative cover); a 60 – watt bulb.

2. Bulb
2. Bulb / bʌlb / (বাল্ব্‌) n [a round underground root of some plants, shaped like an onion, that grows into a new plant every year] (<উদ্ভিদের>কন্দ): She usually waters the indoor bulbs once a week. Tulip bulbs

Ø Filament / ˈfɪləmənt / (ˈফিলন্ট্‌) n [a thin wire in a light bulb that produces light when electricity is passed through it] (<বাল্বের ভিতরে>সূত্র বা আঁশ):

Ø Fuse / fjuːz / (ফিয্‌) v {Pt. Pp. fused} [to stop working or to make Sth stop working because a fuse melts] (ফিউজ/গলনীর ফলে বিকল হওয়া): My headlight of the living room has fused or the bulb has gone.

Ø Energy-efficient / ˈenərdʒi-ɪˈfɪʃnt / (ˈএনএর্জি-ˈফিশ্‌ন্ট্‌) n [using little electricity, gas, etc., only as much as is needed without wasting any] (বিদুৎ সাশ্রয়ী): The house has been fitted energy-efficient lighting system.

Ø Flicker / ˈflɪkər / (ˈফ্লিকর্‌) v {Pt. Pp. flickered} [(of a light or a flame) to keep going on and off as it shines or burns] (<আলো সম্বন্ধে>মিট মিট করা/করে জ্বলা; টিম টিম করে জ্বলা): the flickering screen of the television

Ø <PHR-V> Go out [if light or something that is burning goes out, it stops producing light or heat] (নিভে যাওয়া): When I woke up the fire had gone out.

Ø Fluorescent / ˌflɔːˈresnt / (ˌফ্লোˈরেছ্‌ন্ট্‌) adj [(of substance) producing bright light by using some forms of radiation] (<পদার্থ সম্বন্ধে>বিকিরণ গ্রহণ করে তা আলোরূপে ফিরিয়ে দেয় এমন; প্রতিপ্রভ): fluorescent lighting  

Ø Light / laɪt / (লাট্‌) v {Pt. Pp. lit / lɪt / (লিট্‌)} [to make Sth start to burn] (জ্বালানো; প্রজ্জ্বলিত করা): He lit a candle. The candles were lit.

Ø Watt / wɑːt / (ওয়াট্‌) n {Abbr. W} [a unit for measuring electrical power] (বিদ্যুৎ শক্তির একক ওয়াট): Do you want 80-watt light bulb for this living room?  

Candle / ˈkændl / (ˈক্যান্ডেল্‌) n [a round stick of wax with a piece of string (called a wick) through the middle which is lit to give light as it slowly burns] (মোমবাতি): The candles were lit on the top of a candlestick. A flickering candle; to blow out/snuff out a candle

Ø Wax / wæks / (ওঅ্যাক্স্) n [a solid substance that is made from beeswax or from various fats and oils and used for making candles, polish, models, etc. it becomes soft when it is heated] (মোম): He watched the wax as it dripped down the side of the candle. Styling wax for the hair

Ø Wick / wɪk / (ক্) n [a piece of string in the center of a candle, or similar part of a light, which supplies fuel to a flame] (<মোমবাতি, লন্ঠন, প্রদীপ প্রভৃতির>সলিতা; সলতে): She was trimming the wick of an oil-lamp.

Ø Candlestick / ˈkændlstɪk / (ˈক্যান্ড্লস্টিক্) n [an object for holding a candle] (মোমদানি; পিলসুজ):

Ø <PHR-V> Blow out [a put out a flame, etc. by blowing] (ফুঁ দিয়ে নিভিয়ে দেওয়া; বায়ু প্রবাহের ফলে নিভে যাওয়া): After dinner, he blew out the candles.

Ø Snuff / snʌf / (স্নাফ্‌) v {~ Sth (out)} [to stop a flam from burning, especially by pressing it between your fingers or covering it with Sth] (মোমবাতির সলতে আঙ্গুল দেয়ে চিপে নিভেয়ে ফেলা): One by one he snuffed out all candles.

