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Color, colour,colors name,list of colors name,রং
1. Colors

Color / ˈkʌlər / (ˈকালর্‌) n {US color} 1. [the appearance that things have that results from the way in which they reflect light, red, orange, and green colors] (রং): She wears a lot of bright colors. Does the shirt come in any other color? The garden was a mass of color. Dark colors suit you best. The color rose on his face.   

Color Related Necessary Vocabulary Note 

2. Colors
2. Colors / ˈkʌlərʒ / (ˈকালর্‌জ্‌) n [the particular colours that are used on clothes, flags, etc. to represent a team, school, political party or country] (স্কুল, ক্লাব, প্রভৃতির প্রতীক হিসাবে পরিহিত ফিতা, টুপি বা পোশাক): Red and white are the team colors. Spain’s national colors.

3. Colors/ ˈkʌlərʒ / (ˈকালর্‌জ্‌) n [a flag, badge, etc. that represents a team, country, ship, etc.] (<জাহাজের>পতাকা; সেনাদলের প্রতীক চিহ্ন): Most buildings had a flagpole with the national colors flying. Sailing under the French colors.

Ø Appearance / əˈpɪrəns / (ˈপিরনছ্‌) n [the way that Sb/Sth looks on the outside; what Sb/Sth seems to be] (দৃষ্টিগোচরতা; উপস্থিতি; উদয়; আবির্ভাব): There was nothing unusual about/in her physical appearance.

<VERB> Appear / əˈpɪr / (ˈপির্‌) v {Pt. Pp. appeared / əˈpɪrd / (ˈপির্ড্‌)} [to start to be seen] (দৃষ্টিগোচর হওয়া; দৃশ্যমান হওয়া): Smoke appeared on the horizon.

Ø Bright / braɪt / (ব্রাট্‌) adj [(of a color) strong and easy to see] (উজ্জ্বল; আলোকময়): He said hello and I felt my face turn bright red.

<SYN> Vivid; Vibrant   

Ø Mass / mæs / (ম্যাছ্‌) n [a large amount of something that has no particular shape or arrangement] (অনেকটা পরিমাণ; স্তূপ্‌): The forest is a mass of color in autumn. 

Ø Dark / dɑːrk / (ডাঃর্ক্‌) adj [not light; closer in shade to black than to white] (<রঙ সম্বন্ধে>প্রায় কালো): Dark colors are more practical and do not show stains.  

Ø Suit / suːt / (ছূট্‌) v {Pt. Pp. suited / suːtɪd / (ছূটিড্‌)} [(especially of clothes, colors, etc.) to make someone look more attractive] (<বিশেষত পোশাক, রং, কেশবিন্যাস ইত্যাদি>মানানো; মানানসই হওয়া): Blue suits you, you should wear it more often.

Ø Flagpole / ˈflægpoʊl / (ˈফ্ল্যাগ্‌পৌল্‌) n {Also flagstaff} [a long pole on which a flag is fastened] (পতাকার খুঁটি):

Green color,Green colour,সবুজ
1. Green   (#008000)
Green / griːn / (গ্রীন্‌) adj 1. [of a color between blue and yellow; having the colors of grass or the leaves of most plants and trees] (সবুজ): the lush green grass

2. Green
2. Green / griːn / (গ্রীন্‌) adj [(especially of fruits) not ripe enough to eat, or (of wood) not dry enough to use] (কাঁচা): Not eat green mango, it will be sour.

3. Greens
3. Greens / griːnʒ / (গ্রীন্‌জ্‌) n [leafy vegetables] (শাক): Eat up all your greens.

Ø Lush / lʌʃ / (লাশ্‌) adj [(of plants, gardens, etc.) growing thickly and strongly in a way that is attractive; covered in healthy grass and plants] (<ঘাস, লতা-পাতার ক্ষেত্রে>প্রচুর গজিয়ে ওঠা): the lush green valleys

Ø Ripe / raɪp / (রাপ্‌) adj [(of fruit or crops) completely developed and ready to be collected or eaten] (পাকা): Those mangoes are not ripe yet – they are still green.

Ø Sour / ˈsaʊər / (ˈছাউএর্‌) adj [having a sharp, sometimes unpleasant, taste or smell, like that of a lemon or of fruit that is not ready to eat] (টক): These plums are a bit sour.

