Learn English Confused Word about “Bay” and “Chip”

1. Bay 
Bay / beɪ / (বে) n 1. [a part of the coast where the land curves in so that the sea is surrounded by land on three sides] (উপসাগর): We sailed into a beautiful, secluded bay. Holiday flats overlooking the bay. A magnificent view of the bay.    

Ø Coast / koʊst / (কৌছ্‌ট্‌) n [the land beside or near to the sea or ocean] (উপকুল; সমুদ্রতীর): We walked along the coast for five miles.

Ø Curve / kɜːrv / (কা্‌র্ভ্‌) n [a line or surface that bends gradually; a smooth bend] (বাঁক; বক্রতা): The road follows the coast in a wide curve.

<VERB> Curve / kɜːrv / (কা্‌র্ভ্‌) v [to move or make Sth move in the shape of a curve; to be in the shape of a curve] (বেঁকে যাওয়া; বাঁক নেওয়া; বাঁকানো): The road curved around the bay. 

Ø Surround / səˈraʊnd / (ˈরান্ড্‌) v [to be everywhere around something] (বিষ্টন/বেষ্টিত করা; চারিদিক থেকে ঘেড়াও করা): The lake is surrounded with/by trees.

Ø Secluded / sɪˈkluːdɪd / (ছিˈক্লূডিড্‌) adj [(of a place) quiet and private by being situated away from people, roads or buildings] (<বিশেষত স্থান সম্বন্ধে>নির্জন; নিরালা; নিভৃত): We managed to find a fairly secluded spot for a picnic. A secluded beach

Ø Overlook / ˌoʊvərˈlʊk / (ˌˈলুক্‌) v [to provide a view of, especially from above] (<দৃশ্য>উপর থেকে দেখতে পাওয়া যায় এমন): a restaurant overlooking the lake

Ø Magnificent / mægˈnɪfɪsnt / (ম্যাগˈনিফিসন্ট্‌) adj [very good, beautiful or deserving to be admired] (জাঁক-জমক-পূর্ণ; চমকপ্রদ): The Taj Mahal is a magnificent building.

<SYN> Splendid

<NOUN> Magnificence

building bay
2. Bay
2. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n [a marked section of ground either inside or outside a building, for example for a vehicle to park in, for storing things, etc.] (দুই সারি ও থামের মধ্যবর্তী অঞ্চল যা একটি ভবনকে নিয়মিত অংশে বিভক্ত করে। ২. কোনো কক্ষের দেয়ালের বাইরে বাড়ানো অংশ, বারান্দ বিশেষ): Visitors must park their cars in the marked bays. Put the equipment in No 3 bay.

Sickbay / ˈsɪkbeɪ / (ˈছিক্বে) n [a room or rooms, for example on a ship or in a school, with beds for people who are ill/sick] (জাহাজ বা স্কুলকলের যে অংশে অসুস্থদের জন্য ব্যবহৃত হয়/চিকিৎসা-কেন্দ্র):

Ø Marked / mɑːrkt / (মাঃর্ক্‌ট্‌) adj [easy to see] (সুস্পষ্ট; সুচিহ্নিত; লক্ষণীয়): There was a marked improvement in my health when I gave up smoking.

<SYN> Noticeable, Distinct

Ø Park / pɑːrk / (পাঃর্ক্‌) n 1. [a large area of land with grass and trees surrounded by fences or walls, which is specially arranged so that people can walk in it for pleasure or children can play in it] (নগর-উদ্যান; পার্ক): We went for a walk in the park.

2. <VERB> Park / pɑːrk / (পাঃর্ক্‌) v {Pt. Pp. parked / pɑːrkt / (পাঃর্ক্ট্‌)} [to leave a vehicle that you are driving in a particular place for a period of time] (<কোনো জায়গায়>সাময়িক ভাবে <মটর গাড়ি> রাখা; গাড়ি পার্ক করা): He has parked very badly. 

bay leaf, bay
3. Bay
3. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n {Also. bay leaf} [a herb used to give flavour to food, made of the leaves of the tree, often its leaves dried for used] (তেজপাতা):

Bay tree [a small evergreen (=never losing its leaves) which has dark green leaves with a sweet smell that are used to add flavour to cooking] (তেজপাতা গাছ):

Ø Herb / hɜːrb / (হা্‌র্ব্‌) n [a type of plant whose leaves, flowers or seeds are used in cooking to give flavour to particular dishes, or which are used in making medicine for diseases] (ভেষজ; ঔষধি তৃণলতা): A large range of herbs and spices are used in South Asian cookery.

Ø Flavour / ˈfleɪvər / (ˈফ্লের্‌) n {US flavor} [how food or drink tastes] (<খাওয়ার সময়>স্বাদগন্ধ): Add a little salt to bring out the flavour of the herbs.