<SYN> Extinguish

Candelabra / ˌkændəˈlɑːbrə / (ˌক্যান্ডˈলাঃব্র) n [a decorative holder with several branches for holding candles or lights] (দীপাধার; ঝাড়বাতিদান):

1. Coaster
Coaster / ˈkoʊstər / (ˈকৌছ্‌টর্‌) n 1. [a small piece of wood, plastic or other material that you put a glass or cup on to protect a surface from heat or hot liquid] (<গরম পাত্রের নিচে রাখা>ছোট মাদুর):

Coaster ship
2. Coaster

2. Coaster / ˈkoʊstər / (ˈকৌছ্‌টর্‌) n [a ship that sails from port to port along a coast] (যে জাহাজ সমুদ্রের উপকুল ধরে বন্দর থেকে বানিজ্য করে):  

Vase / veɪz / (ভেয্‌) n [a container made of glass, etc. used for holding cut flowers or as a decorative object] (ফুলদানি; পুষ্পাধার): A silver vase stood on the mantelpiece. A vase of flowers

Ø Mantelpiece / ˈmæntlpiːs / (ˈম্যান্‌টল্‌পীছ্‌) n {US mantel} [a shelf above a fireplace, usually part of a frame which surrounds the fireplace] (<কক্ষের>চুল্লির উপরের তাক): There was a picture on the mantelpiece.

Occasional table
Occasional Table
Occasional table / əˈkeɪʒənl ˈteɪbl / (ˈকেনল্‌ ˈটেবল্‌) n [a small light table that is easy to move, used for different things at different times] (মাঝেমধ্যে ব্যবহৃত মেঝ/টেবিল): Take the occasional table from here.

Ø Occasional / əˈkeɪʒənl / (ˈকেনল্‌) adj [not happening or done often or regularly] (নিয়মিত নয়; মাঝে-মধ্যে ঘটে, আসে, দেখা যায় এমন): He spent five years in Paris, with occasional visits to Italy.

Coffee table
Coffee Table
Coffee table / ˈkɑːfi ˈteɪbl / (ˈকাঃফি ˈটেব্‌ল্‌) n [a small low table, usually in front of a sofa, on which coffee is served or books and magazines are arranged] (কাফি টেবিল):

Ø Serve / sɜːrv / (ছা্‌র্ভ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. served} [to give Sb food or drink, for example at a restaurant or during meal] (<খাদ্য>পরিবেশন করা/দেওয়া): Do they serve meals in the burs.

End table
End Table
End table / end ˈteɪbl / (এন্ড্ˈটেব্ল্) n [a small table placed beside a sofa or other piece of furniture] (এন্ড্‌ টেবিল): He put the teacup down on an end table.   

Houseplant / ˈhaʊs plænt / (ˈহাছ্‌ প্ল্যান্ট্‌) n {UK pot plant} [a plant which is grown in a pot and kept indoors a house or building] (কক্ষ-উদ্ভিদ):

1. Radiator 
Radiator / ˈreɪdieɪtər / (ˈরেডিএর্‌) n 1. [a hollow metal device for heating rooms, radiators are usually connected by pipes through which hot water is sent] (ঘর গরম রাখার জন্য ব্যবহৃত তাপবিকিরণকারী যন্ত্র): When we installed the central heating, we put a radiator in every room.

2. Radiator

2. Radiator / ˈreɪdieɪtər / (ˈরেডিএর্‌) n [a device for cooling the engine of a vehicle or an aircraft] (মোটরযানের ইনজিনের সিলিন্ডারকে শীতল করার যন্ত্র): He filled his car radiator with water.

Heating / ˈhiːtɪŋ / (ˈহীটিঙ্‌) n {US heat} [the process of supplying heat to a room or building; a system used to do this] (<ঘর গরম রাখার ব্যবস্থা>তাপন): The house was very cold because the heating had broken down.

<NOUN-PHR> Central heating [a system of heating buildings by warming air or water at one place and then sending it to different rooms in pipes] (কেন্দ্রীয় তাপন): There is a central heating system with a radiator in each room. Gas-fired central heating has been installed. 

Ø Broken-down / ˌbroʊkən-ˈdaʊn / (ˌব্রৌকন্‌-ˈডান্) adj [in a very bad condition; not working correctly; very tired and sick] (<যন্ত্র>খারাপ বা অচল হয়ে পড়া; <শরীর>মানসিকভাবে দুর্বল হয়ে পড়া): broken-down old car/horse

Air conditioner
Air Conditioner 
Air conditioner / ˈerkən ˈdɪʃənər / (ˈরকন্ডিˈর্‌) n [a machine which keeps the air in a building cool] (শীতাতপ যন্ত্র):

<NOUN> Air conditioning {Also air con; Abbr. Ac, a/c} [the system that cools and dries the air in a building or vehicle] (বায়ুনিয়ন্ত্রিত): Is the air conditioning on? I wish my car had air conditioning.  

