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Hat / hæt / (হ্যাট্‌) n [a hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against the elements, ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, safety, or as a fashion accessory, often with a brim, (= a flat edge that sticks out) and worn out of doors] (<বাহিরে পরার>সাহেবী টুপি): He pulled his hat down over his face. The doorman tipped his hat as we entered. A felt hat. To put on/take off<খোলা/খুলে ফেলা> a hat  

 Hat Related Necessary Vocabulary Note

Ø Covering / ˈkʌvərɪŋ / (ˈকাভরিঙ্‌) n [a piece of material that covers Sth] (আচ্ছাদন; আবরণ; মুড়ি): He pulled the plastic covering off the dead body.

crown, hat crown
Ø Crown / kraʊn / (ক্রান্‌) n [the top part of a hat, head or hill] (টুপির চূড়া অথবা মাথার চাঁদি): A pink ribbon had been tied around the crown of the hat.

Ø Wear / wər / (ওএর্‌) v {Pt. wore / wɔːr / (ওয়ার্‌); Pp. worn / wɔːrn / (ওয়ার্ন্‌)} [to have clothing, hats, jewelry, hair, etc. on your body] (পরিধান করা; পড়া): She never wears make-up. Do I have to wear a tie and black shoes?

Ø Various / ˈveris / (ˈভেরিছ্‌) adj [having many different features] (বিভিন্ন; ভিন্ন): We had various problems on our journey, including a puncture.
    <SYN> Diverse

Ø Protection / prəˈtekʃn / (প্রˈটেকশ্‌ন্‌) n {~ (against Sth)} [a thing that protects Sb/Sth against Sth] (সুরক্ষা; সংরক্ষণ): They wore the charm as a protection against evil spirits.

Ø Element / ˈelɪmənt / (ˈএলিমন্ট্‌) n {the elements} [the weather, especially bad weather] (<প্রকৃতির শক্তিসমূহ>যেমন বায়ু, ঝড়, রোদ ইত্যাদি): We decided to brave the elements and go for a walk (=go for a walk despite the bad weather).

Ø Ceremony / ˈserəmoʊni / (ˈছেরমৌনি) n {Plu. ceremonies} [a public or religious occasion that includes a series of formal or traditional actions] (<বিবাহ, শেষকৃত্য, নতুন ভবন ইত্যাদি উপলক্ষে আয়োজিত বিশেষ>অনুষ্ঠান বা ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠান): He was buried with great ceremony in the Abbey.

Ceremonial / ˌserɪˈmoʊniəl / (ˌছেরিˈমৌনিল্‌) adj [relating to or used in a ceremony] (আনুষ্টানিক): The post of mayor is largely ceremonial (= there are on real duties only ceremonies).

Ø Religion / rɪˈlɪdʒən / (রিˈলিজন্‌) n [one of the systems of faith that are based on the belief in the existence of a particular god or gods] (ধর্ম; ধর্ম বিশ্বাস): The law states that everyone has the right to practice their own religion. Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and other world religions

<ADJ> Religious / rɪˈlɪdʒəs / (রিˈলিজছ্‌) adj 1. [connected with religion or with a particular religion] (ধর্মীয়): religious beliefs/faith

Ø Accessory / əkˈsesəri / (ˈছেছরি) n {Plu. accessories} [a thing that you can wear or carry that matches your clothes, for example, a belt or a bag] (আনুষঙ্গিক বস্ত; উপাঙ্গ): She wore a green wool suit with matching accessories (= shoes, hat, bag, glasses, jewelry, etc.).

brim, hat brim
Ø Brim / brɪm / (ব্রিম্‌) n [the bottom part of a hot that sticks out all round] (<সাহেবী টুপির> প্রান্ত ভাগ<যা ছায়াদান করে; ধারি>): a straw hat with a wide brim

Ø Edge / edʒ / (এজ্‌) n [the outer or furthest point of something] (<কোনোকিছুর>প্রান্ত বা কিনারা): Don’t put that glass so near the edge of the table.

Ø <PHR> Stick out (of Sth) [to be further out than Sth else or come through a hole] (<কোনোকিছু থেকে কোনোকিছু> বেড়িয়ে থাকা/আসা; অভিক্ষিপ্ত হওয়া): I wish my stomach didn’t stick out so much. She stuck her tongue out at me <= সে আমাকে জিহবা দেখিয়েছে>.

