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Bedroom Stuff

Bedroom / ˈbedruːm / (ˈবেড্‌রূম্‌) n [a room used for sleeping in] (শয়ন কক্ষ): There were dirty clothes strewn around the bedroom. I told him he could sleep in the spare bedroom.  

Bedroom Related Necessary Vocabulary Note

Ø Strew / struː / (স্ট্রূ) v {Pt. strewed / struːd / (স্ট্রূড্‌); Pp. strewn / struːn / (স্ট্রূন্‌)} [to spread things untidily over a surface, or to be spread untidily over a surface] (<ভূমির উপর কোনোকিছু>ছড়ানোছিটানো): Wine bottles and dirty dishes were strewn across the lawn.   

<SYN> Scatter  

Ø Spare / sper / (স্পের্‌) adj [kept in case you need to replace the one you usually use; extra] (অতিরিক্ত): Take some spare clothes in case you get wet.

Stuff / stʌf / (স্টাফ্‌) n [used to refer to a substance or a group of things or ideas, etc., often with a description of their general type or quality or saying who they belong to without saying exactly what they are] (জিনিসপত্র; উপাদান): We will have to carry all our camping stuff.

Ø Substance / ˈsʌbstəns / (ˈছাব্‌ছটন্স্‌) n [material with particular physical characteristic] (বস্তু; পদার্থ): a sticky substance

Ø Camping / ˈkæmpɪŋ / (ˈক্যাম্পিঙ্‌) n [living in a tent, etc. on holiday/vacation] (শিবিরে আবকাশ যাপন): We used to go camping in Spain when I was a child.  

Bed / bed / (বেড্‌) n [a large rectangular piece of furniture, often with four legs, which is used for sleeping on] (বিছানা; শয্যা): Don’t punish a child who wets the bed. He lay in bed, reading his book. He slept on a makeshift bed.

Ø Rectangular / rekˈtæŋgjələr / (রেকˈট্যাঙগর্)n [a flat shape with four straight sides, two of which are longer than the other two, and four angles of 90°] (আয়তক্ষেত্রকার):

Ø <IDIOM> Wet the/your bed [to urinate in your bed by accident] (<বিছানায়>প্রস্রাব করা): It is quite common for small children to wet their beds.

Ø Lay / leɪ / (লে) v {Pt. Pp. laid / leɪd / (লেড্‌)} [to put Sb/Sth in a particular position, especially when it is done gently or carefully] (শোয়ানো; রাখা; স্থাপন করা; বিছানো): Relatives laid wreaths on the grave.

Ø Makeshift / ˈmeɪkʃɪft / (ˈমেকশিফট্‌) adj [used temporarily for a particular purpose because the real things are not available] (<কোনোকিছু>অস্থায়ী ব্যবস্থা রূপে ব্যবহার করা): A few cushions formed a makeshift bed.

<SYN> Provisional 

bunk bed
Bunk / bʌŋk / (বাঙক্‌) n {Also. bunk bed} [a narrow bed that is fixed to a wall, especially on a ship or train or one of two beds that are fixed together, one above the other, especially for children] (যমলশয্যা): The twins sleep in bunk beds. Can I sleep in the top bunk?

Ø Twin / twɪn / (টুন্‌) n [either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasion] (যমজ <শিশু>): She is expecting twins.

four-poster bed
Four-Poster Bed
Four-poster bed // () n {Also four-poster} [a large bed with a tall post at each of the four corners, a cover over the top and curtains hang around the sides] (খাট):

Ø Curtain / ˈkɜːrtn / (ˈকা্‌র্টন্‌) n [a piece of material, especially cloth, which hangs across a window or opening to make a room or part of a room dark or private] (<দরজা-জানালার>পর্দা): The curtains billowed as the wind caught them.

canopy bed
Canopy Bed
Canopy bed / ˈkænəpi bed / (ˈক্যানপি বেড্‌) n [a large decorative bed somewhat similar to a four-poster bed. A typical canopy bed usually features posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress] (পালঙ্ক; চাঁদোয়া-শয্যা):

Ø Somewhat / ˈsʌmwʌt / (ˈছাম্‌ওআট্‌) adv [to some degree; slightly] (কিছুটা): We were somewhat tired after our long walk.