<ADJ> Air-conditioned [] (শীতাতপনিয়ন্ত্রিত): The restaurant is fully air-conditioned.

Thermostat / ˈθɜːrməstæt / (ˈথা্‌র্মস্ট্যাট্‌) n [a device which keeps a building, room or engine, within a usually limited temperature range by automatically switching the supply of heat on and off] (তাপস্থাপক): a central heating thermostat

Fireplace / ˈfaɪərpleɪs / (ˈফাইএরপ্লেছ্‌) n [a space in the wall of a room for a fire to burn in, to keep the room heat, or the decorated part which surrounds this space] (<কক্ষের ভিতর দেয়ালে>উনান): A log fire crackled in the fireplace.

Ø Log / lɔːg / (লোগ্‌) n [a thick piece of tree trunk or branch that is cut for burning on a fire] (কাঠের গুড়ি): log for the fire

Ø Crackle / ˈkrækl / (ˈক্র্যাক্‌ল্‌) v {Pt. Pp. crackled} [to make short sharp sounds like Sth that is burning in a fire] (পটপট আওয়াজ হওয়া): The logs crackled and popped in a fireplace.  

Ceiling fan
Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fan / ˈsiːlɪŋ fæn / (ˈছীলিঙ্‌ ফ্যান্‌) n [a mechanical fan, usually electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room that uses hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air] (ছাদ-পাখা; স্লিলিং ফ্যান):

Ø Suspend / səˈspend / (ˈস্পেন্ড্‌) v {Pt. Pp. suspended} 1. [a hang Sth from Sth else] (লটকানো; ঝোলানো): A light bulb was suspended from the ceiling.

2. Suspend / səˈspend / (ˈস্পেন্ড্‌) v [to officially stop or to cause to be not active, either temporarily or permanently] (সাময়িকভাবে বন্ধ রাখা; স্থগিত রাখা): The president has suspended the constitution and assumed total power.

Ceiling light
Ceiling Light
Ceiling light / ˈsiːlɪŋ laɪt / (ˈছীলিঙ্‌ লাট্‌) n [an electric light that attaches to the ceiling] (সিলিং লাইট):

Ceiling rose
Ceiling Rose
Ceiling rose / ˈsiːlɪŋ roʊz / (ˈছীলিঙ্‌ রৌয্‌) n {Also rose} [a round object that is fixed to the ceiling of a room for the wires of electric light to go through] ():

Standard lamp
Standard Lamp
Standard lamp / ˈstændərd læmp / (ˈস্ট্যান্ডর্ড্‌ ল্যাম্প্‌) n {US floor lamp} [an electric light supported by a tall pole which is fixed to a base that rests on the floor of a room] (তল-বাতি; ফ্লোর ল্যাম্প):

Full-length mirror
Full-length Mirror
Full-length mirror / ˌfʊl-ˈleŋθ ˈmɪrər / (ˌফুল-ˈলেঙথ্‌ ˈমিরর্‌) n [showing to the entire length especially of the human figure] (পূর্ণ-দৈর্ঘ আয়না): A full-length mirror

Fitted carpet
Fitted Carpet
Fitted carpet / ˌfɪtɪd ˈkɑːrpɪt / (ˌফিটিড্‌ ˈকাঃর্পিট্‌) n {US wall-to-wall carpet} [a carpet that is cut and fixed to cover the floor of a room completely] (ঘরের ভিতর দেওয়াল টু দেওয়াল কার্পেট):

Flat screen
Flat Screen
Flat screen / ˌflæt ˈskriːn / (ˌফ্ল্যাট্‌ ˈস্ক্রীন্‌) n {Also flat panel} [a type of television or computer monitor that is very thin when compared with the traditional type] (সমতল-পর্দা; ফ্ল্যাট স্ক্রীন): a flat screen TV

Scatter cushion
Scatter Cushion
Scatter cushion / ˈskætər ˈkʊʃn / (ˈস্ক্যাটর্‌ ˈকুশ্‌ন্‌) n {US throw pillow} [a small cushion that can be placed on the furniture, on the floor, etc. for decoration] (ছোট তাকিয়া): A few scatter cushions would help to brighten up that old sofa.