Ø Tip / tɪp / (টিপ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. tipped / tɪpt / (টিপ্ট্‌)} 1. [to move so that one end or side is higher than the other; to move Sth into this position] (কাত হওয়া বা করা): The table tipped and all our drinks fell on the floor.
     <SYN> Tilt

2. Tip / tɪp / (টিপ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. tipped / tɪpt / (টিপ্ট্‌)} [to give someone who has provided you with a service an extra amount of money to thank them] (বখশিশ দেওয়া): He tipped the waiter £ 6. 

Ø Felt / felt / (ফেল্ট্) n [a type of thick, soft cloth made from wool or hair that has been pressed tightly together] (পশমি বস্ত্রবিশেষ): felt slippers 

Cap / kæp / (ক্যাপ্‌) n [a type of flat hat with a peak (= a hard curved part sticking out in front). Caps are worn especially by men and boys, often as part of a uniform] (ক্যাপ): a swimming cap

peak, hat peak
1. Peak
Ø Peak / piːk / (পীক্‌) n {USA visor} 1. [the flat, stiff front, curved, part of a cap that sticks out above your eyes] (টুপির বাকানো সম্মুখভাগ <যাতে চোখকে আলো থেকে আড়াল করা যায়>; মুখত্রাণ):

2. Peak / piːk / (পীক্‌) n [the pointed to of a mounted; a mountain with a pointed top] (<পাহাড় বা পর্বতের>চূড়া; শিখর): It is one of the most difficult peaks to climb.

Ø Often / ˈɔːfn / (ˈওফ্‌ন্‌) adv [many times] (প্রায়ই; ঘন ঘন): How often do you wash your hair? We often go there.

Peaked cap
Peaked Cap
Peaked cap / ˈpiːkt kæp / (ˈপীক্ট ক্যাপ্‌) n [a peaked cap is a form of headgear worn by the armed forces of many nations, as well as many uniformed civilian organizations] (পীক্ট ক্যাপ্‌):

Ø Headgear / ˈhedgɪr / (ˈহেড্‌গির্‌) n [a hat or other covering that is worn on the head] (টুপি; পাগড়ি): Protective headgear must be worn at all time.

baseball cap
Baseball Cap
Baseball cap / ˈbeɪsbɔːl kæp / (ˈবেছ্‌বোল্‌ ক্যাপ্‌) n [a tightly fitting hat, originally worn by baseball players, to protect the eyes from the sun] (বেসবল ক্যাপ):

Ø Baseball / beɪsbɔːl / (ˈবেছ্‌বোল্‌) n [a game played especially in the USA by two teams of nine players using a bat and ball. Each player tries to hit the ball and then run around four bases before the other team can return the ball] (বেসবল<খেলা>): a baseball bat/team

Swimming cap
Swimming Cap

Swimming cap / ˈswɪmɪŋ kæp / (ˈসুয়িমিঙ ক্যাপ্‌) n {Also swimming hat; bathing cap} [a thin, soft rubber or the plastic cap that fits closely over the head to stop your hair getting wet when swimming or taking a shower] (সুয়িমিং ক্যাপ):

cowboy hat
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy hat / ˈkaʊbɔɪ hæt / (ˈকাবয় হ্যাট্‌) n [a hat with a wide brim, curving lower edge, especially worn by cowboys] (রাখাল টুপি; কাউবয় হ্যাট)

Ø Cowboy / ˈkaʊbɔɪ / (ˈকাবয়) n [a man who rides horses and whose job is to take care of cattle in the western parts of the US] (রাখাল): He has worn cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Ø Curve / kɜːrv / (কা্‌র্ভ্‌) n [a line or surface which bends continuously and has no straight parts] (বাঁকা): The road went around in a tight curve.

 <VERB> Curve / kɜːrv / (কা্‌র্ভ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. curved / ːrvd / (কা্‌র্ভড্‌)} [to form a curve or move in the shape of a curve] (বেঁকে যাওয়া; বাঁক নেওয়া; বাঁকানো): Her lips curved in a laugh.

panama (hat)
1. Panama (hat)
Panama (hat) / ˈpænəmɑː (hæt) / (ˈপ্যানমাঃ হ্যাট্‌) n 1[a man’s hat made from straw and usually worn in hot weather] (প্যানামা হ্যাট):

2. Panama / ˈpænəmɑː / (ˈপ্যানমাঃ) n [a country in Central America] (<মধ্য আমেরিকার দেশ>পানামা):

1. Straw
Ø Straw / strɔː / (স্ট্রো) n [stems of wheat or other grains that have been cut and dried. Straw is used for making mats, hats, etc. for packing things to protect them, and as food for animals or for them to sleep on] (খড়):

2. Straw
2. Straw / strɔː / (স্ট্রো) n {Also. drinking straw} [a thin tube made of plastic or waterproof paper that is used to suck liquid into the mouth] (<তরল কিছু খাবার> নল): why don’t you drink your milkshake through a straw.  

