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Sports Names; sports; খেলাধুলা; খেলাধুলা নাম; খেলাধুলা নাম in English; sports name list with pictures; sports games name list; list of sports a-z; list of common sports; list of team sports; sports vocabulary; sports vocabulary ielts; sports vocabulary exercises; advanced sports vocabulary; أسماء رياضية; 体育名称; खेल के नाम; Nombres de deportes; کھیل نام; name of sports

Sport / spɔːrt / (স্পোর্ট্) n [a game, competition or activity needing physical effort and skill that is played or done in a special area and according to fixed rules, for enjoyment and/or as a job] (খেলাধুলা; বহিরঙ্গন ক্রীড়া): I need to take up a sport to get fit. He does a lot of sport. Did you do any sport at school? Do you do a lot of sports? Which is the country’s most popular spectator sport? Sports shoes 


Sports Related Necessary Vocabulary Note 

Ø Game / geɪm / (গেম্) n [an entertaining activity or sport, especially one played by children, or the equipment needed for such an activity] (খেলা; ক্রীড়া): The Olympic Games are held every four years. 

Ø Play / pleɪ / (প্লে) v {plays / pleɪz / (প্লেয্); Pt. Pp. played} [to be involved in a game; to compete against Sb in a game] (খেলা/ক্রীড়া করা): Which team do you play for?

Ø Enjoyment / ɪnˈdʒɔɪmənt / (ন্ˈজোন্ট্) n [the pleasure that you get from Sth] (আনন্দ): Do you get any enjoyment out of this type of work?

Ø <PHR-V> Take Sth up [to learn or start to do Sth, especially for pleasure] (কিছু কোরতে শুরু করা): They have taken up physical exercise.

Ø Spectator sport / spekˈteɪtər spɔːrt / (স্পেকˈটের্‌ স্পোর্ট্‌) n [a sport that many people watch; a sport that is interesting to watch] (যে জাতীয় খেলাধুলায় প্রচুর দর্শক সমাগম হয়<যেমন ফুটবল>): Cricket is certainly the biggest spectator sport in Bangladesh.

Spectator / spekˈteɪtər / (স্পেকˈটের্‌) n [a person who watches an event, especially a sports event, without taking part] (দর্শক): The new football stadium will hold 7500 spectators.  

Archery sport, তীরন্দাজি
Archery / ˈɑːrtʃəri / (ˈআঃর্চরি) n [the art or sport of shooting arrows with a bow, especially at a target (= named bullseye)] (তীরন্দাজি; ধনুর্বিদ্যা): He took up archery eight years ago.

Ø Art / ɑːrt / (আঃর্ট্‌) n 1. [an ability or a skill that you can develop with training and practice] (চর্চার মাধ্যমে কোনোকিছু অয়্যেত করা): Letter-writing is a lost art nowadays.

2. Art / ɑːrt / (আঃর্ট্‌) n [the subjects you can study at school or university that are not scientific, such as languages, history or literature] (<বিজ্ঞান ব্যতিত বিষয়>যেমন বাংলা, ইতিহাস ইত্যাদি; কলা): At school, I was quite good at arts, hopeless at science. An arts degree

Ø Shoot / ʃuːt / (শূট্‌) v {shoots / ʃuːts / (শূটছ্‌); Pt. Pp. shot / ʃɑːt / (শাঃট্‌)} 1. [to fire a gun or other weapon; to fire Sth from a weapon] (<বন্দুক বা তীর>ছুঁড়া বা মারা): The kids were shooting arrows at a target.

2Shoot / ʃuːt / (শূট্‌) v [(soccer, hockey) to try to kick, hit or throw the ball into a goal or to score a point] (<ফুটবল, হকি, ইত্যাদিতে>প্রধানত গোল করার জন্য বল মারা): He shot from the middle of the field and still managed to score.

<NOUN> Shooting / ˈʃuːtɪŋ / (ˈশূটিঙ্‌) n [a situation in which a person is shot with a gun or other weapons] (বন্দুকের গুলি ছোরা): We heard some shooting in the night. 

Ø Arrow / ˈæroʊ / (ˈএ্যারৌ) n [a long, thin stick with a sharp point at one end, and often feathers at the other, which is shot from a bow] (তীর; বাণ): to fire/shoot an arrow.

1,2. Bow 
Ø Bow / boʊ / (বৌ) n 1. [a weapon for shooting arrows, made of a long thin piece of wood bent into a curve by a tightly stretched string] (ধনুক): He was armed with a bow and arrow.

2. Bow / boʊ / (বৌ) n [a knot with two loop two loose ends which is used for decoration on clothes, in hair, etc. or for tying shoes] (এক বা দুই ফাঁসের গেরো বা গিঁট): Her hair was tied back in a neat bow. To tie your shoelaces in a bow.

Ø Target / ˈtɑːrgɪt / (ˈটাঃর্গিট্‌) n [an object shot at during shooting practice, often a circle with a pattern on rings, or any object or place at which bullets, bombs, etc. are aimed] (লক্ষ্য বস্তু):

Ø Bullseye / ˈbʊlzaɪ / (ˈবুলয্‌আ) n [the center of the target that you shoot or throw at in shooting, archery or darts; a shot or throw that hits this] (লক্ষ্যস্থল; শরব্য): He scored a Bullseye. 