Dark Green color,গাঢ় সবুজ
Dark Green   (#006400)
Dark green / dɑːrk / (ডাঃর্ক্‌ গ্রীন্‌) n [dark green is a dark shade of green] (গাঢ় সবুজ):

Ø Shade / ʃeɪd / (শেড্‌) n {~ (of Sth)} [a particular form of a color, that is, how dark or light it is] (রঙের মাত্রা বা গভীরতা): a delicate/pale/rich/soft shade of blue

Forest green color, Forest green colour
Forest Green    (#228b22)
Forest green / ˈfɔːrɪst ɡriːn / (ˈফোরিস্ট্গ্রীন) n [refers to a green color said to resemble the color of the trees and other plants in a forest] (বন সবুজ রং):

Ø Forest / ˈfɔːrɪst / (ˈফোরিস্ট্) n [a large area of land covered chiefly with trees and plants, usually larger than wood, or the trees and plants themselves] (অরণ্য; বন):

Lime green color
Lime Green    (#32cd32)
Lime green / ˌlaɪm ˈɡriːn / (ˌলাম্‌ ˈগ্রীন) n [a light, bright, greenish-yellow color] (চুন সবুজ):

Ø Lime / laɪm / (ˌলাম্‌) n 1. [a small green fruit, like a lemon, with a lot of sour juice, used in cooking and in drinks; and with a distinctive acid flavor] (লেবু):

2. Lime / laɪm / (ˌলাম্‌) n {Also quick lime} [a white substance obtained by heating limestone, used in building materials and to help plants grow] (চুন): 

Light green color
Light Green    (#90ee90)
 Light green / laɪt ɡriːn / (লাইট্‌ গ্রীন্‌) n [of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum; similar to the color of fresh grass] (হালকা সবুজ):

Sea green color
Sea Green    (#2e8b57)
Sea green / siː ˈɡriːn / (ছী গ্রীন) n [a pale bluish-green color like the color of the sea] (সমুদ্র সবুজ রং):

Sea / siː / (ছী) n [the salty water that covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface] (সমুদ্র):

Olive color,Olive green color,
1. Olive    (#808000)
Olive / ˈɑːlɪv / (আঃলিভ্‌) n {Also olive green} 1. [a yellowish-green color] (জলপাই রং):

Olive fruit
2. Olive

2. Olive / ˈɑːlɪv / (আঃলিভ্‌) n [a small bitter green or black fruit with a strong taste, used in cooking and for its oil] (জলপাই): Mediterranean tree on which this fruit grows.

Ø Strong / strɔːŋ / (স্ট্রোঙ্‌) n [if a taste, smell, etc. is strong, it is very noticeable or powerful] (কড়া <স্বাদ বা গ্বন্ধ>): I do not like coffee/tea it is too strong. 

Red, red color,লাল
Red    (#ff0000)
Red / red / (রেড্‌) n [the color of fresh blood or fire] (লাল): She was dressed all in red. The traffic lights were on red.

Redden / ˈredn / (ˈরেড্‌ন্‌) v {Pt. Pp. reddened / ˈrednd / (ˈরেডন্ড্‌)} [to become red; to make Sth red] (লাল রং হওয়া/করা): He stared at her and she reddened. Her face reddens with embarrassment.  

Ø Dress / dres / (ড্রেছ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. dressed / drest / (ড্রেছ্‌ট্‌)} [to put clothes on yourself/Sb else] (কাপড় পড়া/পড়ানো): I dressed quickly.

Ø Stare / ster / (স্টের্‌) v {Pt. Pp. stared / sterd / (স্টের্ড)} [to look for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened or thinking] (স্থির দৃষ্টিতে তাকানো; চোখ বড়ো বড়ো করে তাকানো): She looked at them with dark staring eyes.

<SYN> Gaze

Dark red color,কালচে লাল রং
Dark Red   (#8b0000)
Dark red / dɑːrk red / (ডাঃর্ক রেড্‌) n [a red color that reflects little light] (কালচে লাল রং)

Reddish color,Reddish colour,,
Reddish   (#de7d77)
Reddish / ˈredɪʃ / (ˈরেডিশ্‌) adj [slightly red in color] (লালচে): Nicky has got reddish-blonde hair.  