Ø Weather / ˈweðər / (ওএদর্‌) n [the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as the temperature and if there is wind, rain, the sun, etc.] (আবহাওয়া): hot/cold/wet/windy weather

top hat
Top Hat
Top hat / tɑːp hæt / (টাঃপ্‌ হ্যাট্‌) n [a man’s tall black or gray hat, worn with formal clothes on very formal occasions] (টাপ হ্যাট):

Ø Top / tɑːp / (টাঃপ্‌) n [the highest part or point of Sth] (শীর্ষবিন্দু; শিরোভাগ): He waited for me at the top of the stairs.

Ø Formal / ˈfɔːrml / (ˈফোর্মল্‌) adj [(of a style of dress, speech, writing, behavior, etc.) very correct and suitable for official or important occasions] (আনুষ্টানিক; নিয়মমাফিক; নিয়মনিষ্ঠ): The dinner was a formal affair.

Ø Occasion / əˈkeɪʒn / (ˈকেজ্‌ন্‌) n [a special event, ceremony or celebration] (কোনো নির্দিষ্ট ঘটনার সময়; উপলক্ষ): I have a suit but I only wear it on special occasions.

Boater / ˈboʊtər / (ˈবৌটর্‌) n {Also. straw boater} [a stiff hat made of straw with a flat top and wide straight brim which is traditionally worn when traveling along a river in a boat to protect the wearer from the sun] (বৌটার; শক্ত খড়ের টুপি):

Ø Stiff / stɪf / (স্টিফ্‌) adj [firm and difficult to bend or move] (শক্ত; সহজে বাঁকানো যায় না এমন): This hair spray has made my hair stiff. My fingers had gone stiff with cold.

Ø Wearer / werər / (ওএরর্‌) n [the person who is wearing Sth] (পরিধানকারী): contact lens wearers  

Trilby / ˈtrɪlbi / (ˈট্রিলবি) n {Plu. trilbies} [a man’s soft hat with a narrow brim and the top part pushed in from front to back] (ট্রিলবি):

Ø Narrow / ˈnæroʊ / (ˈন্যারৌ) adj [having a small distance from one side to the other, especially in comparison with the length] (সরু; চাপা; অপ্রশস্ত; সঙ্কীর্ণ): The little village has very narrow streets.

Ø Push / pʊʃ / (পুশ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. pushed / pʊʃt / (পুশট্‌)} [to use force to move past Sb/Sth using your hands, arms, etc.] (ঠেলা; ধাক্কা দেওয়া; ধাক্কান): People were pushing and shoving to get to the front.

<NOUN> Push / pʊʃ / (পুশ্‌) n [an act of pushing Sth/Sb] (ধাক্কা): She gave him a gentle push. Get on the swing and I’ll give you a push.  

bowler hat
Bowler Hat
Bowler hat / ˈboʊlər hæt / (ˈবৌলর হ্যাট্‌) n {USA derby} [a man’s hat that is black and has around the hardtop with a curved brim] (বোলার হ্যাট; ধুচুনি-টুপি):


Ø Bowler / ˈboʊlər / (ˈবৌল) n [(in cricket) a player who throws the ball towards the batsman] (<ক্রিকেটে যে বল করে>বোলার): Australia’s fast bowler bowled well.

mortar board
Mortar board
Mortar board / ˈmɔːrtər bɔːrd / (ˈমোর্টর বোর্ড্‌) n [a black hat with a stiff square top, worn by some university teachers and students at special ceremonies] (মোর্টার বোর্ড):


Ø Mortar / ˈmɔːrtər / (ˈমোর্ট) n [a hard strong bowl in which substances are crushed into power by hitting or rubbing them with a pestle] (হামান): Use a pestle and mortar to crush the spices.

cloth cap
Cloth Cap
Cloth cap / klɔːθkæp / (ক্লোথ্‌ ক্যাপ্‌) n {Also. flat cap} [a soft hat, normally made of wool, which has a curved part sticking out at the front, often worn as part of a uniform] (ক্লোথ ক্যাপ; কাপড়ের টুপি):

Ø Uniform / ˈjuːnɪfɔːrm / (ˈইঊনিফোর্ম্‌) n [a particular set of clothes which has to be worn by the members of the same organization or group of people and by children at school] (কোনো সংগঠনের সকল সদস্যের পরিধেয় পোশাক; উর্দি): The hat is part of the school uniform.

sun hat
Sun Hat
Sun hat / sʌnhæt / (ছান্‌ হ্যাট্‌) n [a hat worn to protect the head and neck from the sun] (সান হ্যাট; সূর্য টুপি):

Ø Sun / sʌn / (ছান্‌) n 1. [the star that shines in the sky during the day and gives the earth heat and light] (সূর্য; রবি): The sun was shining and birds were singing.

