Necessary Vocabulary G




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Gain / ɡeɪn / (গেন্‌) v {অর্জন করা বা লাভ করা} [to obtain or win something, mainly something that needs or want]:


Gained / ɡeɪnd / (গেন্ড্‌): Her ideas gradually gained acceptance.



Gained / ɡeɪnd / (গেন্ড্‌)


Gains / ɡeɪnz / (গেন্‌জ্‌)


Gaining / ɡeɪnɪŋ / (গেনিং)

 Gather / ˈɡæðər / (গ্যাদর্‌) v {জড়ো করা বা হওয়া} [to collect several things, often from different places or people]: Please can you all gather round?


 Gathered / ˈɡæðərd / (গ্যাদর্ড্‌): She gathered the kid to her.


 Gathered / ˈɡæðərd / (গ্যাদর্ড্‌)

 Gathers / ˈɡæðərz / (গ্যাদর্‌জ্‌)

 Gathering / ˈɡæðərɪŋ / (গ্যাদরিং)

Get / ɡet / (গেঠ্‌) v {পাওয়া} [to obtain, receive, or earn something]: Do not get your clothes dirty!

Got / ɡɑːt / (গাঃঠ)

Got / ɡɑːt / (গাঃঠ)

Gets / ɡets / (গেঠ্‌ছ্‌): This room gets very little sunshine.


Getting / ɡetɪŋ / (গেঠিং)

Glorify / ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪ / (গ্লোরিফা) v {মহিমান্বিত করা} [to make something seem better or more important than it really is]:


Glorified / ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪd / (গ্লোরিফাড্‌)

Glorified / ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪd / (গ্লোরিফাড্‌)

Glorifies / ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪz / (গ্লোরিফাজ্‌)

Glorifying / ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪɪŋ / (গ্লোরিফাইং)

Gossip / ˈɡɑːsɪp / (গাঃছিপ্‌) v {খোশ গল্প করা; পরচর্চা করা} [to talk about other people's private lives, that might be unkind, or not true]: People have started to gossip about us.


Gossiped / ˈɡɑːsɪpt / (গাঃছিপ্‌ঠ্‌)

Gossiped / ˈɡɑːsɪpt / (গাঃছিপ্‌ঠ্‌)

Gossips / ˈɡɑːsɪps / (গাঃছিপ্‌ছ্‌)

Gossiping / ˈɡɑːsɪpɪŋ / (গাঃছিপিং): I cannot stand here gossiping all day.

Govern / ˈɡʌvərn / (গাভর্ন্‌) v {শাসন করা} [to control and direct the public business of a country, city, group of people, etc.]:

Governed / ˈɡʌvərnd / (গাভর্ন্ড্‌)

Governed / ˈɡʌvərnd / (গাভর্ন্‌ড্‌): The territory was governed directly by London.


Governs / ˈɡʌvərnz / (গাভর্ন্জ্‌‌)

Governing / ˈɡʌvərnɪŋ / (গাভর্নিং)

Grow / ɡroʊ / (গ্রৌ) v {জন্মানো} [to increase in size, number, amount, strength, or quality]: I want to let my hair grow.


Grew / ɡruː / (গ্রূ): He grew bravery with time.


Grown / ɡroʊn / (গ্রৌন্‌)

Grows / ɡroʊz / (গ্রৌজ্‌)

Growing / ɡroʊɪŋ / (গ্রৌইং)

Guard / ɡɑːrd / (গাঃর্ড্‌) v {পাহারা দেয়া} [to protect property, places or people from being attacked or stolen]:

Guarded / ɡɑːrdɪd / (গাঃর্ডিড্‌)

Guarded / ɡɑːrdɪd / (গাঃর্ডিড্‌): The mountain pass is well guarded.


Guards / ɡɑːrdz / (গাঃর্ড্‌জ্‌)

Guarding / ɡɑːrdɪŋ / (গাঃর্ডিং)

Guide / ɡaɪd / (গাড্‌) v {পথ প্রদর্শন করা} [to show somebody the way to a place, often by going with them]:


Guided / ɡaɪdɪd / (গাডিড্‌): She guided me in my research.


Guided / ɡaɪdɪd / (গাডিড্‌)

Guides / ɡaɪdz / (গাডজ্‌)

Guiding / ɡaɪdɪŋ / (গাডিং)

Gamble / ˈɡæmbl / (গ্যাম্বল্‌) v {জুয়া খেলা} [to risk money on a card game, horse race, etc. that might result in loss of money or failure]:


Gambled / ˈɡæmbld / (গ্যাম্বল্‌ড্‌):

She gambled away the family fortune.

Gambled / ˈɡæmbld / (গ্যাম্বল্‌ড্‌)

Gambles / ˈɡæmblz / (গ্যাম্বল্‌জ্‌)

Gambling / ˈɡæmblɪŋ / (গ্যাম্বলিং)

Gape / ɡeɪp / (গেফ্‌) v {হাঁ করা বা হাঁ করে তাকিয়ে থাকা} [to look or stare at someone or something with mouth open because you are shocked or surprised]:


Gaped / ɡeɪpt / (গেফঠ্‌): Raju gaped at him, horrified.

