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Food / fuːd / (ফূড্) n [any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals] (খাদ্য; খাবার; অন্ন): Always take great care when handling food. Britain's first organic food market. Does the food taste good? Food and water were running out. He had lost his appetite and picked at his food. He obviously enjoys good food. His doctor warned him to reduce his daily food intake. Omnivores are able to eat animal or vegetable food. She fed her baby on wholesome food. She told the kids not to gulp down their food. You should not eat so much junk food. This chow is difficult to chewThe only food I ever got was the family's leftovers.

Food Related Necessary Vocabulary Notes

 Ø Foodie / ˈfuːdi / (ফূডি) n [a person who loves food and is very interested in cooking and eating different types of food] (পেটুক; ভোজনরসিক ব্যক্তি):  I am a foodie, and I love cooking for myself.      

Ø Nutritious / nuːˈtrɪʃəs / (নূˈট্রিশছ্) adj {SYN nourishing} [containing many of the substances which help the body to grow] (পুষ্টিকর): Start the day with a nutritious breakfast.

<NIUN> Nutrient / ˈnuːtriənt / (ˈনূট্রিন্ট্‌) n [any substance that plants or animals need in order to live and grow] (পুষ্টিদায়ক): It is good soil - full of nutrients.  

Ø Substance / ˈsʌbstəns / (ˈসাব্‌স্টনছ্‌) n [a type of solid, liquid or gas that has particular qualities] (পদার্থ; বস্তু):  an organic/chemical substance

Ø Eat / iːt / (ঈট্‌) n {eats; Pt. ate / eɪt / (ট্‌); Pp. eaten / ˈiːtn / (ˈঈটন্‌)} [to put or take food into the mouth and chew and swallow it] (খাওয়া; ভোজন করা): Everyone happily ate the huge meal.

Ø Drink / drɪŋk / (ড্রিঙ্‌ক্‌) v {drinks / drɪŋks / (ড্রিঙকছ্‌); Pt. drank / dræŋk / (ড্র্যাঙক্‌); Pp. drunk / drʌŋk / (ড্রাঙক্‌)} [take an amount of a liquid into the mouth and swallow] (পান করা): Would you like a drink of water/tea/juice?  

Ø Absorb / əbˈzɔːrb / (এব্‌ˈযোর্ব্‌) v {absorbs / əbˈzɔːrbz / (ব্‌ˈযোর্বয্‌); Pt. Pp. absorbed / əbˈzɔːrbd / (ব্‌ˈযোর্বড্‌)} [to take something in, a liquid, gas or other substance, especially gradually] (শুষে নেওয়া): Plants absorb oxygen.

Ø Organic / ɔːrˈɡænɪk / (ওরˈগ্যানিক্‌) adj [not using artificial chemicals in the growing of plants and animals for food and other products] (জৈব): organic food/vegetables/fruit

Ø <PHR- V> Run out [to finish, use or sell all of something, so that there is none left] (ফুরিয়ে যাওয়া বা শেষ হয়ে যাওয়া): I have run out of water/patience.

Ø Appetite / ˈæpətaɪt / (ˈএ্যাপটাট্‌) n [physical desire for food] (ক্ষুধা; খাত্তয়ার ইচ্ছা): The walk gave me a good appetite.

Ø Enjoy / ɪnˈdʒɔɪ / (ইন্‌ˈজো) v {enjoys / ɪnˈdʒɔɪz / (); Pt. Pp. enjoyed} [to get pleasure from something] (উপভোগ করা): He really enjoys a concert/party/meal.

Ø Intake / ˈɪnteɪk / (ˈন্‌টেক্‌) n [the amount of food, drink, air, or another substance, that you take into your body] (<খাদ্য>গ্রহণ করা): to reduce your daily intake of salt

Ø Omnivore / ˈɑːmnɪvɔːr / (ˈআম্‌নিভোর্‌) n [an animal or a person that eats all types of food, both plant, and animal meat] (সর্বভুক):

Ø Feed / fiːd / (ফীড্‌) v {feeds / fiːdz / (ফীডয্‌); Pt. Pp. fed} [(especially of an animal or baby) to eat food] (খাদ্যগ্রহণ করা): The baby will feed according to her needs.

Ø Wholesome / ˈhoʊlsəm / (ˈহৌলছম্‌) adj [good for you, and likely to improve your life either physically, morally, or emotionally] (স্বাস্থ্যকর): fresh, wholesome food

Ø Gulp / ɡʌlp / (গাল্প্‌) v {gulps / ɡʌlps / (গাল্প্‌ছ); Pt. Pp. gulped / ɡʌlpt / (গাল্প্‌ট্‌)} [to swallow large amounts of food or drink quickly] (গবগব করে গেলা): He gulped down his meal and made a hasty exit.

Ø Junk food / ˈdʒʌŋk ˌfuːd / (ˈজাঙ্ক্‌ ˌফূড্‌) n [food that is quick and easy to prepare and eat but that is thought to be bad for health] (জাংক ফুড): I was eating too much junk food.

Ø Chow / tʃaʊ / (চা) n [food] (খাবার): Time for some chow!

Ø 1. Try / traɪ / (ঠ্রা) v {কোনোকিছু ব্যবহার বা স্বাদ গ্রহণ করে দেখা কেমন হয়েছে} [to use or test something to see if it is good, suitable or useful]: Try using a different shampoo.

2. Try / traɪ / (ঠ্রা) v {চেষ্টা করা} [to attempt or effort to do something]: Try and improve your behavior.

Ø Chew / tʃuː / (চূ) v {chews / tʃuːz / (চূয্‌); Pt. Pp. chewed / tʃuːd / (চূড্‌)} [to crush food into smaller, softer pieces with the teeth to make it easier to swallow] (চিবানো): This meat is difficult to chew.

Ø Leftover / leftˌoʊvər / (লেফট্ˌ‌ঔভর্‌) n [food remaining after a meal] (<খাবার শেষে বেচে যাওয়া>অবশেষ বা বাকি <খাবার>): Refrigerate any leftovers.

Croissant,Croissant bread,croissant food
Croissant / krəˈsɑːnt / (ক্রˈসআঃন্ট্‌) n [a piece of light crescent-shaped pastry, made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast] (ক্রাসান্ট্‌ রুটি/কেক)
Ø Pastry / ˈpeɪstri / (ˈপেস্ট্রি) n {Plu. pastries} [a mixture of flour, fat, and water or milk, that is rolled flat and either wrapped around or put over or under other foods, and then baked] (পেস্ট্রি; মণ্ড্‌): shortcrust/puff/filo/choux pastry

Ø Flaky / ˈfleɪki / (ˈফ্লেকি) adj [tending to break into small, thin pieces] (ভঙ্গুর): flaky pastry

Ø Yeast / jiːst / (ঈস্ট্‌) n [a type of fungus that is used in making beer and wine, and for making bread swell and become light] (ঈস্ট):

Ø Dough / doʊ / (ডৌ) n [a mixture of flour, water, yeast, fat, etc. that is made into bread and pastry] (মাখা ময়দার তাল): Knead the dough on a floured surface.