2. Sun / sʌn / (ছান্‌) n {the sun} [the light and heat from the sun] (রোদ; কিরণ): We did our best to keep out of the sun.

      <SYN> Sunshine

bobble hat
Bobble Hat 
Bobble hat / ˈbɑːblhæt / (ˈবাঃব্‌ল্‌ হ্যাট্‌) n [a hat made from wool with a small round wool ball on top] (বাবল হ্যাট):


Ø Bobble / ˈbɑːbl / (ˈবাঃব্‌ল্‌) n [a small, softball, usually made of wool that is used especially for decorating clothes] (বাবল): a wooly hat with a bobble on top

   <SYN> Pompom

Beret / bəˈreɪ / (ˈরেই) n [a round flat cap made out of soft cloth and with a tight band around the head] (গরম বা সুতি কাপড়ের চ্যাপ্টা টুপিবিশেষ <খেলাধুলা বা ভ্রমণের সময় ব্যবহ্রত হয়, সামরিক বাহিনীর সদস্যরাও পরিধান করে>):

Ø Out of <pre> [used to show something is made] (হতে; থেকে): The dress was made out of velvet.

Ø Band / bænd / (ব্যান্ড্‌) n [a thin flat strip or circle of any material that is put on things, for example, to hold them together or to make them stronger] (বন্ধনী; ফিতা): All babies in the hospital have name bands on their wrists.

Beanie / ˈbiːni / (ˈবীনি) n [a small, round close-fitting hat] (বীনি):

Deerstalker, Deerstalker hat

Deerstalker / ˈdɪrstɔːkər / (ˈডির্‌স্টোকর্‌) n [a soft cloth hat with two peaks, one at the back and one at the front, and coverings for the ears which can be tied together over the top, originally worn for hunting] (ডিয়ার্‌স্টোকার):

Headscarf / ˈhedskɑːrf / (ˈহেডস্কাঃর্ফ্‌) n {Plu. headscarves} [a square piece of cloth tied around the head by women or girls, usually with a knot under the chin] (হেড স্কার্ফ; হিজাব; মাথার ওড়না): Muslim women wearing headscarves, known in Arabic as hijabs.

     <SYN> Hijab

Ø Chin / tʃɪn / (চিন্‌) n [the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck] (চিবুক; থুতনি): to keep the helmet in position, fasten the strap beneath the chin.

Do-rag / ˈduː ˌræɡ / (ˈডূ ˌর‍্যাগ্‌) n {Also doo-rag} [a scarf or cloth is worn on the head, which is tied at the back so it fits closely to the top of the head] (ডূ র‍্যাগ):

Ø Rag / ræɡ / (র‍্যাগ্‌) n [a piece of old cloth, especially one torn from a larger piece, used especially for cleaning things] (ন্যাকড়া; ত্যানা):


Bandanna / bænˈdænə / (ব্যান্‌ˈড্যান) n {Also bandana} [a large brightly-colored handkerchief, especially with white spots, worn tied around the head or neck] (ব্যান্‌ড্যানা):

Turban / ˈtɜːrbən / (ˈটা্‌র্বন্‌) n [a head covering for a man, worn especially by Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, and made from a long piece of cloth which is wrapped around the top of the head many a time] (পাগড়ি): He was dressed all in white except for his red turban.

Ø Wrap / ræp / (র‍্যাপ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. wrapped / ræpt / (র‍্যাপ্ট্‌)} [to cover or surround something with paper, cloth or other material] (<কোনোকিছু, পাতলা কিছুদিয়ে>মোড়ানো; গুটিয়ে ফেলা): She wrapped the present and tied it with ribbon.

Ø <IDM> Many a time [many time] (অনেক বার): I’ve told you many a time not to ride your bike on the pavement.