<SYN> Rather 

Ø Typical / ˈtɪpɪkl / (ˈটিপিক্ল্‌) adj [having the usual qualities or features of a particular type of person, thing or group] (বৈশিষ্ট্যসুচক): Typical symptoms would include severe headaches, vomiting, and dizziness.

Ø Canopy / ˈkænəpi / (ˈক্যানপি) n [a cover fixed over a seat, bed, etc. for shelter or decoration] (শামিয়ানা; চাঁদোয়া):

Headboard / ˈhedbɔːrd / (ˈহেডবোর্ড্‌) n [the vertical board at the end of a bed where you put your head] (হেডবোর্ড):

Mattress / ˈmætrəs / (ˈম্যাটরছ্‌) n [the part of a bed, made of a strong cloth cover filled with firm material, which makes the bed comfortable to lie on] (জাজিম; তোশক): an old bed with a lumpy mattress

Ø Lump / lʌmp / (লাম্প্‌) n [a piece of Sth hard or solid, usually without a particular shape] (পিণ্ড; টুকটা): a lump of coal

<ADJ> Lumpy / ˈlʌmpi / (ˈলামপি) adj [full of lumps; covered in lumps] (উচুনিচু-খদরাবদরা; বহু পিণ্ডযুক্ত): a lumpy bed/pillow

sheet, bed sheet
1. Sheet
Sheet / ʃiːt / (শীট্) n 1. [a large piece of thin cloth used on a bed to lay on or lay under] (<বিছানার> চাদর): I have put clean sheets on the bed. He slid between the sheets and closed his eyes. 

writing sheet
2. Sheet
2. Sheet / ʃiːt / (শীট্) n [a piece of paper for writing or printing on, etc. usually in a standard size] (<লেখা বা আঁকার>কাগজ বা তা): Start each answer on a fresh sheet.

Sheet, iron sheet
3. Sheet / ʃiːt / (শীট্) n [a flat thin piece of any material, normally square or rectangular] (<ইষ্টিলের>পাত): a sheet of steel/glass

Ø Lay / leɪ / (লে) v {Pt. Pp. laid / leɪd / (লেড্)} [to spread Sth on Sth; to cover Sth with a layer of Sth] (বিছানো): The floor was laid with newspaper.

Ø Slide / slaɪd / (স্লাড্‌) v {Pt. Pp. slid / slɪd / (স্লিড্‌)} [to move quickly and quietly, for example in order not to be noticed; to make Sth move in this way] (সটকে পড়া, যাতে কেউ দেখতে না পায় এমন চট করে কোনোকিছু করা): He slid into bed.  

Bedspread / ˈbedspred / (ˈবেডস্প্রেড্‌) n [an attractive cover put on top of all the sheets and the covers on a bed] (যে চাদর দিয়ে দিনে বিছানা ঢেকে রাখা হয়; বেড কভার):

Blanket / ˈblæŋkɪt / (ˈব্ল্যাঙ্‌কিট্‌) n [a large cover, often made of wool, used especially on beds to keep people warm] (কম্বল): They shivered under their thin blankets. She tucked a blanket around his legs.

Ø Shiver / ˈʃɪvər / (ˈশিভর্‌) v {Pt. Pp. shivered / ˈʃɪvərd / (ˈশিভর্ড্‌)} [to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc.] (<ঠাণ্ডায় বা ভয়ে>থর থর করা বা কাঁপা): Do not stand outside shivering – come inside and get warm!

Ø Tuck / tʌk / (টাক্‌) v {Pt. Pp. tucked / tʌkt / (টাক্ট্‌)} [to cover Sb with Sth so that they are warm and comfortable] (<কারো শরীর শোয়া অবস্থা চাদর বা কম্বল দিয়ে>গুঁজে বা ঢেকে দেওয়া):

<PHRASE> Take Sb in/up [to make Sb feel comfortable in bed by pulling the covers up around them] (চাদর শরীরে টেনে দেওয়া): I tucked the children in and said goodnight. 

Pillow / ˈpɪloʊ / (ˈপিলৌ) n [a square rectangular piece of cloth filled with soft material, such as feathers or artificial materials, used to rest your head on in bed] (বালিশ): The nurse plumped up the pillows. He lay back on the grass using his backpack as a pillow.