Bread,Bread food
Bread / bred / (ব্রেড্‌) n [a food made from flour, water, and usually yeast, mixed together and baked] (পাউরুটি বা সব ধরণের রুটি): He tore off a large hunk of bread. This bread is going stale. Bread thickly spread with peanut butter. Some nice crusty white bread. Fresh/off bread

Ø Flour / ˈflaʊər / (ˈফ্লাউএর্‌) n [a fine white powder made from grinding grain, especially wheat, used for making bread, cakes, pasta, pastry, etc.] (আটা; ময়দা): Sift the flour and blend with a little milk to make a smooth paste.

Ø Bake / beɪk / (বেক্‌) v {bakes; Pt. Pp. baked / beɪkt / (বেক্ট্‌)} [to cook inside an oven, without using added liquid or fat; to be cooked in this way] (সেকা): freshly baked bread

Ø Tear / teər / (টের্‌) v {tears / teərz / (টের্য্‌); Pt. tore / tɔːr / (টোর্‌); Pp. torn / tɔːrn / (টোর্ন্‌)} [to pull or be pulled apart, or to pull pieces off with force] (ছিঁড়িয়া ফেলা; বিছিন্ন করা): I tore up the letter

Ø Hunk / hʌŋk / (হাঙ্‌ক্‌) n [a large piece of Sth, especially food, cut or broken off a larger piece] (মোটা খণ্ড বা চাপড়া): a hunk of bread/meat

Ø Stale / steɪl / (স্টেল্‌) adj [(of food, especially bread and cake) no longer fresh and therefore unpleasant to eat] (বাসি): The bread is going stale.

Ø Peanut butter / ˈpiːnʌt ˌbʌtər / (ˈপীনাট্‌ ˌবাটর্‌) n [a thick, soft, pale brown substance made from very finely crushed peanuts, usually eaten spread on bread] (বাদামের মাখন):

Ø Crust / krʌst / (ক্রাস্ট্‌) n [the hard outer surface of bread] (রুটির শক্ত ও মচমচে উপরি ভাগ): sandwiches with the crusts cut off

<ADJ> Crusty / ˈkrʌsti / (ˈক্রাস্টি) adj [having a hard outer layer] (রুটির মচমচে উপরি ভাগ থাকা): fresh crusty bread

Ø Fresh / freʃ / (ফ্রেশ্‌) adj [(of food) recently made or a natural condition; not tinned, frozen, or otherwise preserved] (টাটকা; তাজা):

Ø Off / ɔːf / (ওফ্‌) adj [(of food) no longer fresh enough to eat or drink because of being too old] (<খাদ্য>বাসি হয়ে গেছে এমন):

Loaf, loaf bread, loaf food
Loaf / loʊf / (লৌফ্‌) n {Plu. loaves} [bread that is shaped and baked in a single piece and usually sliced before being eaten] (পাউরুটির বড় খণ্ড বিশেষ): two loaves of white bread

Ø Slice / slaɪs / (স্লাছ্‌) v {slices / slaɪsɪz / (স্লাসিয্‌); Pt. Pp. sliced / slaɪst / (স্লাস্ট্‌)} [to cut something into thin, flat pieces] (ফালি ফালি করা): Slice the cucumber thinly.

Roll,Roll bread, roll food
Roll / roʊl / (রৌল্‌) n {Also bread roll} [a small, often round loaf of bread for one person. it can be eaten whole or cut and dressed with filling between the two halves] (পাকানো রুটি):

Ø Dress / dres / (ড্রেছ্‌) v [to add a liquid, especially a mixture of oil, vinegar, etc., to food for extra flavor] (খাবার কে আরো সুসাদু করতে বিভিন্ন উপকরণ দিয়ে সাজ্জানো): a dressed salad

Ø Filling / ˈfɪlɪŋ / (ˈফিলিঙ্‌) n [an edible substance placed between the layers of a sandwich, cake, etc.] (রুটির মাঝ বরা বর কেটে তাতে খাবার যোগ্য বিভিন্ন উপকরণ দেওয়া): pies with sweet or savory fillings

Ø Half / hæf / (হ্যাফ্‌) n {Plu. halves / hævz / (হ্যাফয্‌)} [either of the two equal or nearly equal parts that together make up a whole] (অর্ধেক): divide the cake in half 

Bun,bun bread, bun food, bap
1. Bun
 Bun / bʌn / (বান্‌) n {UK bap} 1. [a small, round piece of bread, especially one that is cut horizontally and holds a burger] (বান রুটি): a currant bun 
Bun hairstyle,
3. Bun
 2. Bun / bʌn / (বান্‌) n [a small cake, typically containing dried fruit] (বান কেক):

 3. Bun / bʌn / (বান্‌) n [a woman's hairstyle where the hair is brought together into a round shape at the back of the head] (খোঁপা):

Ø Horizontal / ˌhɔːrɪˈzɑːntl / (ˌহোরিˈযআঃন্টল্) adj [flat and level; going across and parallel to the ground rather than going up and down] (অনুভূমিক; সটান): Keep the patient horizontal with the feet slightly raised.

<ADV> Horizontally

Ø Burger / ˈbɜːɡər / (ˈবা্‌র্গর্‌) n [finely chopped meat, fish, vegetables or other food pressed into a round, flat shape and fried] (বার্গার): a burger and chips

Swiss roll, Swiss roll food
Swiss Roll
Swiss roll / ˌswɪs ˈroʊl / (ˌসুˈরৌল্‌) n {US jelly roll} [a cake that has been spread with cream, jam, or chocolate and then rolled into a cylinder shape] (সুইস রোল কেক)
Ø Swiss / swɪs / (সুঈছ্‌) adj [belonging to or relating to Switzerland or its people] (সুঈজারল্যান্ড সম্বন্ধিয়):

Ø Spread / spred / (স্প্রেড্‌) v {spreads / spredz / (স্প্রেডয্‌); Pt. Pp. spread / spred / (স্প্রেড্‌)} [to cover with a layer of a substance onto the surface of Sth] (<কোনোকিছু>মাখানো বা মেখে দেওয়া): He spreads a thick layer of butter on his a loaf of bread.

Bagel bread, bagel food
Bagel / ˈbeɪɡəl / (ˈবেল্‌) n [a type of dense bread roll that is small, hard, and in the shape of a ring, made by boiling dough and then baking it] (বেগাল রুটি): an onion bagel  

Ø Dense / dens / (ডেনছ্‌) n [closely compacted in substance] (ঘন; নিবিড়): The fog was getting very dense.

Baguette bread, baguette food
Baguette / bæˈɡet / (ব্যাˈগেট্‌) n {Also French loaf; French stick} [a long, thin stick, loaf of white bread, that is crisp on the outside and soft inside, that originally came from France] (ব্যাগেট <ফ্রান্সের রুটি>): a ham and cheese baguette 

Ø Crisp / krɪsp / (ক্রিস্প্‌) adj [(of food) pleasantly hard and dry] (মচমচে; কুড়মুড়ে): Bake until the pastry is golden and crisp.