Ø Dress / dres / (ড্রেছ্‌) n [clothes for either men or women] (পোশাক/জামা কাপড়): to wear casual/formal dress

<VERB> Dress / dres / (ড্রেছ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. dressed / drest / (ড্রেস্ট্‌)} [to put clothes on yourself or someone else, especially a child] (<জামাকাপড়> পড়ানো/পড়া): She dressed the children in their best clothes.

Balaclava / ˌbæləˈklɑːvə / (ˌব্যালˈক্লাঃভ) n [a type of closely fitting hat made of wool that covers most of the head, neck, and face] (ব্যালাক্লাভা; বাঁদুরে টুপি):

Ø Fitting / ˈfɪtɪŋ / (ˈফিটিঙ্‌) adj [having a particular fit] (যথাযত; মানানসই;জুতসই): a tight-fitting dress

Fedora / fɪˈdɔːrə / (ফিˈডোর) n [a man’s hat, like a trilby but with a wider brim] (ফেডোরা <টুপি>):

Sombrero hat
Sombrero / sɑːmˈbreroʊ / (ছাঃম্‌ˈব্রেরৌ) n [a tall and very wide brim, turned up at the edge, felt or straw hat, especially worn by men in Mexico and the south-western US] (<মেক্সিকোতে পরিহিত> চওড়া কিনারাঅলা টুপি):

Ø <PHR V> Turn up [to make a piece of clothing shorter by folding and sewing it up at the bottom] (<পড়া কাপড়>গুটানো):

Earmuffs / ˈɪrmʌfs / (ˈইএরমাফছ্‌) n [a pair of coverings for the ears connected by a band across the top of the head, and worn to protect the ears, especially from the cold] (ইএরমাফস; কানের টুপি):

Fez / fez / (ফেজ্‌) n {Plu. fezzes} [a high, cone-shaped hat with a flat top and a tassel but no brim, usually made of red material and with threads hanging from the top, especially as worn in the past by men in some Muslim countries] (ফেজ <টুপি>):

Ø Cone / koʊn / (কৌন্‌) n [a shape with a flat, round or oval base and a top which becomes narrower until it forms a point] (গোলাকার ও সমতল তলদেশ বিশিষ্ট মোচাকৃতি বস্তু): a traffic cone

Ø Tassel / ˈtæsl / (ˈট্যাছ্‌ল্‌) n [a bunch of short threads or ropes together at one end, which is used as a hanging decoration on hats, curtains, clothes, etc.] (<শোভা বাড়ানোর জন্য, পর্দা, পোশাক ইত্যাদি থেকে ঝুলিয়ে দেওয়া> সূত্রগুচ্ছ; টাসেল):

Keffiyeh / kəˈfiːə / (ˈফীএ) n [the Keffiyeh or kufiya is a traditional Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf, and fastened by a band, usually made of cotton. It is typically worn by Arabs, as well as Kurds] (কাফীয়া):

Ø Fasten / ˈfæsn / (ˈফ্যাছন্‌) v {Pt. Pp. fastened / ˈfæsnd / (ফ্যাছন্ড্‌)} [to close or join together the two parts of Sth; to become closed or joined together] (একত্রে বাঁধা বা যুক্ত করা): Fasten your seatbelts, please.

    <SYN> Do up

Kufi / kʊfɪ / (কুফি) n [a kufi or kufi cap is a brimless, short and rounded cap worn by men in many populations in North Africa, East Africa, Western Africa and Asia] (<মুসলমান দের> টুপি):

Zucchetto / zuˈkətoʊ / (জুˈটৌ) n [a Roman Catholic cleric’s skullcap: black for a priest, purple for a bishop, red for a cardinal, and white for the Pope] ():

Ø Cleric / ˈklerɪk / (ˈক্লেরিক্‌) n [a religious leader in any religion] (<যে কোনো ধর্মের, ধর্মীয়> গুরু; যাজক):

Ø Skullcap / ˈskʌlkæp / (ˈস্কাল্‌ক্যাপ্‌) n [a small round hat that fits closely on the top of the head, worn especially by religious Jewish men or high-ranking Roman Catholic priests] (ইহুদিদের টুপি):

Ø Priest / priːst / (প্রীছ্‌ট্‌) n [a person, usually a man, who has been trained to perform religious duties in the Christian church, especially the Roman Catholic church, or a person with particular duties in some other religions] (<খ্রীস্টিয়>পুরোহিত; <অন্য ধর্মে> গুরু; ঠাকুর; পূজারী; মওলানা): a parish priest