Fencing sport,অসিক্রীড়া
Fencing / ˈfensɪŋ / (ˈফেন্‌ছিঙ্‌) n [the sport of fighting with long thin swords, especially foils, or sabers, according to a set of rules, in order to score points against an opponent] (অসিক্রীড়া): a fencing tournament/mask

1,2. Foil
Ø Foil / fɔɪl / (ল্‌) n 1. [a long thin light sword used in the sport of fencing] (অসি খেলায় ব্যবহ্রত হালকা তরবারি):

2. Foil / fɔɪl / (ল্‌) n [a very thin sheet of metal, especially used to wrap food in to keep it fresh] (ধাতুপাত; তবক): Cover the fish loosely with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Aluminum foil

Ø According to / əˈkɔːrdɪŋ / (ˈকোর্ডিঙ্‌ ট) pre [as started or reported by Sb/Sth] (অনুসারে; মতে): According to our records you owe us $300.

Ø Score / skɔːr / (স্কোর্‌) v {scores / skɔːrz / (স্কোর্‌য্‌); Pt. Pp. scored} [to win or get points, goals, etc. in a game or completion] (<খেলায় পয়েন্ট ইত্যাদি>অর্জন করা): Tennant scored (a goal) in the last minute of the match.

Ø Point / pɔɪnt / (ন্ড্‌) n {abbr. pt.} [an individual unit that adds to a score in a game or sports competition] (পয়েন্ট): Australia finished 25 points ahead.  

Ø Fence / fens / (ফেন্স্) n [a structure which divides two areas of land, similar to a wall but made of wood or wire and supported with posts] (বেড়া): There was a cottage garden at the front and a white picket fence.

Ø Tournament / ˈtʊrnəmənt / (ˈটুর্নন্ট্) n  {US tourney} [a sports competition involving a number of teams or single players in which a series of games are played, and the winners of each gameplay against each other unit only one winner is left] (টুর্নামেন্ট): a golf/chess etc. tournament

Ø Mask / mæsk / (ম্যাস্ক্‌) n [a covering for all or part of the face which protects, hides or decorates the person wearing it] (মুখোশ): The robbers wore stocking masks. 

Diving sport
Diving / ˈdaɪvɪŋ / (ˈডাভিঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of diving (= jumping) into the water with your head and arms first] (ডুবন ক্রীড়া; ডাইভিং): a diving competition  

Ø Dive / daɪv / (ডাভ্‌) v {dives / daɪvz / (ডাভয্‌); Pt. Pp. dived / daɪvd / (ডাভড্‌)} [to jump into the water, especially with your head and arms going in first, or to move down under the water] (মাথা নীচের দিকে দিয়ে পানিতে ঝাঁপ দেওয়া): We dived into the river to cool off.

Boxing sport,মুষ্টিযুদ্ধ
Boxing / ˈbɑːksɪŋ / (ˈবাঃক্‌ছিঙ্‌) n [the sport or practice of fighting with the fists, especially with padded gloves in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules (the Queensberry rules)] (মুষ্টিযুদ্ধ): Unlicensed boxing can be very dangerous. He does boxing in his spare time.

Ø Fist / fɪst / (ফিস্ট্‌) n [a hand when it is tightly closed with the fingers and thumb bent into the plum] (মুষ্ঠি; মুঠা): He clenched his fists to stop himself trembling.

Ø Pad / pæd / (প্যাড্‌) v {Pt. Pp. padded} [to put a layer of soft material in or on Sth in order to protect it, make it thicker or change its shape] (প্যাড ব্যবহার করা): Footballers often pad to protect their legs. All the sharp corners were padded with foam.

Ø Glove / glʌv / (গ্লাভ্‌) n [a covering for the hand, made of wool, leather, etc. which is worn on the hand and wrist for warmth or protection, with separate parts for each finger] (দস্তানা): a pair of groves

Gymnastics sport
Gymnastics / dʒɪmˈnæstɪks / (জিম্‌ˈন্যাছ্‌টিক্স) n [physical exercises and activities performed inside, often using equipment such as bars and ropes which are intended to increase the body’s strength and the ability to move and bend easily, often done as a sport in competitions] (শরীরচর্চা বা শরীরের ক্রীড়াকলাপ): a gymnastics competition

Ø Perform / pərˈfɔːrm / (ˈফোর্ম্‌) v {SYN carry out} [to do Sth, such as a piece of work, task or duty] (কোনো কর্ম সম্পাদন করা; কাজে পরিণত করা): A computer can perform many tasks at once.

Judo sport
Judo / ˈdʒuːdoʊ / (ˈজূডৌ) n [a sport in which two people fight using their arms and legs and hands and feet, and try to throw each other to the ground] (জ্যাপানি কুস্তি): He does judo. He has a black belt in/at judo.

Ø Black belt / ˌblæk ˈbelt / (ˌব্ল্যাক্‌ ˈবেল্ট্‌) n [a belt that you can earn in a sport such as judo or karate which shows that you have reached a very high standard] (ব্লাক বেল্ট): He has a black belt in judo.

Karate sport
Karate / kəˈrɑːti / (ˈরাঃটি) n [a sport originally from Japan in which people fight using their arms, legs, hands, and feet as weapons] (কারাত): He has a brown belt in Karate.