Sandwich bread, sandwich food
Sandwich / ˈsænwɪtʃ / (ˈস্যান্‌উইচ্‌) n [two slices of bread, sometimes spread with butter or margarine, and with a layer of meat, cheese, or salad etc. between them, eaten as a light meal] (মধ্যখানে মাংস ইত্যাদি দেওয়া দুই খণ্ড মাখন-মাখা রুটি; স্যান্‌উইচ):

Ø Meal / miːl / (মীল্‌) n [an occasion when food is eaten, especially breakfast, lunch or dinner] (আহার; খাবার; ভোজন): He took me out for a slap-up meal. I have my main meal at midday.

Wrap bread, wrap food
Wrap / ræp / (র‍্যাপ্‌) n [a sandwich made with one piece of very thin bread that is folded around a filling] (র‍্যাপ <রুটি>):

<VERB> Wrap / ræp / (র‍্যাপ্‌) v {wraps / ræps / (র‍্যাপছ্‌); Pt. Pp. wrapped / ræpt / (র‍্যাপ্ট্‌)} [to cover or surround Sth with paper, cloth, or other material] (মোড়া বা গুটিয়ে ফেলা): Each apple was wrapped in paper.

Ø Fold / foʊld / (ফৌল্ড্‌) v {folds / foʊldz / (ফৌল্ড্‌য); Pt. Pp. folded} [to bend Sth, especially paper or cloth, so that one part of it lies on the other part, or to be able to be bent in this way] (ভাঁজ করা): She folded the clothes into a neat bundle.

Pitta bread, Pitta food
Pitta / ˈpiːtə / (ˈপীট) n {Also pitta bread; pita bread} [flat, hollow, slightly leavened bread in an oval shape, which can be split open to hold a filling] (পীটা)

Ø Hollow / ˈhɑːloʊ / (ˈহআঃলৌ) adj [having a hole or empty space inside] (ফাঁপা; শূন্যগর্ভ): I felt hollow from lack of food.

Ø Split / splɪt / (স্প্লিট্‌) v {splits; Pt. Pp. split} [to divide into two or more parts, especially along a particular line] (লম্বালম্বিভাবে বিভক্ত করা): Split the eggplant in half and cover with breadcrumbs.

Pretzel biscuit
Pretzel / ˈpretsl / (ˈপ্রেট্‌সল্‌) n [a hard, crisp, salty biscuit that has been baked in a stick or knot shape and flavored with salt, often served with drinks at a party] (লোনতা প্রেটসল বিস্কুট):

Ø Serve / sɜːrv / (ছা্‌র্ভ্‌) v {serves / sɜːrvz / (ছা্‌র্ভ্‌য্‌); Pt. Pp. served} [to provide Sb food or drinks, for example at a restaurant or during a meal] (পরিবেশন করা): Do they serve meals in the bar?

Hamburger, Hamburger food
Hamburger / ˈhæmˌbɜːrɡər / (ˈহ্যাম্‌বা্‌র্গর্‌) n {UK beef burger; Also burger} [a flat round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled and usually eaten between two halves of a bun or bread roll garnished with various condiments] (হ্যাম্বার্গার):

Ø Mince / mɪns / (মিন্স্‌) v [to cut food, especially meat, into very small pieces, often using a special machine] (<মাংসের> কিমা করা): Mince two pounds of chicken finely.

Ø Fry / fraɪ / (ফ্রা) v {fries / fraɪz / (ফ্রা); Pt. Pp. fried / fraɪd / (ফ্রাড্‌)} [to cook in hot oil or fat, typically in a shallow pan] (<ফুটন্ত তেলে>ভাজা): Fry the vegetables gently in oil.

Ø Grill / ɡrɪl / (গ্রিল্‌) v {grills / ɡrɪlz / (গ্রিল্‌য্‌); Pt. Pp. grilled} [to cook food over a fire or hot coals, usually on a metal frame] (ঝাঁঝরিতে করিয়া ভাজা): Grill the sausages for ten minutes.

Ø Garnish / ˈɡɑːrnɪʃ / (ˈগআঃর্নিশ্‌) v {garnishes / ˈɡɑːrnɪʃɪz / (ˈগআঃর্নিশ্‌য্‌); Pt. Pp. garnished / ˈɡɑːrnɪʃt / (ˈগআঃর্নিশ্‌ট্‌)} [to decorate a dish of food with a small amount of different food] (<খাবার টেবিলে পরিবেশনের জন্য> খাবার সজ্জিত করা): Garnish the dish with croutons before serving.

Ø Condiment / ˈkɑːndɪmənt / (ˈকআঃন্ডিমএন্ট্‌) n [a substance such as salt, pepper, mustard, or pickle that is used to add flavor to food] (খাদ্যকে সুস্বাদু করার জন্য ব্যবহৃত দ্রব্য যথা গুড়া মসল্লা আচার প্রভৃতি): Salt and pepper are used as condiments.

Hot dog, hot dog food
Hot Dog
Hot dog / ˈhɑːt ˌdɑːɡ / (ˈহআঃট্‌ ˌডআঃগ্‌) n [ a cooked sausage is eaten hot in a long soft piece of roll bread, often with ketchup, fried onions, mustard or with various condiments] (হাট ডাগ)I think I will have some more of that yummy hot dog.

Ø Yummy / ˈjʌmi / (ˈইয়ামি) adj {SYN delicious} [tasting extremely good] (মুখরোচক; জব্বর খেতে এমন): It smells yummy.

Doughnut, Doughnut cake
Doughnut / ˈdoʊnʌt / (ˈডৌনাট্‌) n {US donut} [a small, circular cake, fried in hot fat, either with a hole in the middle or filled with jam/jelly, fruit, cream, etc.] (ডৌনাট <পিঠা>):

Bread stick biscuit, Breadstick food
Breadstick / ˈbredstɪk / (ˈব্রেড্‌স্টিক্‌) n [a long, thin stick of bread that is crisp] (ব্রেডস্টিক <রুটি>):

French bread, French bread food
French Bread
French bread / ˌfrentʃ ˈbred / (ˌফ্রেন্স্‌ ˈব্রেড্‌) n [a type of usually white bread in the form of a long, thin stick, crisp loaf with a hard outer layer] (ফ্রেন্স রুটি):

Sponge cake, Sponge cake food
Sponge Cake
Sponge cake / ˈspʌndʒ ˌkeɪk / (ˈস্পান্‌জ্‌ ˌকেক্‌) n {Also sponge} [a soft, light cake made from eggs, sugar, and flour but with or without fat] (স্পাঞ্জ কেক):

Cheesecake food
Cheesecake / ˈtʃiːzkeɪk / (ˈচীযকেক্‌) n [a cold dessert made from a soft mixture of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, etc. on a base of cake or crushed biscuits/cookies, sometimes with fruit on top] (পনির পিঠা): lemon/almond cheesecake

Ø Dessert / dɪˈzɜːrt / (ডিˈযা্‌র্ট্‌) n [the sweet food eaten at the end of a meal] (ভোজের শেষে পরিবেশিত মিষ্টি, ফলমূল, আইসক্রিম ইত্যাদি): We had mousse for dessert.