Ø Bishop / ˈbɪʃəp / (ˈবিশপ্‌) n [a senior priest in charge of the work of the church in a city or district] (উচ্চপদস্থ খ্রিষ্টীয় যাজক): the Bishop of Oxford

Ø Cardinal / ˈkɑːrdɪnl / (ˈকার্ডিন্‌ল্‌) n [a priest of the highest rank in the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinals elect and advice the Pope] (কার্ডিনল):

Ø Pope / poʊp / (পৌপ্‌) n [the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, who is also Bishop of Rome] (পোপ): Pope John Paul װ

Mitre / ˈmaɪtər / (ˈমার্‌) n {USA miter} [a tall headdress worn by bishops and senior abbots as a symbol of office, tapering to a point at the front and two bands hanging down at the back] (<খ্রিস্টীয় যাজকের> টুপি)

bamboo hat
Asian Conical Hat
Asian conical hat / ˌbæmˈbuː hæt / (ব্যামবূ হ্যাট্‌) n {Also. Asian conical bamboo hatjaapi; farmer’s hat} [it is made from tightly woven bamboo strips and a large palm leaf] (জাপি; মাথাল):  

Ø Bamboo / ˌbæmˈbuː / (ব্যামবূ) n [a tall tropical grass with hard hollow stems, or the stems of this plant] (বাঁশ; বংশ): Use bamboo canes<বাঁশের বাতা> to support vegetable plants.  

1. Palm
Ø Palm / pɑːm / (পাঃম) n {Also. palm tree} 1. [a straight tree with a mass of long leaves at the top, growing in hot countries. There are several types of a palm tree, some of which produce fruits] (পাম<তাল জাতিয় গাছ>): palm leaves/fronds/groves

palm, hand palm
2. Palm

2. Palm / pɑːm / (পাঃম) n [the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers] (হাতের তালু; করতল): He held the fishes gently in the palm of his hand.   

Pith helmet
Pith Helmet
Pith helmet / ˈpɪθ ˌ helmɪt / (পিথ্‌ হেল্‌মিট্‌) n {Also safari helmet, sun helmet, topee or topi} [a lightweight, large, and hard, a white hat was worn to give protection from the sun, made from the dried pith. It was worn by European travelers and explorers, who were in hot countries] (পিথ হেলমেট):

Ø Pith / pɪθ / (পিথ্‌) n [the spongy white substance between the skin and the rind of oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, or the soft, white inside part of the stem of some plants] ():

Crash helmet
Crash Helmet
Crash helmet / kræʃ ˈhelmɪt / (ক্র্যাশ্‌ ˈহেলমিট্‌) n [a hat made of very strong material which covers and protects the whole head, and worn when riding a motorcycle by motorcyclists to protect the head] (ক্র্যাশ হেলমেট; মাথার বর্ম): It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet.

Ø Crash / kræʃ / (ক্র্যাশ্‌) n [to have an accident, especially one which damages a vehicle] (বিধবস্ত; দুর্ঘটনা): He was killed in a train crash.

Ø Ride / raɪd / (রাইড্‌) v {Pt. rode / roʊd / (রৌড্‌); Pp. ridden / ˈrɪdn / (রিড্‌ন্‌)} [to sit on a horse or a bicycle/motorcycle and travel along on it controlling its movements] (<ঘোড়া অথবা সাইকেলে> চড়া বা চালনো): I learned to ride a bike when I was six. I ride my bicycle to work.

Bike helmet
Bike Helmet

Bike helmet / baɪk ˈhelmət / n [a hard hat that you wear to protect your head if you have an accident while you are riding a bike] (বাইক হেলমেট):


Helmet / ˈhelmɪt / (ˈহেলমিট্‌) n [a type of hard hat that protects the head, worn, for example, by a policeman, a soldier, a firefighter or a person playing some sports] (হেলমেট; শিরস্ত্রাণ):

Ø Firefighter / ˈfaɪərfaɪtər / (ˈফাইএর্ফার্‌) n {Also. fireman} [a person whose occupation is to put out fires] (দমকলকর্মী): A wildfire near Sydney killed three firefighters. 

Hard hat
Hard Hat
Hard hat / hɑːrdhæt / (হাঃর্ড্‌ হ্যাট্‌) n [a hat made of a strong substance which is worn builders and other workers to protect their head] (হার্ড হ্যাট):

Ø Substance / ˈsʌbstəns / (ˈছাবছ্‌টন্‌ছ্‌) n [a type of solid, liquid or gas that has particular qualities] (পদার্থ; দ্রব্য): What sort of substance could withstand those temperatures?

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