Ø Blonde / blɑːnd / (ব্লাঃন্‌ড্‌) adj {Also blond} [with pale yellow or gold hair] (<চুল সম্বন্ধে>সোনালি রং): blonde hair

Crimson,Crimson color,গাঢ় লাল, টক টকে লাল
Crimson    (#dc143c)
Crimson / ˈkrɪmzən / (ˈক্রীমযন্‌) n [having a dark, deep red color] (গাঢ় লাল; টক টকে লাল):

Indian red,Indian red color
Indian Red     (#cd5c5c)
Indian red / ˈɪndiən red / (ˈনডিন্‌ রেড্‌) n [a strong or moderate reddish brown] (ভারতীয় লাল রং):

Salmon color
1. Salmon    (#fa8072)
Salmon / ˈsæmən / (ˈছ্যামন্‌) n 1. [a range of pale pinkish-orange to light pink colors, named after the color of salmon flesh] (স্যামন রং):

Salmon fish
2. Salmon
2. Salmon / ˈsæmən / (ˈছ্যামন্‌) n [a medium-sized silver-colored fish that is a popular sporting fish, much prized for its pink flesh. they mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to produce their eggs] (স্যামন মাছ):  

black color, কালো, কৃষ্ণবর্ণ
Black  (#000000)
Black / blæk / (ব্ল্যাক্‌) adj [the very darkest color, like night or coal] (কালো; কৃষ্ণবর্ণ): Everyone at the funeral was dressed in black. She often dressed in black (=in black clothes).

Ø Coal / koʊl / (কৌল্‌) n [a hard black mineral that is found below the ground and burnt to produce heat] (কয়লা): How much coal was mined here? A lump of coal

Ø Funeral / ˈfjuːnərəl / (ˈফিঊনল্‌) n [a ceremony, usually a religious one, for burying or cremating (=burning) a dead person] (অন্ত্যেষ্টিক্রিয়া; দাফন): a funeral procession

Slate-gray color
Slate-Gray     (#708090)
Slate-gray / sleɪt-ɡreɪ / (স্লে-গ্রে) n [bluish grey in color, like slate] (স্লেইট-ধূসর):

Slate / sleɪt / (স্লেট্‌) n [a dark-grey rock that can be easily split into thin layers, or a small, thin piece of this used to cover a roof] (স্লেট পাথর):

Grey, Grey color, Gray color,ধূসর; ছাই-রঙ
Grey   (#808080)
Grey / greɪ / (গ্রে) adj {US gray} [the color of smoke or ashes] (ধূসর; ছাই-রঙ): the dull grey of the sky

Ø Ash / æʃ / (এ্যাশ্‌) n [the grey or black powder that is left after Sth, especially tobacco, wood or cool, has burnt] (ছাই; ভস্ম): cigarette ash, black volcanic ashes

Ø Dull / dʌl / (ডাল্‌) adj [not clear, bright or shiny] (নীরস; নিষ্প্রভ): Her eyes were dull.

Silver color,রূপা রং
1. Silver    (#c0c0c0)
Silver / ˈsɪlvəri / (ˈছিল্‌ভ) n 1. [a shiny greyish-white color] (রূপা রং): her silver hair

2. Silver
2. Silver / ˈsɪlvəri / (ˈছিল্‌ভ) n [a valuable shiny white metal that is used for making utensils (= knives, spoons, etc.), jewelry, coins, ad decorative objects] (রূপা): Shall we use the silver (= utensils made of silver) for dinner tonight?

Orange color, Orange colour,কমলা রং
1. Orange    (#ffa500)
Orange / ˈɔːrɪndʒ / (ˈআরিন্‌জ্‌) n, adj 1. [of a color between red and yellow] (কমলা রং): The setting sun filled the sky with a deep orange glow.

2. Orange
2. Orange / ˈɔːrɪndʒ / (ˈআরিন্‌জ্‌) n [a round sweet fruit which has a thick orange skin and an orange center divided into many parts] (কমলা লেবু): orange groves

Ø Set / set / (ছেট্‌) v {Pt. Pp. set} [(of the sun, moon or plants) to go down below the horizon] (<চাঁদ, সূর্য, গ্রহ সম্বন্ধে>আস্ত যাওয়া): We sat and watched the sunset.