Tart food
Tart / tɑːrt / (টআঃর্ট্‌) n [an open pastry case with a filling, usually of something sweet or savory] (টার্ট): strawberry/custard tart

Ø Savoury / ˈseɪvəri / (ˈছেরি) adj {US savory} [having a taste that is salty or spicy and not sweet] (নোনতা): savory snacks

Fairy cake, Fairy cake food
Fairy Cake
Fairy cake / ˈferi ˌkeɪk / (ˈফেরি ˌকেক্‌) n {US cupcake} [a small light cake, baked in a paper container shaped like a cup and often with icing on top] (ফেরি কেক):

Ø Fairy / ˈferi / (ˈফেরি) n {Plu. fairies} [an imaginary creature with magic powers, usually represented as a very small person with wings, especially a female one] (পরী): a good/wicked fairy  

Ø Icing / ˈaɪsɪŋ / (ˈআইছিঙ্) n [a sweet mixture of sugar with water, egg white, milk or butter, that is used to cover and decorate cakes] (<কেকের উপর সাজ্জানো>আস্তরণ): Trim off excess icing around the cake base.

Shortcake,Shortcake food
Shortcake / ˈʃɔːrtkeɪk / (ˈশোর্ট্‌কেক্‌) n {UK shortbread} [a type of cake with a pastry base and, served in layers with fruit and cream on top] (ছোট্ট পিঠা): strawberry shortcake

Fish cake
Fish Cake
Fish cake / ˈfɪʃkeɪk / (ˈফিশ্কেক্) n [pieces of fish mixed with mashed potato that has been formed into a small flat, round shapes, covered with breadcrumbs and then fried in oil] (মাছের পিঠা):

Fish / fɪʃ / (ফিশ্‌) n {Plu. fishes} [a creature that lives in water, is covered with scales, and has a tail and fins, and breaths by taking water in through its mouth, or the flesh of these the creature has eaten as food:] (মাছ):

Scone cake
Scone / skoʊn / (স্কৌন্‌) n [a small unsweetened or lightly sweetened cake made from flour, fat, and milk and sometimes having added fruit] (স্কৌন <কেক>): tea and buttered scones

Danish pastry
Danish Pastry
Danish pastry / ˌdeɪnɪʃ ˈpeɪstri / (ˌডেনিশ্‌ ˈপেস্ট্রি) n {Also Danish} [a type of sweet cake for one person, consisting of light pastry, often with apple, nuts, etc. and/or covered with icing] (ডেনিশ পেস্ট্রি):

Ø Danish / ˈdeɪnɪʃ / (ˈডেনিশ্‌) adj [belonging to or relating to Denmark, its people, or its language] (ডেন্‌মার্ক সম্বন্ধিয়):

Mince pie, Mince pie food
Mince Pie
Mince pie / ˌmɪns ˈpaɪ / (ˌমিন্স ˈপা) n [A small round pie filled with mincemeat, traditionally eaten at Christmas] (কিমার পিঠা):  

Ø Mincemeat / ˈmɪnsmiːt / (ˈমিন্সমীট্‌) n [a sweet, spicy mixture of small pieces of apple, dried fruit, and nuts (but not meat), etc., used especially for making pies] (মিন্সমীট্‌):

Cheese, Cheese food
Cheese / tʃiːz / (চীয্‌) n [a food made from the pressed curds milk, that can be either firm or soft and semi-liquid in texture, is usually yellow or white in color] (পনির): I need grated cheese for this recipe. A chunk/slice of cheese. Cheddar cheese 

Ø Texture / ˈtekstʃər / (ˈটেক্সচর্‌) n [the way food or drink tastes or feels in your mouth, for example, whether it is rough, smooth, light, heavy, etc.] (<খাবারে> স্বাদ, গন্ধ ইত্যাদি): The two pieces of cheese were very different in both taste and texture.

Ø Grate / ɡreɪt / (গ্রেট্‌) v {grates / ɡreɪts / (গ্রেট্‌ছ্‌); Pt. Pp. grated} [to rub food against a grater in order to cut it into a lot of small pieces] (<খস খসে কোনকিছুর উপর ঘষে>গুড়া গুড়া বা দানা দানা করা): Grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the potato.

Ø Recipe / ˈresəpi / (ˈরেছপি) n [a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required] (<খাবার তৈরির>প্রস্তুত প্রণালী): a recipe for chicken soup

Ø Chunk / tʃʌŋk / (চাঙ্‌ক্‌) n [a thick solid piece that has been cut or broken off Sth] (<কোনোকিছুর>পুরু খণ্ড বা টুকরা): a chunk of meat/cheese

Cheeseboard, Cheeseboard food
Cheeseboard / ˈtʃiːzbɔːrd / (ˈচীযবোর্ড্‌) n [several different types of cheese arranged on a board for you to choose from at the end of a meal] (<খাবারের শষ পদ হিসাবে খাওয়া>পনির):

Cheeseburger,Cheeseburger food
Cheeseburger / ˈtʃiːzbɜːrɡər / (ˈচীযবা্‌র্গর্‌) n [A hamburger with a slice of melted cheese on it, served in a bread roll] (চীযবার্গার):

Ø Melt / melt / (মেল্ট্‌) v {melts / melts / (মেল্টছ্‌); Pt. Pp. melted} [to become or make Sth become liquid as a result of heating] (গলা; গলান): First, melt two ounces of butter.

Butter,মাখন, ননী
Butter / ˈbʌtər / (ˈবাটর্‌) n [a pale yellow solid food containing a lot of fat made by churning cream and is spread on bread or used in cooking] (মাখন; ননী):

Margarine / ˌmɑːrdʒəˈriːn / (ˌমআঃর্‌জˈরীন্‌) n [a  yellow substance used for cooking and spreading on bread, similar to butter but softer and usually made from vegetable oils or animal fats] (মার্জারীন <মাখন>):

Cottage cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese / ˌkɑːtɪdʒ ˈtʃiːz / (ˌকআঃটিজ ˈচীয্‌) n [soft, lumpy white cheese made from curds of skimmed milk with some whey left in] (কুটির মাখন):

Ø Cottage / ˈkɑːtɪdʒ / (ˈকআঃটিজ্‌) n [a small house, usually in the countryside] (কুটির; কুঁড়েঘর): They live in a thatched cottage.

Ø Lumpy / lʌmp / (লাম্প্‌) adj [a piece of a solid substance, usually with no particular shape] (পিণ্ডময়): If the sauce goes lumpy, whisk it rapidly.

Ø Skimmed milk / ˌskɪmd ˈmɪlk / (ˌস্কিমড্‌ ˈমিল্ক্‌) n {Also skim milk} [milk that contains less fat than normal because the cream has been removed] (ননী তোলা দুধ):

Yogurt,Yogurt food
Yogurt / ˈjoʊɡət / (ˈইওগট্‌) n {Also yoghurt, yoghourt} [a slightly sour, semi-solid made from milk fermented by added bacteria, often eaten plain and sometimes with sugar, fruit, etc.] (ঘোল <জাতীয় পদার্থ>):

Ø Sour / saʊr / (সার্‌) adj [having a sharp, sometimes unpleasant, taste or smell, like a lemon, or of fruit that is not ready to eat] (টক; খাট্টা): The milk had turned sour.