Tea Kwon do sport
Tea Kwon Do
Tea Kwon do / ˌtaɪ ˌkwɑːn ˈdoʊ / (ˌটাই ˌকোয়ান ˈডৌ) n [a sport originally from Korea, in which people fight with arms, legs, and feet. It is similar to karate] (হাত পায়ের কৌশল): The name was selected for its appropriate description of the art: Tea (foot), Kwon (hand), Do (art). 

Rowing sport
Rowing / ˈroʊɪŋ / (ˈরৌঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of traveling in a boat using oars] (নৌকাবাইচ): to go rowing

Ø Boat / boʊt / (বৌট্‌) n [a vehicle (smaller than a ship) that travels on water, moved by oars, sails or a motor] (নৌকা; তরী): a rowing/fishing/sailing boat

Ø Oar / ɔːr / (ওর্‌) n [a long pole with a wide flat part at one end which is used for rowing a boat] (দাঁড়; বৈঠা): He dipped her oars into the water and pulled.

Ø Row / roʊ / (রৌ) v {Pt. Pp. rowed} [to move a boat through water using oars] (দাঁড় বেয়ে নৌকা চালানো):

Sailing sport
Sailing / ˈseɪlɪŋ / (ˈছেলিঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of using boats with sails] (পালবাইচ): He loves to go sailing.

Shooting sport
Shooting / ˈʃuːtɪŋ / (ˈশূটিঙ্‌) n [the sport of shooting animals and birds with guns] (শুটিং ক্রিড়া): pheasant/grouse shooting

Ø Grouse / graʊs / (গ্রাউছ্‌) n [a bird with a flat body and feathers on its legs, which people shoot for sport and food; the meat of this bird] (এক জাতের জংলি হাঁস): grouse shooting

Swimming sport
Swimming / ˈswɪmɪŋ / (ˈছুয়িমিঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of swimming] (সাঁতার ক্রিড়া): Swimming is a good form of exercise. Crawl/butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke swimming

Ø Swim / swɪm / (ছুম্‌) v {swims / swɪmz / (ছুময্‌); Pt. swam / swæm / (ছোয়্যাম্‌); Pp. swum / swʌm / (ছোয়াম্‌)} [to move through the water by moving the body or parts of the body] (সাঁতার কাটা): The boys swam across the lake. 

Ø Crawl / krɑːl / (ক্রাঃল্‌) n {often the crawl} [a type of swimming style in which you move lying on your front moving one arm over your head, and then the other, while kicking with your feet] (হামাগুড়ি সাঁতার): a swimmer doing the crawl

Ø Butterfly / ˈbʌtərflaɪ / (ˈবাটর্ফ্লা) n {Also butterfly stroke; the butterfly} 1. [a way of swimming on your front by kicking with your legs while raising your arms together out of the water and then bringing them down in front of you] (প্রজাপতি সাঁতার): He was third in the 200 butterflies.

2. Butterfly / ˈbʌtərflaɪ / (ˈবাটর্ফ্লা) n [a flying insect with a long thin body and four large, usually brightly colored wings] (প্রজাপতি): The butterfly emerged from the pupa.

Ø Backstroke / ˈbækstroʊk / (ˈব্যাক্‌স্ট্রৌক্‌) n {UK back crawl} [a way of swimming in which you lie on your back and move one arm and then the other straight behind you so that they pass the sides of your head, while kicking with your legs] (চিৎ-সাঁতার): Can you do backstroke?

Ø Breaststroke / ˈbreststroʊk / (ˈব্রেস্ট্‌স্ট্রৌক্‌) n [a type of swimming in which the arms make a circular movement in front of the body while the knees are brought up towards the body and then kicked out and back] (বুক-সাঁতার): I can only do breaststroke.

Synchronized swimming sport
Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized swimming / ˌsɪŋkrənaɪz ˈswɪmɪŋ / (ˌছিঙ্‌ক্রনা ˈছুয়িমিঙ্‌) n [a sport in which members of a team of swimmers perform smooth attractive movements like dancing in the water at the same time] (সমলয় সাঁতার): They did synchronized swimming.

Ø Synchronize / ˈsɪŋkrənaɪz / (ˈছিঙ্‌ক্রনায্‌) v [to happen at the same time or to move at the same speed as Sth; to make Sth do this] (একই সময়ে ঘটা বা ঘটানো): The show was designed so that the lights synchronized with the music.

Triathlon sport
Triathlon / traɪˈæθlən / (ট্রাˈএ্যাথ্‌লন্‌) n [a competition event in which the people competing must swim, ride a bicycle and run the particular distance without stopping between events] (একই সাথে সাঁতার, সাইকেল চালনো ও দৌড়ের ক্রিড়া):

Weightlifting sport
Weightlifting / ˈweɪtlɪftɪŋ / (ˈওএট্‌লিফটিঙ্‌) n [the activity of lifting heavy objects either as a sport or for exercise] (ভারোত্তোলন ক্রিড়া):

Ø Lift / lɪft / (লিফট্‌) v {lifts / lɪfts / (লিফট্‌ছ্‌); Pt. Pp. lifted / lɪftɪd / (লিফটিড্‌)} [to raise Sb/Sth or be raised to a higher position or level] (তোলা; উত্তোলন করা): Could you help me lift this table, please?