Ø Glow / gloʊ / (গ্লৌ) n [a dull steady light, especially from a fire that has stopped producing flames] (আভা): The city was just a red glow on the horizon.

Ø Skin / skɪn / (স্কিন্‌) n [the outer layer of some fruits and vegetables] (<ফল বা সবজির>ছিলকা): potato skin

Ø Grove / groʊv / (গ্রৌভ্‌) n [a small area of land with fruit trees of particular types on it] (কুঞ্জবন; তরুবীথি): Apple groves grow around the village.

Gold color,সোনা রং
1. Gold    (#ffd700)
Gold / ˈgoʊld / (ˈগৌল্‌ড) n 1. [the color of gold] (সোনা রং): Bake for ten minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden.

2. Gold
2. Gold / ˈgoʊld / (ˈগৌল্‌ড) n [a valuable, shiny, yellow precious metal used for making jewelry, etc.] (সোনা; স্বর্ণ): He got a gold in the long jump.

Ø Bake / beɪk / (বেক্‌) v {Pt. Pp. baked / beɪkt / (বেক্ট্‌)} [to cook inside a cooker, without using added liquid or fat] (<রুটি ইত্যাদে বন্ধ উনুনে>সেকা): freshly baked bread

Ø Crisp / krɪsp / (ক্রিস্প্‌) adj [(of food) pleasantly hard and dry] (<খাদ্য সংক্রান্ত>সেকা): When fried, the bacon rind becomes crisp and brown.

Tomato color,
1. Tomato    (#ff6347
Tomato / təˈmeɪtoʊ / (ˈমেটৌ) n [the color of tomato] (টমেটো রং):

2. Tomato
Tomato / təˈmeɪtoʊ / (ˈমেটৌ) n [a round, red fruit with a lot of seeds, eaten cooked or uncooked as a vegetable, for example in salads or sauces] (টমেটো):  

Coral color,Coral colour,লাল-গোলাপি, প্রবাল রঙের
1. Coral    (#ff7f50)
Coral / ˈkɔːrəl / (ˈকোরল্‌) adj; n 1. [having a color between orange and pink] (লাল-গোলাপি; প্রবাল রঙের): coral lipstick

2. Coral

2. Coral / ˈkɔːrəl / (ˈকোরল্‌) n [a substance like rock, formed in the sea by groups of particular types of small animals that are often used in Jewellery] (প্রবাল): coral reefs/islands/necklace 

Blue color,Blue color,নীল
Blue     (#0000ff)
Blue / bluː / (ব্লূ) n [the color of the sky without clouds on a bright day or the sea/ocean on a clear day] (নীল): The room was decorated in vibrant blues and yellows. A faded blue shirt. Pale blue eyes.

Ø Vibrant / ˈvaɪbrənt / (ˈভাব্রন্ট্‌) adj [describes color or light that is bright and strong] (খুব উজ্জ্বল): He always uses vibrant colors in his paintings.
<SYN> Brilliant   

Ø Fade / feɪd / (ফেড্‌) v {Pt. Pp. faded / feɪdɪd / (ফেডিড্‌)} [to (cause to) lose color, brightness or strength gradually] (বিবর্ণ করা/হওয়া): The curtains had faded in the sun.

Bluish  (#2976bb)
Bluish / ˈbluːɪʃ / (ˈব্লূশ্‌) adj [fairly blue in color] (নীলাভ; ঈষৎ নীল): a bluish-green carpet  

Navy blue color,Navy color,ঘন নীল রং
Navy Blue     (#)
Navy blue / ˈneɪvi bluː / (ˈনেভি ব্লূ) n {Also navy} [very dark blue in color] (ঘন নীল রং): He was wearing a navy blue sweater.


Ø Navy / ˈneɪvi / (ˈনেভি) n [the part of a country’s armed forces that fights at sea, and the ships that it uses] (নৌ-বাহিনী): My brother is an officer in the Navy.