Ø Feather / ˈfeðər / (ˈফেদর্‌) n [one of the many soft light parts covering a bird’s body] (<পাখির>পালক): feather pillows (= those containing feathers)

Ø Plump / plʌmp / (প্লাম্প্‌) v {Pt. Pp. plumped / plʌmpt / (প্লামপ্ট্‌)} [to shake and push something to make it round and soft] (): Let me plump up your pillows for you.

Pillowcase / ˈpɪloʊkeɪs / (ˈপিলৌকেছ্‌) n {Also pillowslip} [a cloth cover for a pillow which can easily be removed and washed] (বালিশের ওয়াড়):

Bolster / ˈboʊlstər / (ˈবৌলছটর্‌) n [a long, narrow pillow filled with cotton, down or fiber. They are usually firm for back or arm support or for the decorative application, that is placed across the top of a bed under the other pillows] (কোল বালিশ; পাশ বালিশ):

Ø Cotton / ˈkɑːtn / (ˈকাঃটন্‌) n [a plant grown in warm countries for the soft white hairs around its seeds that are used to make cloth and thread] (তুলা): a bale of cotton

Ø Down / daʊn / (ডান্‌) n [the very fine soft feathers, especially those from young birds] (কোমল/নরম পালক বা কেশ): a down jacket/pillow/sleeping bag

Ø Fibre / ˈfaɪbər / (ˈফার্‌) n {US fiber} [a material such as cloth or rope that is made from a mass of natural or artificial threads] (আঁশ, তন্তু): The fibers are woven into a fabric. 

Ø Application / ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃn / (ˌএ্যাপলিˈকেশন্‌) n [a way in which Sth can be used for a particular purpose] (প্রয়াস): The design has many applications.

Duvet / ˈduːveɪ / (ˈডূভে) n {USA comforter} [a large cloth bag that is filled with feathers or other soft material and that you have on top of you in bed to keep yourself warm] (লেপ): He snuggled down under the warm duvet.

Ø Snuggle / ˈsnʌgl / (ˈস্নাগ্‌ল্‌) v {Pt. Pp. snuggled / ˈsnʌgld / (ˈস্নাগ্‌ল্ড্‌)} [to get into, or to put Sb/Sth into, a warm comfortable position, especially close to Sb] (আরাম, উষ্ণতা বা স্নেহ পাবার জন্য <কারো শরীর ঘেঁষে>শোয়া বা বসা বা দাঁড়ানো): He snuggled down under the bedclothes.

Quilt / kwɪlt / (কুল্‌ট্‌) n [a decorative cover for a bed, made of two layers with soft material between them] (কাঁথা):

Curtain / ˈkɜːrtn / (ˈকা্‌র্টন্‌) n [a piece of material, especially cloth, which hangs across a window or opening to make a room or part of a room dark or private] (<দরজা-জানালার>পর্দা): The curtains billowed as the wind caught them.  

curtain Billow

Ø Billow / ˈbɪlaʊ / (ˈবিলৌ) v {Pt. Pp. billowed / ˈbɪlaʊd / (ˈবিলৌড্‌)} [to spread over a large area, or (especially of things made of cloth) to become filled with air and appear to be larger] (<বাতাসে>তরঙ্গের মতো উঠানামা করা): Her dress billowed out around her.

ironing board
Ironing Board 
Ironing board / ˈaɪərnɪŋ / (ˈইএর্নিঙ্‌ বোর্ড্‌) n [a long narrow board, usually covered with a cloth, and with folding legs, on which clothes can be put flat to iron them] (ইস্ত্রির ফলক): Set an ironing board and iron a short.

Ø Iron / ˈaɪərn / (ˈইএর্ন্‌) v {Pt. Pp. ironed / ˈaɪərnd / (ˈইএর্নড্‌)} [to make clothes, etc. flat and smooth by using an iron] (ইস্ত্রি করা): It takes about five minutes to iron a shirt properly.