Wrestling sport, কুস্তি
Wrestling / ˈreslɪŋ / (ˈরেছ্‌লিঙ্‌) n [a sport in which two people fight by holding each other and trying to throw or force the other one to the ground] (কুস্তি):

Sumo sport
Sumo / ˈsuːmoʊ / (ˈছূমৌ) n {Also sumo wrestling} [a style of wrestling originally from Japan, in which two extremely large man tries to defeat the other either by pushing him outside of a special ring or by forcing him to touch the ground with apart of his body other than the bottom part of the foot] (সূমৌ): a sumo wrestler

Ø Defeat / dɪˈfiːt / (ডিˈফীট্‌) v {defeats / dɪˈfiːts / (ডিˈফীটছ্‌); Pt. Pp. defeated / dɪˈfiːtɪd / (ডিˈফীটিড্‌)} [to win a victory over someone in a fight, war or competition] (পরাজিত বা পরাভূত করা): Our team was narrowly defeated in the final.

<SYN> Beat

Bobsleigh sport
Bobsleigh / ˈbɑːbsleɪ / (ˈবাঃব্‌স্লে) n {US bobsled; Also bob} [a small, racing sled with two long metal blades under it, built for racing down tracks covered with ice] (বাবস্লেই):

Bungee jumping sport
Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping / ˈbʌndʒiˌdʒʌmpɪŋ / (ˈবান্‌জি জাম্পিঙ্‌) n [the sport of jumping off a very high bridge or similar structure, with a long bungee tied to your legs, so that the rope pulls you back before you hit the ground] (বানজি জাম্পিং): to go bungee jumping  

2. Bungee
Ø Bungee / ˈbʌndʒi / (ˈবান্‌জি) n 1. [a long rope which can stretch, that people tie to their feet when they do bungee jumping] (এক ধরণের ইলাস্টিক দড়ি):

2. Bungee / ˈbʌndʒi / (ˈবান্‌জি) n [a thick elastic rope or cord that stretches with a hook at each end, which is used to hold things in place, especially on a bicycle or car] (হুক লাগানো ইলাস্টিক দড়ি):

Paragliding sport
Paragliding / ˈpærəglaɪdɪŋ / (ˈপ্যারগ্লাডিঙ্‌) n [a sport in which you wear a special structure like a parachute, jump from a plane or a high place and are carried along by the wind before coming down to earth] (প্যারাগ্লাইডিং): to go paragliding

Ø Parachute / ˈpærəʃuːt / (ˈপ্যারশূট্‌) n {Also chute} [a device that is attached to people or objects to make them fall slowly and safely when they are dropped from an aircraft. It consists of a large piece of thin cloth that opens out in the air to form an umbrella shape] (অবতরণ-ছত্র): Supplies were dropped by parachute. 

Hang-gliding sport
Hang-gliding / ˈhæŋ-ˌglaɪdɪŋ / (ˈহ্যাঙ্‌-ˌগ্লাডিঙ্‌) n [a sport in which you fly while hanging from a frame like a large kite which you control with your movements] (হ্যাং গ্লাইডিং): He has taken up hang-gliding.

1,2. Kite
Ø Kite / kaɪt / (কাট্‌) n 1. [a toy made of a light frame covered with paper, cloth, etc. that you fly in the air at the end of one or more long strings] (ঘুড়ি): to fly a kite

2. Kite / kaɪt / (কাট্‌) n [a bird of prey (= a bird that kills other small animals for eating) of the hawk family] (চিল):    

Ø Gliding / ˈglaɪdɪŋ / (ˈগ্লাডিঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of flying in a glider] (ইনজিন বিহীন বিমানে করে উড়বার খেলা):

Skydiving sport
Skydiving / ˈskaɪdaɪvɪŋ / (ˈস্কাডাভীঙ্‌) n [a sport in which you jump from an aircraft and fall for as long as possible before opening a parachute] (আকাশলম্ফো): to go skydiving 

Snowboarding sport
Snowboarding / ˈsnoʊbɔːrdɪŋ / (ˈস্নৌবোর্ডিঙ্‌) n [the activity or sport of moving over snow using a snowboard] (স্নৌবোর্ডিং): Snowboarding is now an Olympic sport.

Ø Snowboard / ˈsnoʊbɔːrd / (ˈস্নৌবোর্ড্‌) n [a long wide board that a person stands on to move over snow in the sport of snowboarding] (তুষার-তক্তা): I am learning to snowboard at the moment.  

White-water rafting sport
White-Water Rafting 
White-water rafting / ˌwaɪt-wɔːtər ˈræftɪŋ / (ˌওয়াট-ওয়াটর্‌ ˈর‍্যাফটিঙ্‌) n [the activity of being moved quickly in a raft along rivers where the current is very strong] (খরস্রোতে নৌকাবাইচ ক্রিড়া): We went white-water rafting on the Amazon River.

Ø White water / ˌwaɪt ˈwɔːtər / (ˌওয়াˈওয়াটর্‌) n [a part of a river that looks white because the water is moving very fast over rocks or in a narrow channel] (নদীতে তীব্র স্রোতের স্থান): 

Surfing sport
Surfing / ˈsɜːrfɪŋ / (ˈছা্‌র্ফিঙ্‌) n [the sport of riding on waves while standing on a narrow board called a surfboard] (সার্ফিং): to go surfing 

Ø Wave / weɪv / (ওএভ্‌) n [a raised line of water which moves across the surface of an area of water, especially the sea] (তরঙ্গ, ঢেউ): Surfers flocked to the beach to ride the waves.  