Midnight blue color,
Midnight Blue   (#191970)
Midnight blue / ˈmɪdnaɪt bluː / (ˈমিডনাট ব্লূ) n [a very dark blue color, almost black] (নিশি কালো নীল রং):

Midnight,মধ্যরাত্রি; রাত দুপুর
Midnight / ˈmɪdnaɪt / (ˈমিডনাট্‌) n [twelve o'clock in the middle of the night] (মধ্যরাত্রি; রাত দুপুর):

Ice blue color,ফেকাশে নীল রং
Ice Blue
Ice blue / ˌaɪs ˈbluː / (ˌছ্‌ ˈব্লূ) n [a very pale blue color] (ফেকাশে নীল রং):


Ice / aɪs / (ছ্‌) n [water that has frozen and becomes solid, or pieces of this] (বরফ):

Royal blue color, Royal blue colour
Royal Blue    (#4169e1)
Royal blue / ˌrɔɪəl ˈbluː / (ˌরোইএল্‌ ˈব্লূ) n [deep blue in color] (গাঢ় নীল রং; রাজকীয় নীল):


Royal / ˈrɔɪəl / (ˌরোইএল্‌) n [having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family] (রাজকীয়): 

Steel blue color,ইস্পাত নীল
Steel Blue  (#4682b4)
Steel blue / stiːl ˈbluː / (স্টীল্‌ ˈব্লূ) n [a dark bluish-grey color] (ইস্পাত নীল): His eyes were steel blue.

Steel / stiːl / (স্টীল্‌) n [a strong metal that is a mixture of iron and carbon, used for making things that need a strong structure, especially vehicles, and buildings] (ইস্পাত):

Cornflower blue color
Cornflower Blue     (#6495ed)
Cornflower blue / ˈkɔːnflaʊər ˈbluː / (ˈকোর্নফ্লাউএর্‌ ˈব্লূ) n [a deep vivid blue, like that of the typical blooms of a cornflower] (ঝুমকা নীল):


Cornflower / ˈkɔːnflaʊər / (ˈকোর্নফ্লাউএর্‌) n [a plant that grows in fields and gardens, usually with blue flowers] (ঝুমকাফুল):

Sky-blue color,
Sky-Blue     (#87ceeb)
Sky-blue / skaɪ-bluː / (স্কাই-ব্লূ) n [bright blue in color, like the sky on a clear day] (আকাশী-নীল):

Sky / skaɪ / (স্কা) n [the area above the earth, in which clouds, the sun, etc. can be seen] (আকাশ):

Powder blue color
Powder Blue    (#b0e0e6)
Powder blue / ˈpaʊdər bluː / (ˈপাউডর ব্লূ্‌) n [a pale greyish-blue color] (পাউডার নীল):

Powder / ˈpaʊdər / (ˈপাউড) n [fine, dry particles produced by the grinding, crushing, or disintegration of a solid substance] (গুঁড়া; চূর্ণ):

Brown color, Brown colour,বাদামি, কপিল
Brown    (#a52a2a)
Brown / braʊn / (ব্রান্‌) n [the color of soil or coffee] (বাদামি; কপিল): Both my parents have curly brown hair.

Ø Curly / ˈkɜːrli / (ˈকা্‌র্লি) adj [having a lot of curls or a curved shape] (কুঞ্চিত; কোঁকড়ানো): curly cabbage leaves

Chestnut (#954535)
Chestnut / ˈtʃesnʌt / (ˈচেস্‌নাট্‌) n 1. [a deep reddish-brown color] (পিঙ্গলবর্ণ):

2. Chestnut

2. Chestnut / ˈtʃesnʌt / (ˈচেস্‌নাট্‌) n [a large, brown nut that grows on a sweet chestnut tree, often cooked and eaten hot] (এক ধরণের বাদাম): roast chestnuts 

Maroon color,Maroon colour,খয়েরি-লাল বর্ণ
Maroon   (#800000)
Maroon / məˈruːn / (ˈরূন্‌) n [(of) a dark reddish purple color or a dark brownish-red color] (খয়েরি-লাল বর্ণ):

Sienna color
Sienna    (#a0522d)
Sienna / siˈenə / (ছিএন) n [a kind of ferruginous earth used as a pigment in painting, normally yellowish-brown in color(raw sienna) or deep reddish-brown when roasted (burnt sienna)] (রঞ্জক হিসাবে ব্যবহৃত একধরনের গৈরিক মাটি):

Chocolate color,Chocolate colour,
1. Chocolate   (#d2691e)
Chocolate / ˈtʃɑːklət / (ˈচাঃকলট্‌) n 1. [a dark brown color] (গাঢ় বাদামি রং):