Ø Scatter / ˈskætər / (ˈস্ক্যাটর্‌) v {Pt. Pp. scattered} [to throw or drop things in different directions so that they cover an area of a ground] (ছড়িয়ে বা ছিটিয়ে দেওয়া): I scattered grass seed all over the lawn.

Ø Cushion / ˈkʊʃn / (ˈকুশ্‌ন্‌) n {US pillow} [a cloth bag filled with soft material or feathers that is used, for example, to make a seat more comfortable] (গদি; তাকিয়া): He sank back against the cushion. 

Sofa / ˈsoʊfə / (ˈছৌফ) n {SYN settee, couch} [a long soft seat with a back and usually arms, for two or more people, sit on at the same time] (সোফা): Raju collapsed on his overstuffed leather sofa. She sank into the deep sofa. 

Ø Collapse / kəˈlæps / (ˈল্যাপ্‌ছ্‌) v {collapses / kəˈlæpsɪz / (ˈল্যাপ্‌ছিয্‌); Pt. Pp. collapsed} [to sit or lie down and relax, especially after working hard] (<ক্লান্তে হয়ে>ধপাস করে বসে বা সুয়ে পড়া): When I get home I like to collapse on the sofa.

Throw / θroʊ / (থ্রৌ) n [a loose cloth cover that can be thrown over a sofa, bed, etc.] (<সোফা বা বিছানার কাপড়ের ঝুলে থাকা অংশ>ঝুলক):

Wing chair
Wing Chair
Wing chair / ˈwɪŋ tʃeər / (ˈঙ্‌ চের্‌) n [a comfortable chair that has a high back with pieces pointing forwards at the sides] (ডানা-কেদারা; উইং চেয়ার):

Bookcase / ˈbʊkkeɪs / (ˈবুক্‌কেছ্‌) n [a piece of furniture with shelves for keeping books on] (বইয়ের আলমিরা):

Bookend / ˈbʊkend / (ˈবুক্‌এন্ড্‌) n [an object used, especially in pairs, to keep a row of books standing vertically] (তাকে বই খাড়া ভাবে রাখার জন্য অবল্বন):

Grandfather clock
Grandfather Clock
Grandfather clock / ˌgrænfɑːðər ˈklɑːk / (ˌগ্র্যান্‌ফাঃদর্‌ ˈক্লাঃক্‌) n [a tall clock in a wooden case which stands on the floor] (দাদা-ঘড়ি): The pendulum in the grandfather clock swung back and forth. 

Ø Pendulum / ˈpendʒələm / (ˈপেন্‌জম্‌) n [a long straight part with a weight at the end that moves regularly from side to side to control the movement of a clock] (<দাদা ঘড়ির>দোলক): the pendulum of public opinion

Ø Grandfather / ˈgrænfɑːðər / (ˌগ্র্যান্‌ফাঃদর্‌) n {Also granddad; granddaddy; grandpa} [the father of a person’s mother or father] (দাদা; দাদু):

Great-uncle [an uncle of one’s mother or father] (বাবা বা মার চাচা বা মামা; দাদা বা নানার ভাই):

Clock / klɑːk / (ক্লাঃক্‌) n [a device for measuring and showing time, which is usually found in or on a building and is not worn or carried like a watch] (দেয়াল ঘড়ি): It was ten past six by the bedroom clock.

Ø Watch / wɑːtʃ / (ওয়াচ্‌) n [a type of small clock that you wear on your wrist, or (in the past) carried in your pocket] (হাত ঘড়ি): My watch is fast/slow

Painting / ˈpeɪntɪŋ / (ˈপেনটিঙ্‌) n [a picture that has been painted] (চিত্রশিল্প; চিত্র): The walls are covered in oil paintings.