<NOUN> Iron / ˈaɪərn / (ˈইএর্ন্‌) n 1. [a tool, which has a handle and a flat base and is usually heated with electricity and used to make clothes flat and smooth] (ইস্ত্রি): a steam iron

2. Iron / ˈaɪərn / (ˈইএর্ন্‌) n [a chemical element, iron is a hard strong metal that is used to make steel and is also found in small quantities in blood and food] (লৌহ; লোহা): iron are (= rock containing iron)

Ø Ironing / ˈaɪərnɪŋ / (ˈইএর্নিঙ্‌) n 1. [the activity of pressing clothes, etc. with an iron to make them flat and smooth] (ইস্ত্রি কার্য): This shirt needs ironing.

2. Ironing / ˈaɪərnɪŋ / (ˈইএর্নিঙ্‌) n [the clothes which are waiting to be ironed or have just been ironed] (<কাপড় সম্বন্ধে>ইস্ত্রি কৃত বা করতে হবে): a pile of ironing    

chest of drawers
Chest of Drawers
Chest of drawers / tʃest əv drɔːrz / (চেস্ট্‌ ভ্‌ ড্রোর্‌জ্‌) n {US bureau, dresser} [a piece of furniture with drawers in which you keep things such as clothes] (দেরাজ আলমারি): We bought a mahogany chest of drawers for $ 300.

1. Drawer
Ø Drawer / drɔːr / (ড্রোর্‌) n 1. [a box-shaped container without a top which is part of a piece of furniture. It slides in and out to open and close and is used for keeping things in] (দেরাজ): in the top/middle/bottom drawer of the desk
2. Drawer

2. Drawer / drɔːər / (ড্রোর্‌) n [a person who writes a cheque] (<ব্যাংকে>টাকা উত্তলন কারি ব্যাক্তি বা চেক সইকারী ব্যাক্তি): a cheque bearing the signature of the drawer

Ø Mahogany / məˈhɑːgəni / (ˈহাঃগনি) n [the hard reddish-brown wood of a tropical tree, used for making furniture] (মেহগিনি<গাছ বা কাঠ>): a handsome mahogany desk

Closet / ˈklɑːzət / (ˈক্লাঃজট্‌) n [a small room or a space in a wall with a door that reaches the floor, used for storing things, especially clothes] (দেয়াল-মিরা): She has a walk-in closet for all her clothes with rail and hanger.

Ø Store / stɔːr / (স্টোর্‌) v [to put Sth somewhere and keep it there to use later] (ভবিষ্যতে ব্যবহারের জন্য জমিয়ে রাখা): animals storing up food for the winter

Ø Walk-in (adj) [describes a storage space that is large enough for a person to enter and walk around in] (ইয়া বড়ো): a walk-in wardrobe/closet 

Ø Rail / reɪl / (রেল্‌) n [a bar fixed to the wall for hanging things on] (<জিনিস পত্র ঝুলিয়ে রাখার জন্য ব্যবহৃত> রড): a curtain/towel rail

Ø Hanger / ˈhæŋər / (ˈহ্যাঙ্‌র্‌) n [a curved piece of wood, plastic or wire, with a hook at the top that you use to hang clothes up on] (ঝুলনা):

Wardrobe / ˈwɔːrdroʊb / (ˈয়োর্‌ড্রৌব্‌) n [a tall cupboard in which you hang your clothes, or all of the clothes that a person owns] (আলমারি): She was showing me her new built-in/fitted wardrobes.  

Ø Cupboard / ˈkʌbərd / (ˈকাবর্ড্‌) n [a piece of furniture with doors and shelves used for storing utensil, food, clothes, etc.] (আলমারি): The cupboard was full of old spices.

Ø Built-in (adj) [included as part of Sth and not separate from it] (সন্নিবিষ্ট; অন্তবিষ্ট): All the rooms have built-in cupboards/wardrobes

Ø Fitted / ˈfɪtɪd / (ˈফিটিড্‌) adj [(of furniture) permanently fixed in position into a particular space] (স্থায়ীভাবে লাগানো/বসানো): fitted wardrobes  

bedside table
Bedside Table
Bedside table / ˈbedsaɪd ˈteɪbl / (ˈবেডছাড্‌ ˈটেব্‌ল্‌) n {US nightstand} [a small table which is kept at the side of a bed] (পার্শ্ব মেঝ):

dressing table
Dressing Table
Dressing table / ˈdresɪŋ ˈteɪbl / (ˈড্রেছিঙ্‌ ˈটেব্‌ল্‌) n {US vanity table} [a piece of bedroom furniture like a table with drawers and a mirror on top] (আয়না-টেবিল):

Ø Mirror / ˈmɪrər / (ˈমিরর্‌) n [a piece of glass with a shiny metallic back which reflects lights, producing an image of whatever is in front of it] (আয়না; আরশি): He looked at himself in the mirror.