Ø Ferment / fərˈment / (ˈমেন্ট্‌) v [to experience a chemical change because of the action of yeast or bacteria, often changing the sugar to alcohol; to make Sth change in this way] (গাঁজাইয়া তোলা): Fruit juices ferment if they are kept for too long.

Cream,দুধের সর
Cream / kriːm / (ক্রীম্‌) n [the thick white or pale yellow fatty liquid which rises to the top when milk is left to stand and which can be eaten as an accompaniment to desserts] (দুধের সর):  

Jam food
1. Jam
Jam / dʒæm / (জ্যাম্‌) n 1. [a thick, sweet, soft food made by boiling fruit with sugar, often sold in jars and eaten on bread or cakes] (জ্যাম): recipes for jams and preserves

2. Jam / dʒæm / (জ্যাম্‌) n {Also traffic jam} [a long number of vehicles on a road that cannot move or that can only move very slowly] (জট; ঠাসাঠাসি): I was stuck in a traffic jam.

Jelly,Jelly food
Jelly / ˈdʒeli / (ˈজেলি) n [a soft, sweet transparent food made from gelatin, sugar and fruit flavors, which shakes slightly when it is moved] (জেলি): jelly and ice cream   

Ø Transparent / trænsˈpærənt / (ট্র্যান্‌ˈস্প্যারএন্ট্‌) n [(of glass, plastic, etc.) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen] (স্বচ্ছ; আলোকভেদ্য): Jelly is almost transparent.

Ø Gelatin / ˈdʒelətɪn / (ˈজেলটিন্‌) n [a clear substance obtained by boiling animal bones, skin, etc., and used to make some foods  such as jelly and other substances such as glue] (প্রাণীর স্বিদ্ধ করা হাড়, চামড়া ইত্যাদি):

Ø Flavour / ˈfleɪvər / (ˈফ্লের্‌) n {US flavor} [how food or drink tastes, or a particular taste itself] (স্বাদগন্ধ): a dish with a strong spicy flavor

<SYN> Taste

Pickle / ˈpɪkəl / (ˈপিকল্‌) n [vegetables or fruit that has been preserved in a vinegar sauce or salty water] (আচার): Have some pickles with your sandwich.

Ice cream
Ice Cream
Ice cream / ˈaɪs ˌkriːm / (ˈˌক্রীম্‌) n [a soft, sweet frozen food made with milk and cream and typically flavored with vanilla, fruit, chocolate, or other ingredients] (আইসক্রীম):

Ø Vanilla / vəˈnɪlə / (ˈনিল) n [a substance made from the seeds of the beans of a tropical plant, used to give flavor to sweet foods, for example, ice cream] (ভানিলা): vanilla essence/extract

Ø Ingredient / ɪnˈɡriːdiənt / (ˈগ্রীডিন্ট্‌) n [food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish] (উপাদান; উপকরণ): Pour all of the ingredients into a blender.

Sour cream
Sour Cream
Sour cream / ˌsaʊr ˈkriːm / (ˌসার্‌ ˈক্রীম্‌) n [cream which has been deliberately fermented by the addition of certain bacteria] (টক সর):

Sausage,Sausage food
Sausage / ˈsɑːsɪdʒ / (ˈসআঃসিজ্‌) n [an item of food in the form of a tube-like length of minced meat encased in a skin, typically sold raw to be grilled or fried before eating] (সাসিজ):

Ø Encase / ɪnˈkeɪs / (ˈকেছ্‌) v [to cover or surround Sth in a case or close-fitting surround to protect it] (আবৃত করা):

Pizza,Pizza food
Pizza / ˈpiːtsə / (ˈপীটছ) n [a dish of Italian origin, consisting of flat round bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat, fish, and vegetables spread on top] (পীটসা):

Bacon food
Bacon / ˈbeɪkən / (ˈবেন্‌) n [meat from the back or sides of a pig, eaten fried in thin slices] (বেইকান): Fry the bacon until crisp. a slice/rasher of bacon

Tortilla, Tortilla bread
Tortilla / tɔːrˈtiːə / (টোর্‌টী) n [a type of thin, round Mexican bread made from maize flour or wheat flour, usually eaten hot] (মেক্সিকান রুটি):

Ø Maize / meɪz / (মেয্‌) n {US corn} [a tall plant grown in many parts of the world for its yellow grains, which are eaten as food, made into flour, or fed to animals] (ভুট্টা):

Taco, Taco food
Taco / ˈtɑːkoʊ / (ˈটআঃকৌ) n [a Mexican dish consisting of a folded or rolled tortilla filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned mince, chicken, cheese, beans, etc. and often a hot, spicy sauce] (টাকৌ)

Ø Season / ˈsiːzn / (ˈছীজ্ন্) v [to improve the flavor of savory food by adding salt, herbs or spices when cooking or preparing it] (<খাদ্যে> (লবন, গোল মরিচ, লং ইত্যাদি যোগে) স্বাদ্গন্ধ যুক্ত করা; স্বাদিত করা): Season the lamb with garlic.

<ADJ> Seasoned / ˈsiːznd / (ˈছীজন্ড্) adj [(of food) with salt, pepper, etc. added to it] (স্বাদ্গন্ধ যুক্ত; স্বাদিত): Toss the meat in seasoned flour.

Burrito,Burrito dish,Burrito food
Burrito / bəˈriːtoʊ / (ˈরীটৌ) n [a type of Mexican dish made by folding a tortilla and putting minced meat, beans, and cheese inside it] (বারীটৌ):

Muffin,Muffin bread
1. Muffin
Muffin / ˈmʌfɪn / (ˈমাফিন্‌) n 1. {US English muffin} [a small round flat type of spongy bread, usually sliced in two and eaten hot with butter] (মাফিন <রুটি>):

2. Muffin / ˈmʌfɪn / (ˈমাফিন্‌) n [a small domed spongy sweet cake made with eggs and baking powder and that often has fruit inside it] (মাফিন <কেক>):

Biscuit / ˈbɪskɪt / (ˈবিছ্‌কিট্‌) n {US cookie} [a small baked unleavened cake, typically crisp, flat, and sweet] (বিস্কুট্‌): Raju always dunks his biscuits in his tea. He brushed the biscuits crumbs from his jacket.

Ø Dunk / dʌŋk / (ডাঙক্‌) v {dunks / dʌŋks / (ডাঙক্‌স্‌); Pt. Pp. dunked / dʌŋkt / (ডাঙক্ট)} [to put a biscuit, piece of bread or other food, into a liquid such as tea, coffee, or soup for a short time before eating it] (<চা, কফি ইত্যাদিতে>বিস্কুট, রুটি ইত্যাদি চুবিয়ে বা ডুবিয়ে খাওয়া): He dunks a biscuit in his coffee.

Ø Crumb / krʌm / (ক্রাম্‌) n [a very small piece of bread, cake, or biscuit, which has fallen off a larger piece] (<বিস্কুট, পাউরুটি ইত্যাদির>ছোট বা কুচি কুচি টুকরা): He did not even leave any crumbs on his plate. 