2. Chocolate
2. Chocolate / ˈtʃɑːklət / (ˈচাঃকলট্‌) n [a sweet, usually brown, food made from cacao seeds, that is usually sold in a block, or a small sweet made from this] (চকলেট): a bar of chocolate 

Tan color,তামাটে বর্ণ/রং
Tan     (#d2b48c)
Tan / tæn / (ট্যান্‌) n [a yellowish-brown color] (তামাটে বর্ণ/রং):

Wheat color,গম রং
1.  Wheat    (#f5deb3)
Wheat / wiːt / (উঈট্‌) n 1[colors like wheat or yellowish-brown color] (গম রং):

2. Wheat
2. Wheat / wiːt / (উঈট্‌) n [a plant whose yellowish-brown grain is used for making flour for bread, pasta, pastry, etc.] (গম):

Bisque color
1. Bisque    (#ffe4c4)
Bisque / biːsk / (বীস্ক্‌) n [a pink to yellowish tan color] (বীস্ক রং):

Bisque soup
Bisque / biːsk / (বীস্ক্‌) n [a thick soup, especially one that is made from shellfish (= sea creatures that live in shells)] (একধরণের সামুদ্রীক চিংড়ির সূপ): 

Purple color,Purple colour,রক্তবর্ণ
Purple    (#800080)
Purple / ˈpɜːrpl / (ˈপা্‌র্পল্‌) adj [a color intermediate between red and blue] (রক্তবর্ণ; লাল এবং নীলের মিশ্রণে সৃষ্ট রং): Purple is my favorite color. His face was purple with rage.

Ø Favorite / ˈfeɪvərɪt / (ˈফেরিট্‌) adj {US favorite} [liked more than others of the same kind] (অপেক্ষাকৃত বেশি পছন্দের বা প্রিয় ব্যক্তি/বস্তু): It’s one of my favorite movies. 

Ø Rage / reɪdʒ / (রেজ্‌) n [a feeling of violent anger that is difficult to control] (ক্রোধ; উন্মত্ততা): His face was dark with rage.

Indigo color
Indigo     (#4b0082)
Indigo / ˈɪndɪɡoʊ / (ˈন্‌ডিগৌ) n [dark purplish-blue in color] (ধূম্রনীল):

Magenta color, Magenta colour,টকটকে লাল
Magenta    (#ff00ff)
Magenta / məˈdʒentə / (ˈজেনট) n [of a dark reddish purple color] (টকটকে লাল):

Orchid color
1. Orchid      (#da70d6)
Orchid / ˈɔːrkɪd / (ˈআর্কিড্‌) n 1. [a light bluish red, or pale purple] (আর্কিড্‌ রং):

Orchid flower
2. Orchid

2. Orchid / ˈɔːrkɪd / (ˈআর্কিড্‌) n [a plant with three-part flowers, or one of its flowers, which can be white or of several different colors] (আর্কিড্‌ ফুল):  

Violet color, Violet colour,ধূম্র, বেগুনি রং
1. Violet      (#ee82ee)
Violet / ˈvaɪələt / (ˈভাইএট্‌) n 1. [a bluish purple color] (ধূম্র; বেগুনি রং): dressed in violet

Violet flower
2. Violet

2. Violet / ˈvaɪələt / (ˈভাইএট্‌) n [a small plant with pleasant-smelling purple, blue, or white flowers] (ভায়োলেট ফুল):

Plum color
1. Plum      (#dda0dd)  
Plum / plʌm / (প্লাম্‌) n 1. [a dark reddish-purple color] (আলুচা রং):

Plum fruit
2. Plum

2. Plum / plʌm / (প্লাম্‌) n [an oval fleshy fruit which is purple, reddish, or yellow when ripe and contains a flattish pointed stone] (আলুচা):

Lavender color,ফ্যাকাশে বেগুনি রং
1. Lavender    (#e6e6fa)

Lavender / ˈlævəndər / (ˈল্যাভনডর্‌) n 1. [a pale purple color] (ফ্যাকাশে বেগুনি রং):

2. Lavender / ˈlævəndər / (ˈল্যাভনডর্‌) n [a small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family, with narrow leaves and bluish-purple flowers, used in perfumery and medicine] (ল্যাভেন্ডার ফুল):

Pink color, Pink colour,গোলাপি বা ম্লান লাল রং
Pink   (#ffc0cb)
Pink / pɪŋk / (পিঙ্ক্‌) n [the color between red and white, as of coral or salmon] (গোলাপি বা ম্লান লাল রং): The bedroom was decorated in pale pinks. She is very fond of pink.  