Bookshelf / ˈbʊkʃelf / (ˈবুকশেলফ্‌) n {Plu. bookshelves} [a piece of furniture with shelves to put books on] (বই রাখার তাক):

Hatstand / ˈhætstænd / (ˈহ্যাট্‌ স্ট্যান্ড্‌) n [a vertical pole with large hooks (=curved farts) around at the top, for hanging hats and coats on] (টুপি স্যান্ড্‌):  

Table lamp
Table Lamp
Table lamp / ˈteɪbl læmp / (ˈটেব্‌ল্‌ ল্যাম্প্‌) n {Also reading lamp} [a small electric lamp that you can put on a table, bedside table, to reading a book or newspaper quietly] (পড়োন বাতি):  

the covers
The Covers
The covers / ðə ˈkʌvərz / ( ˈকাভরজ্‌) n [the sheets, blankets, etc. on a bed] (<বিছানার>চাদর, কম্বল, লোপ একত্রে সব): He climbed into the cold bed and snuggled beneath the covers. She threw back the covers and leaped out of bed.

Picture / ˈpɪktʃər / (ˈপিকচর্‌) n [a drawing or painting etc. which show a scene, a human animal or thing] (ছবি): I cannot see you in the picture.

<SYN> Photograph

Clock / klɑːk / (ক্লাঃক্‌) n [a device for measuring and showing time, which is found in a bedroom or on the wall of a building and is not worn or carried by a person] (দেয়াল ঘড়ি): It was ten past six by the kitchen clock. 

Fan / fæn / (ফ্যান্‌) n 1. [a machine with blades that go round to create a current of air] (পাখা): There was no air conditioning, just a ceiling fan turning slowly.

<VERB> Fan / fæn / (ফ্যান্‌) v {Pt. Pp. fanned / fænd / (ফ্যান্‌ড্‌)} [to make air blow onto Sb/Sth by waving a fan, your hand, etc.] (বাতাস করা; পাখা করা): She fanned herself with a newspaper to cool down.

2. Fan / fæn / (ফ্যান্‌) n [someone who admires and supports Sb/Sth or enjoys watching or listening to Sb/Sth very much] (ভক্ত; অনুরাগী): He is a big fan of country music. 

Hope chest
Hope Chest
Hope chest / hoʊp tʃest / (হৌপ্‌ চেছ্‌ট্‌) n {UK bottom drawer} [clothes, sheets, etc. that a young woman traditionally collects for use after she is married] (আশার পেটিকা): Kora’s grandmother has given her a quilt for her hope chest.  

Rug / rʌg / (রাগ্) n [a piece of a thick material like a small carpet that is used for covering or decorating part of a bedroom floor] (<ছোট> গালিচা): a Persian rug covered the polished floor

Ø Carpet / ˈkɑːrpɪt / (ˈকাঃর্পিট্‌) n [a thick woven material made of wool, etc. for covering floors or stairs] (গালিচা): a roll of carpet 

mosquito net
Mosquito Net
Mosquito net / məˈskiːtoʊ-net / (ˈছকীটো নেট্) n [a net that hangs over and around a bed to keep insects/mosquito away from someone who is sleeping] (মশারি):

En-suite / ˌɑː ˈswiːt / (ˌআঃ ˈসুঈট্‌) adj, adv [describes a bathroom which is directly connected to a bedroom or a bedroom which is connected to a bathroom] (কক্ষ-স্নাগার): All four bedroom in their new house are en-suite.

Slipper / ˈslɪpər / (ˈস্লিপর্‌) n [a type of soft comfortable shoes for wearing inside the house especially in the bedroom] (<ঘুম ঘরের>চপ্পল): a pipe and slippers, the traditional image of retirement.  

English Vocabulary - In the bedroom...

Noted from Google Image; Oxford & Cambridge Dictionary 

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