Ø Surf / sɜːrf / (ছা্‌র্ফ্‌) n [the tops of the waves on the sea when they are near to the coast or hit against rocks] (সমুদ্র তরঙ্গের যে ফেনা তীরের উপরে ছড়াইয়া পড়ে): The children splashed around in the surf.

<VERB> Surf / sɜːrf / (ছা্‌র্ফ্‌) v [to ride on a wave as it comes towards land while standing or lying on a surfboard] (<সমুদ্রের ঢেউয়ের উপর>সার্ফিং করা): They go surfing every weekend.

Kitesurfing /ˈkaɪtsɜːrfɪŋ / (ˈকাট্‌সার্ফিং) n {Also kiteboarding} [an extreme sport where the kite uses the wind power with a large power kite to be pulled on the water by standing on a short wide board and holding onto the strings of a kite] (ˈকাইট্‌সার্ফিং):


Skiing / ˈskiːŋ / (ˈস্কীঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of moving over snow on a ski] (স্কীং): The mountain regions have plenty of good skiing.       

Bodyboarding sport
Bodyboarding / ˈbɑːdibɔːrdɪŋ / (ˈবাঃডিবোর্ডিঙ্) n [a water sport in which the surfer rides a bodyboard on the chest, face, and curl of a wave which is carrying the surfer towards the shore] (বাডিবোর্ডিং):

Ø Surfer / ˈsɜːrfər / (ˈছা্‌র্ফর্‌) n [a person who rides on a wave on a special board] (সার্ফার): 

Ø Bodyboard / ˈbɑːdibɔːrd / (ˈবাঃডিবোর্ড্‌) n [a short light type of surfboard that you lie on your front over waves on the sea] (বডিবোর্ড্‌):

Ø Curl / kɜːrl / (কা্‌র্ল্‌) n [a thing that forms a curved or round shape] (কুণ্ডলী; কুঁচন): Decorate the cake with curls of chocolate.

Skeleton sport
1. Skeleton
Skeleton / ˈskelɪtn / (ˈস্কেলিটন্‌) n 1. [(sport) a type of sledge/sled for racing, used by one person lying on their front with their feet pointing backward] (কংকাল চলন ক্রিড়া): The skeleton slider broke his back in the race. 

2. Skeleton

2. Skeleton / ˈskelɪtn / (ˈস্কেলিটন্‌) n [the frame of bones supporting a human or animal body] (প্রানীদেহের কংকাল): The human skeleton consists of 206 bones. 

Biathlon sport
Biathlon / baɪˈæθlən / (বাˈএ্যাথ্‌লন্‌) n [a sporting event that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting] (বাইএ্যাথলান):

Ø Combine / kəmˈbaɪn / (ˈবান্‌) v {Pt. Pp. combined} [to come together to form a single thing or group; to join two or more things or groups together to form a single one] (মিলিত হওয়া; সংযুক্ত করা বা হওয়া): Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.

Ø Cross-country / ˌkrɔːs-ˈkʌntri / (ˌক্রোছ্‌-ˈকানট্রি) n [across fields or open country rather than on roads or a track] (রাস্তার বদলে মেঠো পথে চলা): After high school, we bought a camper van and traveled cross-country for two months.  

Ø Skiing / ˈskiːŋ / (ˈস্কীঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of moving over snow on ski] (স্কীং): The mountain regions have plenty of good skiing.

Curling sport
Curling / ˈkɜːrlɪŋ / (ˈকা্‌র্লিঙ্‌) n [a game played on ice in which special flat round stones are slid towards a mark] (কার্লিং):

Ø Slide / slaɪd / (স্লাড্‌) v {slides / slaɪdz / (স্লাডয্‌); Pt. Pp. slid / slɪd / (স্লিড্‌)} [to move easily over a smooth or wet surface] (কোনো মসৃণ পৃষ্ঠদেশের উপর দিয়ে পিছলে যাওয়া বা অবাধে চলা): We have got one of those doors in the kitchen that slides open.

Canoeing sport
Canoeing / kəˈnuːɪŋ / (ˈনূঙ্‌) n [the sport of traveling in or racing a canoe] (ডিঙি বাইচ): They died in a canoeing accident.

Ø Canoe / kəˈnuː / (ˈনূ) n [a small light narrowboat, pointed at both ends and moved using a paddle] (ডিঙি-জাতীয় নৌকাবিশেষ): We crossed the lake by canoe.  

Squash sport
Squash / skwɑːʃ / (স্কোয়াশ্‌) n 1. {Also squash rackets} [a game played between two or four players, played in a court surrounded by four walls, which involves hitting a small rubber ball against a wall] (স্কোয়াশ ক্রিড়া): to play squash 

2. Squash / skwɑːʃ / (স্কোয়াশ্‌) n [a type of large vegetable with a hard skin and a lot of seeds at its center which is very common in America] (এক ধরণের শসা জাতিয় সবজি):

Tenpin bowling sport
Tenpin Bowling
Tenpin bowling / ˌtenpɪn ˈboʊlɪŋ / (ˌটেনপিন্‌ ˈবৌলিঙ্‌) n {US tenpins; Also bowling} [a game in which players try to knock over tenpins by rolling a heavy ball at them, played indoors, especially in a bowling alley] (টেনপিন বৌলিং):

Ø Tenpin / tenpɪn / (টেনপিন্‌) n [any of the ten bottle-shaped objects that players try to knock over in the game of tenpin bowling] (টেনপিন্‌):

Ø Bowling alley / ˈboʊlɪŋ æli / (ˈবৌলিঙ্‌ এ্যালি) n [a building in which you can go bowling or the narrow track along which balls are rolled during a bowling game] (বলিং গলি): The complex contains a bowling alley, pool hall, and indoor tennis courts.