Wafer, Wafer biscuit
Wafer / ˈweɪfər / (ˈওএর্) n [a very thin, light, crisp biscuit, especially one of a kind eaten with ice cream] (ওয়েফার বিস্কুট): The sundae was topped with chocolate and a wafer.

Onion ring food
Onion Ring
Onion ring / ˈʌnjən rɪŋ / (ˈআনিন রিঙ্‌) n [A ring-shaped slice of onion coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried] (আনিএন রিং): I ordered a burger with onion rings

Ø Onion / ˈʌnjən / (ˈআনি) n [a round vegetable with a strong smell and flavor, made up of several layers surrounding each other tightly in a round shape, usually brown or red on the outside and white inside] (পেঁয়াজ): In Indian cooking onion used as a spice

Ø Coat / koʊt / (কৌট্‌) v {coats / koʊts / (কৌট্‌স্‌); Pt. Pp. coated} [to cover Sth with a layer of a particular substance] (লেপন বা আচ্ছাদিত করা):  Coat the fish in the sauce.

Ø Batter / ˈbætər / (ˈব্যাটর্‌) n [a semi-liquid mixture of flour, eggs, and milk, used to make pancakes or to cover food such as fish or chicken before frying it] (তরল কাই): fish in batter

Ø Breadcrumbs / ˈbredkrʌmz / (ˈব্রেড্‌ক্রাময্‌) n [very small pieces of dried bread that can be used in cooking] (পাউরুটির গুড়া): fish coated with breadcrumbs

Pancake, Pancake food
Pancake / ˈpænkeɪk / (ˈপ্যান্‌কেক্‌) n [a thin, flat, round cake made from flour, sugar, milk, and eggs, fried on both sides in a pan and usually eaten with maple syrup for breakfast] (প্যানকেক):  

Ø Maple syrup / ˌmeɪpəl ˈsɪrəp / (ˌমেল্‌ ˈসিরপ্‌) n [a thick, sweet, and sticky liquid obtained from some type of maple tree, which is eaten with or used in making food] (মেপল গাছের সিরাপ): Pancakes with maple syrup

Brownie, Brownie cake
Brownie / ˈbraʊni / (ˈব্রানি) n [a small, soft, and square of rich chocolate cake, often with nuts in it] (ব্রাউনি <কেক>): a fudge brownie

Noodle, Noodle food
Noodle / ˈnuːdl / (ˈনূডল্‌) n [a food in the form of long, thin strips made from flour or rice paste, and often egg, cooked in boiling the liquid, and eaten with a sauce or in a soup] (নূডল): instant/crispy noodles

Ø Strip / strɪp / (স্ট্রিপ্‌) n [a long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other substance] (ফালি): Cut the meat into strips.

Chow Mein
Chow Mein /ˌtʃaʊ ˈmeɪn / (ˌচাউ ˈমেন্‌) n [a Chinese-style dish consisting of vegetables, shredded meat or seafood, and long, thin noodles, all fried together] (চাউ মেইন): chicken chow mein


Ø Chow / tʃaʊ / (চাউ) n {also chow chow} [a dog with long and dense thick hair, a curled tail over the back and a blue-black tongue, originally from China] (চীনা কুকুর): 

Soft drink
Soft Drink
Soft drink / ˌsɑːft ˈdrɪŋk / (ˌসআঃফট্‌ ˈড্রিঙক্‌) n [a cold drink that does not contain alcohol, especially one that is carbonated] (কোমল পানীয়):

Ø Carbonated / ˈkɑːrbəneɪtɪd / (ˈকআঃর্বনেটিড্‌) adj {SYN fizzy} [(of a drink) containing small bubbles of carbon dioxide] (বুদবুদময়): carbonated drinks/mineral water

Chip food
Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n {US French fry} 1. [a long, thin piece of potato that is fried and usually eaten hot] (চিপ):

2. Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n {US potato chip} [a very thin, often round piece of fried potato, sometimes with a flavor added, sold especially in plastic bags] (আলুর চিপ): a bag of chips

Crisp / krɪsp / (ক্রিস্প্‌) n {US potato chip; Also potato crisp} [a very thin, often round slice of a piece of fried potato, sometimes with a flavor added, sold especially in plastic bags] (ক্রিস্প্‌):

Crispbread,Crispbread food
Crispbread / ˈkrɪspbred / (ˈক্রিস্প্‌ব্রেড্‌) n [a hard, dry, flat, thin, savoury biscuit made from crushed rye or wheat, often eaten instead of bread by people trying to lose weight] (ক্রিস্পব্রেড):

Ø Crush / krʌʃ / (ক্রাশ্‌) v {crushes / krʌʃɪz / (ক্রাশিয্‌); Pt. Pp. crushed / krʌʃt / (ক্রাশ্‌ট্‌)} [to break Sth into small pieces or into a powder by pressing hard] (পিষা; চূর্ণ করা): Add four cloves of crushed garlic.

Ø Rye / raɪ / (রা) n [a type of grain, the seeds of which are used to make flour or whiskey or to feed animals] (রাই): rye whiskey/bread

Milkshake, shake,Milkshake drink
Milkshake / ˈmɪlkʃeɪk / (ˈমিল্কশেক্‌) n {Also shake} [a cold drink made of milk and sometimes ice cream and a flavor such as fruit or chocolate, whisked until it is frothy] (দুধের সরবৎ): a banana milkshake

Ø Whisk / wɪsk / (উইস্ক্‌) v {whisks / wɪsks / (উইস্ক্‌স্‌); Pt. Pp. whisked / wɪskt / (উইস্ক্‌ট্‌)} [to mix eggs, cream, etc. with a special tool or a fork in order to a stiff light mass, and make the food light] (ঘুটা): Whisk the egg whites until stiff.
<SYN> Beat

Ø Frothy / ˈfrɑːθi / (ˈফ্রআঃথি) adj [(of a liquid) with small white bubbles on the surface] (ফেনায়িত): Add the eggs and beat until frothy.

Marmalade,Marmalade food
Marmalade / ˈmɑːrməleɪd / (ˈমআঃর্মলেড্‌) n [a soft substance with a sweet but slightly bitter taste, made by cooking fruit such as oranges with sugar to preserve it. It is eaten on bread, usually for breakfast] (কমলালেবুর মোরব্বা; কমলালেবুর আচার):

Ø Bitter / ˈbɪtər / (ˈবিটর্‌) adj [(of food, etc.) having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet] (তিতা): Black coffee leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Lemon curd
Lemon Curd
Lemon curd  / ˌlemən ˈkɜːrd / (ˌলেমন্‌ ˈকা্‌র্ড্‌) n [a thick, sweet substance made from lemons, sugar, eggs, and butter that can spread on bread, etc. or used to fill cakes] (লেবুর দধি)

Toast,Toast food
Toast / toʊst / (টৌস্ট্‌) n [sliced bread crisp and browned on both sides by exposure to radiant heat, such as a grill or toaster] (টোস্ট): I am having beans on toast for supper.