Gaped / ɡeɪpt / (গেফঠ্‌)

Gapes / ɡeɪps / (গেনফছ্‌)

Gaping / ɡeɪpɪŋ / (গেফিং)

Gaze / ɡeɪz / (গেজ্‌) v {স্থির দৃষ্টিতে তাকিয়ে থাকা} [to look at steadily something or someone for a long time, especially in surprise or admiration, or because you are thinking about something else]:

 <SYN> Stare


Gazed / ɡeɪzd / (গেজ্‌ড্‌): They gazed in wonder at the mighty peaks.

Gazed / ɡeɪzd / (গেজ্‌ড্‌)

Gazes / ɡeɪzɪz / (গেজিজ্‌)

Gazing / ɡeɪzɪŋ / (গেজিং)

Gore / ɡɔːr / (গোঃর্‌) v {(শিং দিয়ে) গুতা মারা বা ঢিশ দেওয়া} [(of an animal) to wound a person or another animal with the horns or tusks]:


Gored / ɡɔːrd / (গোঃর্ড্‌): She was gored by a bull.

Gored / ɡɔːrd / (গোঃর্ড্‌)

Gores / ɡɔːrz / (গোঃরজ্‌)

Goring / ɡɔːrɪŋ / (গোঃরিং)

Grant / ɡrænt / (গ্র্যান্ঠ্‌) v {মঞ্জুর করা} [to agree or to give someone what they ask for, mainly formal or legal permission to do something]:

Granted / ɡræntɪd / (গ্র্যান্ঠিড্‌): The court granted him leave to appeal.


Granted / ɡræntɪd / (গ্র্যান্ঠিড্‌)

Grants / ɡrænts / (গ্র্যান্ঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Granting / ɡræntɪŋ / (গ্র্যান্ঠিং)

Grasp / ɡræsp / (গ্র্যাস্ফ্‌) v {আঁকড়ে ধরা; উপলব্ধি করা} [to take a firm hold of someone or something]

Grasped / ɡræspt / (গ্র্যাস্ফ্‌ঠ্‌): He grasped her tightly by the wrist.


Grasped / ɡræspt / (গ্র্যাস্ফ্‌ঠ্‌)

Graspes / ɡræsps / (গ্র্যাস্ফ্‌ছ্‌)

Grasping / ɡræspɪŋ / (গ্র্যাস্ফিং)

<SYN> Grip / ɡrɪp / (গ্রিফ্‌‌) v {শক্ত হাতে ধরা; আঁকড়ে ধরা} [to hold something very tightly]:

Griped / ɡrɪpt / (গ্রিফ্‌‌ঠ্‌): He gripped hard at the arms of his chair.


Griped / ɡrɪpt / (গ্রিফ্‌‌ঠ্‌)

Gripes / ɡrɪps / (গ্রিফ্‌‌ছ্‌)

Griping / ɡrɪpɪŋ / (গ্রিফিং)

 Greet / ɡriːt / (গ্রীঠ্‌) v {অভিবাদন জানান} [to say hello to somebody or to welcome them]:

Greeted / ɡriːtɪd / (গ্রীঠিড্‌): He greeted her with a quick kiss.


Greeted / ɡriːtɪd / (গ্রীঠিড্‌)

Greets / ɡriːts / (গ্রীঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Greeting / ɡriːtɪŋ / (গ্রীঠিং)

Grind / ɡraɪnd / (গ্রান্ড্‌) v {চূর্ণ বা গুঁড়া করা} [to break or crush something into very small pieces or a powder by pressing between hard surfaces or using a special machine]:


Ground / ɡraʊnd / (গ্রান্ড্‌)

Ground / ɡraʊnd / (গ্রান্ড্‌): The coffee is ground to a fine powder.

Grinds / ɡraɪndz / (গ্রান্ড্‌জ্‌)

Grinding / ɡraɪndɪŋ / (গ্রান্ডিং)

Graze / ɡreɪz / (গ্রেজ্‌) v 1. {ঘাস খাওয়া} [(of cattle, sheep, etc.) to eat grass that is growing in a field]:

2. {(ছাল বা চামড়া) ছড়ে যাওয়া} [to break the surface of the skin by rubbing against something rough]:


Gobble / ˈɡɑːbl / (ˈগআঃবল্‌) v { গোগ্রাসে গেলা; গোগ্রাসে খাত্তয়া; গপগপ করে খাওয়া} [to eat food too fast, in a way that people consider rude or greedy]:  

 <SYN> Wolf

Grazed / ɡreɪzd / (গ্রেজড্‌)



She fell down and grazed her knees on a rock.

Gobbled / ˈɡɑːbld / (ˈগআঃবল্ড্‌):

They gobbled down all the sandwiches.

Grazed / ɡreɪzd / (গ্রেজড্‌)

Gobbled / ˈɡɑːbld / (ˈগআঃবল্ড্‌):

Grazes / ɡreɪzɪz / (গ্রেজিজ্‌)

Gobbles / ˈɡɑːblz / (ˈগআঃবলজ্‌):

Grazing / ɡreɪzɪŋ / (গ্রেজিং): The cattles were grazing.

Gobbling / ˈɡɑːblɪŋ / (ˈগআঃবলিং):

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