Ø Fond / fɑːnd / (ফাঃন্ড্‌) adj {fond of Sb/Sth} [feeling affection for Sb, especially Sb you have known for a long time] (পছন্দ করা, কোনো কিছুতে আসক্ত হওয়া): My brother is fond of pointing out my mistakes.

Cyan color, Cyan colour
Cyan     (#00ffff)
Cyan / ˈsaɪən / (ˈছাইএন্‌) n {Also aqua} [(of) a deep greenish-blue color, one of the three main colors that are used in color printing and photography] (সবজে-নীল):

Ø Deep / diːp / (ডীপ্‌) adj [(of a color) strong and dark] (<রং সম্বন্ধে>ঘন; গাঢ়; তীব্র): The sky was deep blue.

Ø Printing / ˈprɪntɪŋ / (ˈপ্রিনটিঙ্‌) n [the act of producing letters, pictures, patterns, etc. on Sth by pressing a surface covered with ink against it] (মুদ্রণ): He runs his own printing business.

Ø Blush / blʌʃ / (ব্লাশ্‌) n [the red color that spreads over your face when you are embarrassed or ashamed] (লজ্জা ইত্যাদের কারণে মুখের রক্তিমাভা): She tried to hide her fiery blush.

Aquamarine color, Aquamarine colour,
1. Aquamarine    (#7fffd4)
Aquamarine / ˌækwəməˈriːn / (ˌএ্যাক্‌উˈরীন্‌) n 1. [a pale blue to greenish-blue color] (ফেকাশে সবুজবর্ণ):

Aquamarine, নীলাভ-সবুজ পান্না
2. Aquamarine

2. Aquamarine / ˌækwəməˈriːn / (ˌএ্যাক্‌উˈরীন্‌) n [a greenish-blue the stone used in jewelery] (নীলাভ-সবুজ পান্না):

Turquoise color, Turquoise colour,ফিরোজা রং
1. Turquoise    (#40e0d0)
Turquoise / ˈtɜːrkwɔɪz / (ˈটা্‌র্কোয়জ্‌) n 1. [a bluish green in color] (ফিরোজা রং): the clear turquoise water of the bay

2. Turquoise
2. Turquoise / ˈtɜːrkwɔɪz / (ˈটা্‌র্কোয়জ্‌) n [a bluish green precious stone which is often used in Jewellery] (বৈদূর্য; সবুজাভ-নীল রঙের রত্নবিশেষ): a turquoise brooch

Ø Bluish / ˈbluːɪʃ / (ˈব্লূশ্‌) adj [fairly blue in color] (নীলাভ; ঈষৎ নীল): a bluish-green carpet  

Ø Precious / ˈpreʃəs / (ˈপ্রেশছ্‌) adj [of great value because of being rare, expensive or important] (মহার্ঘ; অত্যন্ত মূল্যবান): You are so precious to me.

<SYN> Priceless 

Teal color
1. Teal   (#008080)
Teal / tiːl / (টীল্‌) n 1. [a dark greenish blue color] (টীল রং):

Teal bird
2. Teal
2. Teal / tiːl / (টীল্‌) n [a small freshwater duck, typically with a greenish band on the wing that is most prominent in flight] (একধরণের ছোট বুনো হাঁস):

Yellow color, Yellow colour,
Yellow    (#ffff00)
Yellow / ˈjeloʊ / (ˈইএলৌ) n [a color like that of a lemon or butter or gold or the sun] (হরিদ্রাবর্ণ; হলদে, পীতবর্ণ): It was early autumn and the leaves were turning yellow.

Ø Butter / ˈbʌtər / (ˈবাটর্‌) n [a soft yellow food made from cream, used in cooking and for spreading on bread] (মাখন; ননী): Do you want butter or margarine on your toast?

Yellowish color,
Yellowish    (#feff99)
Yellowish / ˈjeloʊʃ / (ˈইয়েলৌশ্‌) adj [fairly yellow in color] (হরিদ্রাভ; হোলদেভাব): The leaves vary from yellowish-green to dark green.  