<SYN> Taste

4. Bay
4. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n [a horse of a dark brown color] (পিঙ্গল, তাম্রবর্ণ ঘোড়া): He was riding a big bay. 

5. Bay
5. Bay / beɪ / (বে) n [a deep noise, especially the noise made by dogs when hunting] (বিশেষত শিকারি কুকুরের <শিকার করার সময়কার>খুব জোরে জোরে ঘেউ ঘেউ চিৎকার):

<VERB> Bay / beɪ / (বেv [(of a dogs or wolves) to make a long deep cry repeatedly] (কুকুর বা নেকড়ে দের কান্নার মতো শব্দ করা): a pack of baying hounds  

Ø Deep / diːp / (ডীপ্‌) adj [(of a sound) low] (<ধ্বনি সম্বন্ধে>গম্ভীর; মন্দ্র): a wonderfully deep voice, a deep roar/groan

Ø Pack / pæk / (প্যাক্‌) n [a group of animals that hunt together or kept for hunting] (একত্রে রাখা শিকারি কুকুরের দল; একত্রে বিচরণ করা বন্য প্রাণীর দল): packs of savage dogs

Ø Hound / haʊd / (হাউন্ড্‌) n [a dog that can run fast and has a good sense of smell, used for hunting] (ডালকুত্তা; শিকারি কুকুর): The hounds picked up the scent of the fox. 

Confused Word “Chip” 

1. Chips
Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n {usually plural} (US french fry) 1. [a long thin piece of potato that is fried and usually eaten hot ] (<আলুর পাতলা>ভাঁজা ফালি; চিপ্‌চ): All main courses are served with chips or baked potato.   

Fish and chips (n) [a dish of fish that has been fried in batter served with chips/fries, and usually bought in the place where it has been cooked and eaten at home, etc.] (মাছের বড়া): Three portions of fish and chips, please.

Ø Course / kɔːrs / (কৌর্ছ্‌) n [a part of a meal which is served separately from the other parts] (খাবার তালিকার অন্যতম পদ): A traditional British main course consists of a meat dish with potatoes and other vegetables. The main course was a roast duck.  

Ø Bake / beɪk / (বেক্‌) v [to cook food inside a cooker, without using added liquid, oil, or fat] (<রুটি ইত্যাদি বন্ধ উনুনে>সেকা; ঝলসানো): The bread is baking in the oven.


Ø Batter / ˈbætər / (ˈব্যাটর্‌) n [a mixture of eggs, milk and flour used in cooking to cover food such as fish or chicken before frying it, or make pancakes] (<ময়দা, ডিম, দুধ ইত্যাদি একসঙ্গে মেখে প্রস্তুতকৃত এক রকম>মন্ড/কাই): fishes in batter

2. Chip
2. Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n [a small piece that has been broken off a large object or the mark left on an object such as a cup, plate, etc. where a small piece has been broken off it] (<কাঠ, পাথর, কাঁচ ইত্যাদে থেকে ভেঙ্গে আসা>ছোট পাতলা টুকরা/চলটা): This mug has a chip in it.

<VERB> Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌v {Pt. Pp. chipped / tʃɪpt / (চিপ্ট্‌)} [to damage Sth by breaking a small piece off it; to become damaged in this way] (<কোনো জিনিসের>কিণার দিয়ে সহজে ভেঙ্গে যাওয়া/চলটা উঠে যাওয়া): These plates chip easily. She fell and chipped her tooth badly. A badly chipped saucer.

Ø Break off [to become separated from Sth as a result of force] (কোনোকিছুর অংশ আলাদা বা আলগা হয়ে যাওয়া): The back section of the plane had broken off.  

chip, microchip
3. Chip
3. Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n {Also. microchip} [a very small piece of semiconductor, especially in a computer, that contains extremely small electronic circuits and devices, and can perform a particular operation] (<কম্পিউটারে ব্যবহৃত>চিপ বা মাইক্রোচিপ): a silicon chip; a chip technology

4. Chip
4. Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) n [a flat piece of plastic used to represent a particular amount of money in some types of gambling] (<বিশেষত জুয়া খেলায়>টাকার প্রতীক হিসাবে বব্যহৃত প্লাস্টিকের চাকতি):

Ø Gambling / ˈgæmblɪŋ / (ˈগ্যামব্‌লিঙ্‌) n [the activity of playing games of chance for money and of betting on horses, etc.] (জুয়াখেলা): Gambling can be an addictive habit.

5. Chip
5. <VERB> Chip / tʃɪp / (চিপ্‌) v {+ adv. / prep.} [to cut or break small pieces off Sth with a tool] (<যন্ত্র দিয়ে>চেঁচে কোনোকিছু তৈরি করা): It took a long time to chip a hole in the wall. It needs the skill to chip a block of stone into a recognizable shape.   

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