Alley / ˈæli / (ˈএ্যালি) n {Also alleyway} [a narrow road or path between buildings, or path in a park or garden, especially with trees or bushes on both sides] (সরু গলি): The alley leads to the restaurant kitchen. 

Dodgeball sport
 Dodgeball / ˈdɑːdʒbɔːl / (ˈডাঃজ্‌বোল্‌) n [a game in which players stand in a circle and try to hit opponents within the circle with a large ball] (ডাজবল্‌)

Boulders Climbing
Boulders climbing / ˈboʊldərz ˈklaɪmɪŋ / (ˈবৌল্‌ডর্জ্‌ ˈক্লামিং) n {Also rocks climbing} [boulders climbing is a sport in which participants climb up, down or across natural boulder formations or artificial bounder walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling] (পাথর আরোহণ):

Boulder /ˈboʊldər / (ˈবৌলডর্‌) n [a very large rock which has been shaped by water or the weather] (খুব বড় পাথর):   

Ø Climb / klaɪm / (ক্লাম্‌) v [to go up, or to go towards the top of something] (আরোহণ করা; কিছু বেয়ে উপরে উঠা):

Ø Formation / fɔːrˈmeɪʃən / (ফোর্‌ˈমেন্‌) n [a thing that has been formed, especially in a particular place of in a particular way] (গঠন; সৃজন): 

Tennis sport
Tennis / ˈtenɪs / (ˈটেনিছ্‌) n {Also lawn tennis} [a game in which two or four people use rackets to hit a ball backward and forward across a central net on a specially marked court] (টেনিস): He is a popular figure on the international tennis circuit. A tennis player/tournament/club/court

Ø Circuit / ˈsɜːrkɪt / (ˈসা্‌র্কিট্‌) n 1. [(in sport) a series of games or math in which the same players regularly take part] (সার্কিট): the women’s tennis circuit

2. Circuit / ˈsɜːrkɪt / (ˈসা্‌র্কিট্‌) n [a closed system of wires and equipment along which an electric current flows] (বিদ্যুৎ প্রবাহের গতিপথ): A defect was found in the water-cooling/electrical circuit. 

Ø Racket / ˈrækɪt / (ˈর‍্যাকিট্‌) n {Also racquet} [a piece of sports equipment used for hitting the ball, etc. in the games of tennis, squash or badminton. It has an oval frame with strings stretched across and down it] (র‍্যাকেট):

Table tennis sport
Table Tennis
Table tennis / ˈteɪbl tenɪs / (ˈটেবল্‌ টেনিছ্‌) n {Also Ping-Pong} [a game which is played on a large table where two or four players hit a ball over a low net using a small, round bat] (টেবিল টেনিছ):

Badminton sport
Badminton / ˈbædmɪntən / (ˈব্যাড্‌মিন্টন্‌) n [a game like a tennis played by two or four people, usually indoors. Players hit a small light kind of ball, originally with feathers around it (= a shuttlecock) across a high net using a racket] (ব্যাডমিন্টান):


Ø Indoor / ˈɪndɔːr / (ˈনডোর্‌) n [located, done or used inside a building] (ভবনের অভ্যন্তরস্থ): indoor sports/activities

Ø Shuttlecock / ˈʃʌtlkɑːk / (ˈশাটল্‌কাঃক্‌) n {US birdie} [a small light object with a rounded end to which real or artificial feathers are fixed and which is hit over the net in the game of badminton] (ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলার কর্ক):

Basketball sport
Basketball / ˈbæskɪtbɔːl / (ˈব্যাছ্‌কিট্‌বোল্‌) n 1. [a game played by two teams of five men or six women who score points by throwing a large ball through an open net hanging from a metal ring] (ব্যাছ্‌কিট্‌বোল্‌): a basketball game/team

2. [the ball used in this game] (ব্যাছ্‌কিট্‌বোল্‌):

Baseball sport
Baseball / ˈbeɪsbɔːl / (ˈবেছ্‌বোল্‌) n [a game played especially in North America by two teams of nine players, using a bat and ball. Each player tries to hit the ball and then run around four bases before the other team can return the ball] (বেছবোল): a baseball bat/stadium 

Ø Base / beɪs / (বেছ্‌) n [one of the four positions on a square that a player must reach to score a point in the game of baseball] (<বেইস বলে>চারটি অবস্থানের যে কোনো একটি; ঘাঁটি):

Netball sport
Netball / ˈnetbɔːl / (ˈনেটবোল্‌) n [a sport played by two teams of seven players, especially women or girls, in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a net hanging from a ring at the top of a post] (নেটবোল্‌):

Lacrosse / ləˈkrɑːs / (লাক্র্যাঃস্‌) n [a team sport, originally played by North American Indians, played on a field by two teams of ten players, in which the lacrosse ball is thrown, caught, and carried with a lacrosse stick having a curved L-shaped or triangular frame at one end with a piece of shallow netting in the angle] (লাক্র্যাস খেলা)

Volleyball sport
Volleyball / ˈvɑːlibɔːl / (ˈভাঃলিবোল্‌) n [a game in which two teams of six players use their hands to hit a large ball backward and forwards over a high net while trying not to let the ball touch the ground on their own side] (ভালিবল): a volleyball team

Football sport
Football / ˈfʊtbɔːl / (ˈফুটবোল্‌) n {US, UK soccer} [a game played by two teams of 11 players, using a round ball which players kick up and down the playing field. Teams try to kick the ball into the other team’s goal] (ফুটবল): The Dutch team impressed the fans with their classy one-touch football. Are you coming to the football match?