Ø Radiant / ˈreɪdiənt / (ˈরেডিন্ট্‌) adj [sent out in rays from a central point] (রশ্মিবিকিরণকর): a radiant heater

Ø Supper / ˈsʌpər / (ˈসাপর্‌) n [the last meal or the day, either the main meal, usually smaller and less formal than dinner or a snack eaten before you go to bed] (নৈশভোজ): We usually have tea at about 5.30 p. m. , then supper before we go to bed.

Waffle,Waffle bread
Waffle / ˈwɑːfl / (ˈওআঃফ্‌ল্‌) n [a type of bread or cake made from batter baked in a waffle iron, whose surface forms a pattern of raised squares and eaten hot with butter or syrup] (ওয়াফল <কেক>):

Ø Syrup / ˈsɪrəp / (ˈসিরপ্‌) n [any thick sweet liquid made with sugar, used especially as a sauce] (সিরাপ বা সুমিষ্টি রস): porridge with golden syrup

Porridge, Porridge food
Porridge / ˈpɔːrɪdʒ / (ˈপোরিজ্‌) n {US oatmeal} [a type of thick, soft, white food made from oats or cereal boiled in milk or water, eaten hot for breakfast] (খির):

Cereal,Cereal food
Cereal / ˈsɪriəl / (ˈসিরিল্‌) n [food that is made from a grain of cereals, and eaten with milk, especially in the breakfast] (সিরিএল্‌): breakfast cereals

Lollipop / ˈlɑːlipɑːp / (ˈলআঃলিপআঃপ্) n {US sucker} [a large, hard, rounded boiled sweet/candy on the end of a small stick] (কাঠিলজেন্স):

Pie, Pie food
Pie / paɪ / (পা) n [a type of food made with meat, vegetables, or fruit covered in pastry and baked] (পাই): steak and kidney pie. A pecan pie  

Ø Kidney / ˈkɪdni / (ˈকিডনি) n [the kidneys of some animals that are cooked and eaten] (বৃক্ক; মূত্রগ্রন্থি): steak and kidney pie

Pudding,Pudding food
Pudding / ˈpʊdɪŋ / (ˈপুডিঙ্‌) n 1. [a sweet and usually hot dish made with pastry, flour, bread, or rice, fruit, and often jam, etc. in or on it] (পুডিং): a sticky toffee/treacle pudding. Suet pudding 

2. Pudding / ˈpʊdɪŋ / (ˈপুডিঙ্‌) n [a sweet, soft food made from milk, sugar, eggs, and flavoring with chocolate, etc., eaten cold] (চকলেট পুডিং):

Ø Chocolate / ˈtʃɑːklət / (ˈচআঃকলট্‌) n [a sweet, usually brown, sweet food made from cacao seeds, which is usually sold in a block, or a small sweet made from this] (চকলেট): a bar chocolate

Sponge pudding
Sponge Pudding
Sponge pudding / spʌndʒ ˈpʊdɪŋ / (স্পান্‌জ ˈপুডিঙ্‌) n [a steamed or baked pudding of fat, flour, and eggs] (স্পাঞ্জ পুডিং): sponge pudding and custard

Sourdough,Sourdough bread
Sourdough / ˈsaʊrdoʊ / (ˈসাউরডৌ) n [a mixture of flour and water that is left to ferment so that it has a sour taste, and then used to make bread] (টক পাউরুটি): sourdough bread

Custard,Custard sauce
Custard / ˈkʌstərd / (ˈকাস্টর্ড্‌) n {Also custard sauce} [a sweet yellow sauce made from eggs, milk, sugar, and flour and poured over sweet dishes] (ডিমের পায়েস): apple pie and custard 
Ø Dish / dɪʃ / (ডিশ্‌) n [food prepared in a particular way as part of a meal] (খাদ্যের পদ): a vegetarian/chicken dish

Omelette / ˈɑːmlət / (ˈআঃম্‌লট্‌) n {US omelet} [a savoury dish made by mixing eggs together the yellow and transparent parts of eggs and frying them, often with small pieces of other food such as cheese or vegetables] (মামলেট বা ডিম ভাজা): a cheese and Mushroom Omelette

Poach food
Poach / poʊtʃ / (পৌচ্‌) n [to cook something such as a fish, or an egg with its shell removed, by putting it in gently boiling water or other liquid] (<ডিম>পক্ক বা পোচ): We had poached eggs for breakfast. Poached salmon

Pasta, Pasta food
Pasta / ˈpɑːstə / (ˈপআঃস্ট) n [an Italian food made from flour, water, and sometimes egg, that is cooked in boiling water and usually served with a sauce. it is hard when dry and soft when cooked, and made in various shapes that have different names] (পাস্টা): Spaghetti, lasagne, ravioli, and cannelloni are all types of pasta.

Soup,Soup food
Soup / suːp / (সূপ্‌) n [a usually hot, liquid savory food made by boiling vegetables, meat, or fish, etc., often eaten as the first course of a meal] (সুরুয়া বা ঝোল): We had a cold carrot soup as a starter. Do not slurp your soup! A rather bland diet of soup and bread

Ø Course / kɔːrs / (কোর্স্‌) n [a part of a meal served separately from the other parts] (খাবার তালিকার অন্যতম পদ): The main course was a roast duck. A four-course lunch

Ø Starter / ˈstɑːrtər / (ˈস্টআঃরটর্‌) n {US appetizer} [a small amount of dish served before the main course of a meal] (ভোজনপর্বের প্রথম পদ): We had soup/pasta as a starter.

Ø Slurp / slɜːrp / (স্লা্‌র্প্‌) v {slurps / slɜːrps / (স্লা্‌র্প্‌স্‌); Pt. Pp. slurped / slɜːrpt / (স্লা্‌র্প্‌ট্‌)} [to drink a liquid noisily as a result of sucking air into the mouth at the same time as the liquid] (<তরল কিছু খাওয়ার সময়> চুকচুক শব্দ করা): Do try not to slurp.

Ø Bland / blænd / (ব্ল্যান্ড্‌) adj [not having a strong or interesting taste] (<খাদ্য>স্বাদহীন পানসে): I find chicken a little bland.

Broth,Broth food
Broth / brɑːθ / (ব্রআঃথ্‌) n [a thin soup consisting of meat or vegetables cooked in stock, sometimes thickened with barley or other cereals] (<মাংসের বা সব্জির> পাতলা সুরুয়া): He ate a large bowl of chicken broth. Turkey/beef broth

Ø Stock / stɑːk / (স্টআঃক্‌) n [a liquid made by boiling bones, meat, fish, or vegetables slowly in water, used as a basis for the preparation of soup, gravy, or sauces] (স্টাক <ঝোল>): beef/vegetable stock

Stew food
Stew / stuː / (স্টূ) n [a type of dish consisting usually of meat or fish and vegetables cooked slowly in a small amount of liquid in a closed dish or pan] (<ভাপে সিদ্ধ মাছ, মাংস বা স্ববজির>তরকারি): She prepared a hearty stew for dinner. lamb/bean/fish stew    

Ø Hearty / ˈhɑːrti / (ˈহআঃরটি) adj [(of food) wholesome and in large amounts] (জবর): We ate a hearty breakfast before we set off. To have a hearty appetite