Ø Oil painting / ˈɔɪl peɪntɪŋ / (ˈ পেনটিঙ্‌) n [a picture painted in oil paint] (তেলচিত্র):

Ornament / ˈɔːrnəmənt / (ˈওর্নন্ট্‌) n {SYN knick-knack} [an object that is used as decoration in a room, garden/yard, etc. rather than for a particular purpose] (তুচ্ছ আসবাব): garden ornaments such as statues and fountains; a glass ornament  

Ø Statue / ˈstætʃuː / (ˈস্ট্যাচূ) n [a figure of a person or an animal in stone, metal, etc., usually the same size as in real life or larger] (মূর্তি): a statue of Apollo

Ø Fountain / ˈfaʊntn / (ˈফান্‌টন্‌) n [a stream of water that is forced up into the air through a small hole, used especially to decorate parks and gardens/yards] (ফোয়ারা; ঝর্না):

Extension lead
Extension Lead
Extension lead / ɪkˈstenʃn liːd / (ˈস্টেনশন্‌ লীড্‌) n {US extension cord} [an extra length of electric ware, used when the wire on an electrical device is not long enough] (ইকস্টেনশন কর্ড; বাড়তি তার):

Hi-fi / ˈhaɪ- faɪ / (ˈহা-ফা) n [a set of electronic equipment for playing recorded music that produces high-quality stereo sound] (হাই-ফাই): I have just bought a new hi-fi. A hi-fi system.

Ø Stereo / ˈsterioʊ / (ˈস্টেরিও) n [a machine that plays CDs, etc., sometimes with a radio, that has two separate speakers so that you hear different sounds from each] (শব্দ প্রক্ষেপণ): a car/personal stereo  

Switch / swɪtʃ / (সুচ্‌) n 1. [a small device, usually pushed up or down with your finger, that controls and turns on or off an electric current] (সুইচ): The light operates by a timer switch. A heavy-duty switch  

2. Switch / swɪtʃ / (সুচ্‌) n [a sudden or complete change, especially of one person or thing for another] (উৎক্রান্ত/পরিবর্তন): The team’s manager made a shrewd tactical switch in defense.

Ø <PHR-V> Switch off/on / ˌswɪtʃ ˈɔːf / ˈɔːn / (সুচ্‌ ˈওফ্‌/ ˈওন্‌) v [to turn a light, machine, etc. off/on by pressing a button or switch] (সুইচ টিপে চালু বা বন্ধ করা): Please switch the living room lights off as you leave.    

Ø Heavy-duty / ˌhevi-ˈduːti / (ˌহেভি-ˈডূটি) adj [describes clothing, machinery or equipment that is stronger than usual so that it can be used a lot, especially in difficult conditions] (অতি মজবুত): a heavy-duty tools/shoes  

Socket / ˈsɑːkɪt / (ˈছাঃকিট্‌) n {Also power point; US outlet} [a device in a wall that you put a plug into in order to connect electrical equipment to the power supply of a building] (কোটর; সাকেট): a wall socket

Plug / plʌg / (প্লাগ্‌) n [a small plastic object with two or three metal pins, which connects a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity] (প্লাগ; রোধনী): a three-pin/two-pin plug

Corridor / ˈkɔːrɪdɔːr / (ˈকোরিডোর্‌) n [a long passage in a building or train, especially with rooms on either side] (করিডোর; সংযোগ পথ): His living room is along the corridor.

Balcony / ˈbælkəni / (ˈব্যালকনি) n [a platform that is built on the upstairs outside wall of a building, with a wall or rail around it] (ঝুল বারান্দা; ইন্দ্রকোষ): We had drinks on the hotel balcony.

Ø Upstairs / ˌʌpˈsterz / (ˌআপ্‌ˈস্টের্জ্‌) adv {ANT downstairs} [up the stairs; on or to a floor of a house or other building higher than the one that you are on] (উপরের তলায়): I carried her bags upstairs.

Veranda / vəˈrændə / (ˈর‍্যান্ড) n {Also verandah; US porch} [a raised, covered, sometimes partly closed area, often made of wood, on the front or side of a building] (বারান্দা; অলিন্দ): After dinner, we sat talking on the veranda.  

Wastebasket / ˈweɪstbæskɪt / (ˈওএস্ট্‌ব্যাছ্‌কিট্‌) n {UK wastepaper basket} [an open container which stands on the floor inside buildings and is used for putting rubbish in especially paper] (বাতিল কাগজের ঝুড়ি):

Living Room Vocabulary | English Vocabulary

Noted from Google Image; Oxford & Cambridge Dictionary 

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