Ø Impress / ɪmˈpres / (ম্‌ˈপ্রেছ্‌) v {impresses / ɪmˈpresɪz / (ম্‌ˈপ্রেছিয্‌); Pt. Pp. impressed / ɪmˈprest / (ম্‌ˈপ্রেস্ট্‌)} [to make Sb understand how important, serious, etc. Sth is by emphasizing it] (<কোনোকিছু মনে>দাগ কাটা বা রেখাপাত করা): Their responsibilities are impressed with them during training.

Ø Classy / ˈklæsi / (ˈক্ল্যাছি) adj [of high quality; expensive and/or fashionable] (আড়ম্বরপূর্ণ; উচ্চতর মর্যাদা সম্পন্ন): United play some classy football.

Ø One-touch / ˌwʌn-ˈtʌtʃ / (ˌওয়ান-ˈটাচ্‌) adj [(in football or soccer) relating to playing in which players control and pass the ball with the first touch of their boot] (ওয়ান-টাচ ফুটবল): They are playing some nice one-touch football.

Ø Match / mætʃ / (ম্যাচ্‌) n 1. [a sports competition or event in which two people or teams compete against each other] (প্রতিযোগিতা): a football/tennis match

2. Match / mætʃ / (ম্যাচ্‌) n [a short thin stick made of wood or cardboard and covered with a special chemical at one end which burns when rubbed firmly against a rough surface] (দিয়াশলাই): to strike a match (= to make it burn). A box of matches

American football sport
American Football
American football / əˌmerɪkən ˈfʊtbɔːl / (ˌমেরিক ˈফুটবোল্‌) n {US football} [a game played by two teams of eleven players, using an oval ball which players kick, throw or carry. Teams try to put the ball over the other team’s line] (আমেরিকান ফুটবল):

Handball sport
Handball / ˈhændbɔːl / (ˈহ্যান্ড্‌বোল্‌) n {US team handball} [a team game for two teams of seven players, similar to football, usually played indoors, in which players try to score goals by throwing a ball with their hand instead of their feet] (হাতবল):

Hockey sport
Hockey / ˈhɑːki / (ˈহাঃকি) n {US field hockey} [a game played on a sports field between two teams of eleven players who each have a curved stick with which they try to put a small hard ball into the other team’s goal] (হাকি): the Olympic hockey squad 

Ø Squad / skwɑːd / (স্কোয়াড্‌) n [(in sport) a group of players, runners, etc. from which a team is chosen for a particular game or match] (<কোনো খেলার জন্য বাছাইকৃত> দল/খেলোয়ার): They still have not named their squad for the World cup qualifier.

Ice hockey sport
Ice Hockey
Ice hockey / ˈaɪs hɑːki / (ˈআইছ্‌ হাঃকি) n {US hockey} [a game played on ice between two teams of players who each have a curved stick with which they to put a puck into other team’s goal] (আইস হকি):

Ø Puck / pʌk / (পাক্‌) n [a small hard flat rubber dice which is used instead of a ball in ice hockey] (বরফের উপর হকি খেলার জন্য ব্যবহৃত রাবারের চাকতি বিশেষ):

Cricket sport
1. Cricket
Cricket / ˈkrɪkɪt / (ˈক্রিকিট্‌) n 1. [a game played on the grass by two teams of eleven players. Players score points (called runs) by hitting a small hard ball covered in leather with a wooden bat, and running between two sets of vertical wooden sticks called stumps] (ক্রিকেট): This game marks his comeback to the international cricket scene.

Cricket insect
2. Cricket
2. Cricket / ˈkrɪkɪt / (ˈক্রিকিট্‌) n [a small black or brown jumping insect that makes a loud high sound by rubbing its wings together] (ঝিঁ ঝিঁ পোকা): the chirping of crickets 

Ø Run / rʌn / (রান্‌) n [in cricket and baseball, a single point, scored by running from one place to another] (<ক্রিকেটে স্কোর>রান): Our team won by four runs. England needs 105 runs to win the game.
1,2. Stump

Ø Stump / stʌmp / (স্টাম্প্‌) n 1. [(in cricket) one of the sets of three vertical wooden sticks (= called the stumps) that form the wicket] (<ক্রিকেটে>স্টাম্প): the leg/middle/off stump

2. Stump / stʌmp / (স্টাম্প্‌) n [the part of Sth such as a tree, tooth or leg which is left after most of it has been removed or cut down] (<গাছ বা কোনোকিছুর>মুড়া): the stump of a tree

Kabaddi sport
Kabaddi / ˈkʌbədi / (ˈকাবডি) n [a south Asian sport played by two teams, each team has seven players on a square sand court. A player from one team tries to capture a player from another team and must hold his/her breath while running] (হা-ডু-ডু বা কাবাডি খেলা):

Cycling sport
Cycling / ˈsaɪklɪŋ / (ˈছাক্লিঙ্‌) n [the sport or activity of riding a bicycle] (সাইক্লিং): cycling is Europe’s second most popular sport.