Dumpling food
1. Dumpling
Dumpling / ˈdʌmplɪŋ / (ˈডাম্প্‌লিঙ্‌) n 1[a small savoury ball of dough cooked and eaten with soup or meat, or a filling of fruit, meat, or vegetables covered with dough and steamed, baked, or fried in a casserole] (মাংস ও সব্জি দিয়ে সেদ্ধ-করা ময়দার ফুলুরি): chicken with herb dumplings

2. Dumpling

2. Dumpling / ˈdʌmplɪŋ / (ˈডাম্প্‌লিঙ্‌) n [a small amount of fruit covered in a sweet dough and baked] (ফুলুরি): apple dumpling

Casserole food
1. Casserole
Casserole / ˈkæsəroʊl / (ˈক্যাছরৌল্‌) n 1. [a dish made by cooking meat, vegetables, or other foods in the liquid inside a heavy container at low heat] (ক্যাসারৌল <খাবার>):
Casserole dish
2. Casserole

2. Casserole / ˈkæsəroʊl / (ˈক্যাছরৌল্‌) n {Also casserole dish} [a heavy, deep container with a lid used in cooking meat, etc. in a liquid in the oven] (ক্যাসারৌল <রান্নার পাত্র>):  Place the chicken pieces in the bottom of a large casserole.

Stir-fry food
Stir-fry / ˈstɜːr fraɪ / (ˈস্টা্‌র ফ্রা) v [to fry small pieces of meat, vegetables, or fish, etc. quickly while mixing them around] (স্টার ফ্রাই <চরচরি>): Stir-fry the chicken for one minute, then add the vegetables.

Flambé food
Flambé / flɑːmˈbeɪ / (ফ্লআঃম্‌ˈবে) adj [(of food) covered with liquor, especially brandy and allowed to burn for a short time] (ফ্লাম্‌বেই <খাবার>):

Barbecue food
Barbecue / ˈbɑːrbɪkjuː / (ˈবআঃর্বিকূ) n 1. [a meal or gathering at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or on a portable grill] (বার্বিকূ <খাবার>): Let's have another barbecue!

2. Barbecue / ˈbɑːrbɪkjuː / (ˈবআঃর্বিকূ) n [a metal frame for cooking meat, fish, or vegetables, on over an open fire outside] (<বাইরে> বার্বিকূ <রান্না করার চুলা বিশেষ>): I put two steaks on the barbecue.

Meatball,Meatball food
Meatball / ˈmiːtbɑːl / (ˈমীট্বআঃল্) n [a small ball of finely chopped meat that is eaten hot, often with a sauce] (মাংসের বল/গুলি): spaghetti and meatballs

Meat loaf food
Meat Loaf
Meat loaf / ˌmiːt ˈloʊf / (ˌমীট্‌ ˈলৌফ্‌) n [meat cut into extremely small pieces, with added seasonings, molded into the shape of a loaf and baked] (মীটলৌফ):

Ø Mold / moʊld / (মৌল্ড্‌) v {UK mould} [to make Sth into a particular shape] (ছাঁচ তোলা): He molded the clay into little animals.

Ketchup, Ketchup food,tomato ketchup
Ketchup / ˈketʃʌp / (ˈকেচাপ্‌) n {Also tomato ketchup} [a spicy, thick, cold, and red sauce made chiefly from tomatoes and vinegar, used as a condiment, and usually sold in bottles] (চাটনি):

Relish, Relish food
Relish / ˈrelɪʃ / (ˈরেলিশ্‌) n 1. [a cold spicy sauce make from fruit and vegetables, that is served with food to add flavour to it] (রুচি মসল্লা): tomato and onion relish

2. Relish / ˈrelɪʃ / (ˈরেলিশ্‌) n {SYN enjoy} [to get great pleasure from Sth; to want much to do or have Sth] (উপভোগ করা; রূচিকর করা): I always relish a challenge.

Pepperoni, Pepperoni food
Pepperoni / ˌpepəˈroʊni / (ˌপেপˈরৌনি) n [beef and pork sausage seasoned with pepper, used especially on pizza] (পেপারৌনি):

Ø Pepper / ˈpepər / (ˈপেপর্‌) n [a grey or white powder produced by crushing dry peppercorns, used to give a spicy, hot taste to food] (গোলমরিচের গুড়া): Season with salt and pepper

Lemonade,লেবুরসের শরবত
Lemonade / ˌleməˈneɪd / (ˌলেমˈনেড্‌) n [a drink made with the juice of lemons, water, and sugar] (লেবুরসের শরবত):

Coffee / ˈkɑːfi / (ˈকআঃফি) n [a dark brown powder with a strong flavor and smell that is made by roasted and crushing coffee beans] (কফি): fresh/instant coffee, decaffeinated coffee

Ø Instant / ˈɪnstənt / (ˈন্স্‌টএন্ট্‌) adj [(of food) that can be prepared very quickly and easily, usually by adding hot water] (<খাদ্য সম্বন্ধে>দ্রুত ও সহজে প্রস্তুতযোগ্য): instant coffee/tea

Ø Decaffeinated / diːˈkæfɪneɪtɪd / (ডীˈক্যাফিনেইটিড্‌) adj [(of coffee or tea) having had most or all of the caffeine (= a chemical substance) removed] (ক্যাফেইনবিহীন): decaffeinated tea

Salad,Salad food
Salad / ˈsæləd / (ˈছ্যালড্‌) n [a mixture of raw vegetables, usually including lettuce, and vinegar, eaten either as a separate dish or with other food as part of a meal] (সালাদ): All main courses come with salad or vegetables.

Ø Raw / rɔː / (রো) adj [(of food) not cooked] (কাঁচা):

Dressing,salad dressing
Dressing / ˈdresɪŋ / (ˈড্রেছিঙ্‌) n {Also salad dressing} 1. [a thin sauce used to add flavor to food, especially salads, usually made from oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, etc.] (ড্রেসিং <সালাদ>): salad with a vinaigrette dressing 

2. Dressing
2. Dressing / ˈdresɪŋ / (ˈড্রেছিঙ্‌) n [a piece of material used to cover and protect a cut or an area of damaged skin] (পট্টি <তুলা, ব্যান্ডেজ ইত্যাদি>): an antiseptic dressing

Ø Vinaigrette / ˌvɪnəˈɡret / (ˌভিনˈগ্রেট্‌) n {UK French dressing} [a mixture of oil, vinegar, and various herbs, etc. which is used especially to add flavor to a salad] (ভিনাগ্রেট):

Salad cream
Salad Cream
Salad cream / ˈsæləd ˌkriːm / (ˈছ্যালএড্‌ ˌক্রীম্‌) n [a thick, cream-coloured sauce, similar to mayonnaise but sweeter, sold in bottles and eaten with salad, in sandwiches, etc.] (কাসুন্দি):

Mayonnaise / ˈmeɪəneɪz / (ˈমেইএনে) n {Also mayo} [a thick, white sauce made from oil, vinegar, and the yellow part of eggs, usually eaten cold] (মেইএনেইয):

Venison,হরিণের মাংস
Venison / ˈvenɪsn / (ˈভেনিছন্) n [the flesh of a deer, used as food] (হরিণের মাংস):  

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