A Single Mom/Mum | Necessary Vocabulary

An Ill Child
This two-and-half-year baby has been suffering fever for the last Seven days and kid’s mother can only afford herbal leaves for its treatment for a single mother, making a living out of selling Hog plum (Amra) is difficult, let alone getting Medicine. While people from across the country come to the city for better healthcare services, the capital cannot even reach out to the people who live in the Dhaka metropolitan area. The Image was taken from nearby. 

Topic Related Necessary Vocabulary Notes

Mum Image
Mum / mʌm / (মাম) {BRE} n [a mother] (মা): Mum and Dad.

Mom / mɑːm / (মাঃম) {USA} n [a mother] (মা): The group is aimed at new moms with young babies.

How to Take care of a Baby

Baby / ˈbeɪbi / (ˈবেবি) n [a very young child or animal] (শিশু): The baby is crying. She had a baby last year. A newborn baby.

Tiny ˈtaɪni / (ˈঠানি) adj [very small in size or amount] (অতি ক্ষুদ্র; ঘেনি; পুঁচ্‌কে; পিচ্চি): His room is absolutely tiny. The tiniest amount of this drug would knock out the elephant.

Knock / nɑːk / (নাঃক্‌) v [to repeatedly hit something, etc. firmly in order to attract attention] (টোকা দেওয়া; দরজার কড়া নেড়ে শব্দ করা; ধাক্কা দেওয়া): She knocked three times and waited. He knocked on the window to attract his attention. Please knock before entering.

<SYN> Rap

<PHR-V> knock out 1. [= to make Sb fall asleep or become unconscious] (অচেতন করা; বেহুশ করা; অঙ্গান করা): The hit knocked him out.

2. [=<in boxing> to hit an opponent so that cannot get up within a limited time and therefore lose the fight] (<মুষ্টি যুদ্ধে> কাউকে এমন ভাবে আঘাত করা যাতে সে নির্দিষ্টি সময়ের মধ্যে উঠে দাঁড়াতে না পারে এবং পরাজিত হয়): The match ended in knock out in the second round.

Toddler Image
Toddler / ˈtɑːdlər / (ˈঠাঃডল) n [a child who has only recently learned to walk] (যে শিশু কেবল হাটতে শিখেছে):

­ Fever / ­­­ˈ­­­­­fiːvər / (ˈফীভ) adj [a medical condition in which a person has a temperature that is higher than normal and the heart beat very fast] (জ্বর): the child has a high fever. She has gotten a headache and a slight fever.

Feverish / ˈ­­­­­fiːvərɪʃ / (ˈফীভরিশ) adj [suffering from fever] ( জ্বরের লক্ষণ যুক্ত): I am feeling a bit feverish, but I think it’s not the start of the flu.

Afford / ə­­­­­­ˈfɔːrd / (ˈফোর্ড) v [(usually used with can, could or be able to, especially in negative sentences or questions) to have enough money or time to be able to buy or to do sth] (<সময় বা অর্থ ব্যয়ের> সামর্থ থাকা): Can we afford a new car? None of them could afford $ 50 for a ticket. Few people are able to afford cars like that. I cannot afford to buy a house.

Treatment / `triːtmənt / (`ট্রীঠমন্‌ট্‌) n [something that is done to cure an illness or injury or to make Sb look and feel good] (সেবা; চিকিৎসা): She is receiving treatment for illness. He is responding well to treatment.

Single / `sɪŋgl / (`ছিংগল) adj [only one] (মাত্র এক): He sent her a single red rose. A single-sex school (= for boys or girls only). I could not understand a single word she said!

<IDM> (in) single/Indian file [=one behind the other] (একজনের পেছনে আর একজন সারি করে দাঁড়ানো): The schoolchildren were told to walk in single file.

<IDM> at a (single) glance [=immediately; with only a quick look] (এক নজরে): He could tell at a glance what was wrong.

Make / meɪk / (মে) v [to earn or gain money] (<অর্থ> উপার্জন করা): She makes $ 100000 a year. to make a profit/loss. We need to think of ways to make money. He makes a living as a standup comic.

Out of (pre) [used to show that Sth comes from or is obtained from sth/sb] (কোনোকিছু দ্বারা/ থেকে): he drank his beer out of the bottle. We will get the truth out of her. A statue made out of bronze. I paid for the damage out of my savings. I asked out of curiosity.­­­­

Statue Image
Statue / `stætʃuː / (`স্ট্যাচূ) [a figure of a person or an animal in stone, metal, wood, etc. usually the same size as in real life. (কাঠ, পাথর বা ব্রোন্‌জে খোদিত ব্যক্তির বা প্রাণীর প্রতিমূর্তি): We planned to put up/ erect a statue to the President.

Curiosity / ˌkjʊrˈɑːsəi / (ˌকিয়ারিয়াটি) n [a strong desire to know about Sth] (ঔৎসুক্য; কৌতুহল): Children show curiosity about everything. The letter was not addressed to me but I opened it out of curiosity.

<IDM> Let alone [used after a statement to emphasize that because the first thing is not true or possible, the next thing cannot be true possible either] (দুরের কথা): There is not enough room for us, let alone any guests. I did not have any clothes, let alone a passport.

 <PHR-V> Reach out to Sb [to show Sb that you are interested in them and/or want to help them] (অন্যদের সাহায্য/সেবা দিতে চেষ্টা করা): She set up her charity  to reach out to the thousands of homeless on the streets.

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