Golf sport
Golf / gɑːlf / (গাঃলফ্‌) n [a game played over a large area of the green ground using a golf club, in which each golfer tries to hit a small hard ball (a golf ball) into a series of 9 or 18 holes, using as few strokes as possible] (গালফ): The club is holding a golf clinic, where golfers can get advice from the pros. You can borrow golf clubs if you want a game.

Golf club
1. Golf club
Ø Golf club / gɑːlf klʌb / (গাঃলফ্‌ ক্লাব্‌) n {Also club} 1. [a long metal stick with a piece of metal or wood at one end, used for hitting the ball in gold] (গলফ-খেলার লাঠি): a set of golf clubs

2. Golf club / gɑːlf klʌb / (গাঃলফ্‌ ক্লাব্‌) n [an organized group of golf players, or the building in which they meet and the area on which they play] (গলফ ক্লাব): We are going for lunch at the golf club.

Ø Golfer / ˈgɑːlfər / (ˈগাঃলফর্‌) n [a person who plays golf] (গলফ-খেলোয়ার): He is one of the highest-earning professional golfers in the world.

Ø Stroke / stroʊk / (স্ট্রৌক্‌) n 1. [an act of hitting a ball, for example with a bat or racket, when playing a sport] (<খেলায়>বাহুর একবার সঞ্চালন/আঘাত): She won by two strokes (= in golf, by taking two fewer strokes than his opponent).

2. Stroke / stroʊk / (স্ট্রৌক্‌) n [an act of moving your hand gently over a surface, usually several times] (হাত বোলানো): He gave the cat a stroke.

Ø Pro / proʊ / (প্রৌ) n {Plu. pros} [a person who works as a professional, especially in a sport] (পেশাদার): a golf pro

Polo sport
Polo / ˈpoʊloʊ / (ˈপৌলৌ) n [a game in which two teams of players riding on horses try to hit a small hard ball into a goal using long wooden hammers (called mallets)] (পৌলৌ): Prince Charles is a keen polo player.

Water polo sport
Water Polo
Water polo / ˈwɔːtər poʊloʊ / (ˈওয়াটর পৌলৌ) n [a game played by two teams of people swimming in a swimming pool. Players try to throw a ball into the other team’s goal] (ওয়াটার পৌলৌ):

Pool sport
Pool / puːl / (পূল্‌) n 1. [a game for two people played with 16 colored balls on a table, often in pubs and bars. Players use cues to try to hit the balls into pockets at the edge of the table] (পূল খেলা): to shoot (= play) pool  

2. Pool / puːl / (পূল্‌) n [a small area of still water] (ডোবা; ক্ষুদ্র জলমগ্ন এড়িয়া): We looked for crabs in the rock pools along the seashore.

Snooker / ˈsnuːkər / (স্নূকার) n [a game played, especially in the UK, by two people in which cues and a cue ball are used to hit 15 red balls and 6 balls of different colors into six holes at the edge of the table covered with a green and soft cloth in a fixed order] (স্নূকার): They were playing snooker.

Billiards / ˈbɪljərdz / (বিলিএর্ডজ্‌) n [a game played by two people on a table covered in green cloth, in which a cue is used to hit balls against each other and into pockets at the edge of the table] (বিলিএর্ডজ্‌): a game of billiards 

Angling / ˈæŋɡlɪŋ / (ˈএ্যাঙ্‌লিঙ্‌) n [the art or sport of trying to catch fish with a rod, line, and hook, usually in rivers and lakes rather than in the sea] (বর্শি দিয়ে নদীতে মাছ ধরা):

Ø Line / laɪn / (লান্‌) n [a long strong piece of rope, thread, etc. especially when it is used for a particular purpose] (<কোনো কাজে ব্যবহারের জন্য যেমন মাছধরা বা কাপড় টাঙ্গানোর জন্য>দড়ি, তার বা সুতা): Can you feel the fish tugging on the line? A fishing line

Equestrian / ɪˈkwestriən / (ˈকোএছ্‌ট্রিন্‌) n [connected with riding horses, especially as a sport] (অশ্বারোহন ক্রিড়া): They plan to hold the Olympics’ equestrian events in another part of the city. An equestrian statue/portrait (= one of a person on a horse)

Horse racing sport
Horse Racing
Horse racing / ˈhɔːrs reɪsɪŋ / (ˈহোর্ছ্‌ রেছিঙ্‌) n [a sport in which horses with riders race against each other] (ঘোড়দৌড়):

Showjumping sport
Showjumping / ˈʃoʊdʒʌmpɪŋ / (ˈশৌজাম্‌পিঙ্‌) n [a sport which involves riding horses in competitions which test their ability to jump quickly over large objects such as walls and fences] (অশ্বলম্ফন):

Tug of war sport
Tug of War
Tug of war / ˌtʌg əv wɔːr / (ˌটাগ ভ ওয়ার) n [a type of sport in which two teams show their strength by pulling against each other at the opposite ends of a rope, and each team tries to pull the other over a line on the ground] (কাছি টানাটানি প্রতিযোগিতা):

Noted from Google Image; Google; Oxford & Cambridge Dictionary 

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