Ø Fairly / ˈferli / (ˈফেএর্লি) adv [more than average, but less than very] (বেশ মোটামুটি): We get on fairly well.

1. Primrose  (#e28ea8)
Primrose / ˈprɪmroʊz / (ˈপ্রিমরৌজ্‌) n 1. {Also primrose yellow} [pale yellow color] (বাসন্তী রং):

2. Primrose

2. Primrose / ˈprɪmroʊz / (ˈপ্রিমরৌজ্‌) n [it is a hardy perennial flower, that includes a wide range of varieties. It is native to Asia, Europe, and North America. It comes in a wide variety of colors, in single blooms or in clusters] (বাসন্তীকুসুম): Primrose flowers attract Hummingbirds.  

Cream color,
1. Cream     (#fffdd0)
Cream / kriːm / (ক্রীম্‌) n 1. [a pale yellowish-white color] (ক্রিম <রং>): Do you have this blouse in cream?

2. Cream
2. Cream / kriːm / (ক্রীম্‌) n [the thick pale yellowish-white liquid that rises to the top of milk, used in cooking or as a type of sauce to put on fruit; tea, etc.] (দুধের সর বা মাখন): Do you like cream in your coffee?


Khaki color, Khaki  colour,হলুদাভ বাদামি বা খাকি রং
1. Khaki     (#f0e68c)
Khaki / ˈkɑːki / (ˈকাঃকি) n 1. [a dull greenish or yellowish brown color] (হলুদাভ বাদামি বা খাকি রং):

2. Khaki 
2. Khaki / ˈkɑːki / (ˈকাঃকি) n [a strong greenish or yellowish brown cloth, used especially for making military uniforms] (খাকি রঙের কাপড়):

3. Khakis / ˈkɑːkis / (ˈকাঃকিজ্‌) n [trousers/pants made from khaki cloth] (খাকি কাপড়ের প্যান্টস): He wore a pair of baggy khakis.

Ø Baggy / ˈbægi / (ˈব্যাগি) adj [(of clothes) hanging loosely because of being too big or having been stretched] (ঢোলা; ঢল্‌ঢলে): My T-shirt went all baggy in the wash.  

White color, White colour,
White   (#ffffff)
White / waɪt / (ওআট্‌) n [the color of fresh snow or of milk] (তুষারবর্ণ; সাদা): a crisp white shirt

Ø Crisp / krɪsp / (ক্রিস্প্‌) adj [(of paper or cloth) fresh and clean; new and slightly stiff without any folds in it] (কেতাদুরস্ত):

Off-white color, Off-white colour,
Off-white    (#f5f2d0)
Off-white / ɑːf-waɪt / (আঃফ্‌-ওয়াট্‌) n [very pale yellowish-white in color] (হালকা সাদা): The walls were painted off-white.

Azure color,নীলিমা রং
Azure    (#f0ffff)
Azure / ˈæzjʊər / (ˈএ্যাজুর্‌) n [a bright blue, occasionally somewhat purple, similar to the color of a clear blue sky] (নীলিমা রং):

Beige color,
Beige     (#f5f5dc) 
Beige / beɪʒ / (বেজ্‌) adj [light yellowish-brown in color or (of) a pale creamy brown color] (বাদামি-ধূসর বা ধূসরাভ হলূদ বর্ণ): a pale being hate  

Ø Light / laɪt / (লাট্‌) n [pale in color] (<রং সম্পর্কে>হালকা; লঘু; ফিকে): light blue eyes

Ø Pale / peɪl / (পেল্‌) adj [describes light or a color that is not bright or strong or containing a lot of white] (<রং সম্বন্ধে>ফ্যাকাশে; আবছা; ক্ষীণ): She wore a pale blue hat. A pale sky

Ivory color, Ivory colour
1. Ivory    (#fffff0)
Ivory / ˈaɪvəri / (ˈরি) n 1. [a yellowish-white color] (হাতির দাঁতের রং; গজদন্তবর্ণ):

Ivory,হাতির দাঁতের; গজদন্ত
2. Ivory
2. Ivory / ˈaɪvəri / (ˈরি) n [a hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal] (হাতির দাঁতের; গজদন্ত): 

Noted from HTML Color Codes; Oxford & Cambridge Dictionary 

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