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Jeer / dʒɪr / (জির্‌) v {উপহাস/ বিদ্রূপ করা; টিটকারি দেওয়া} [to laugh at someone or shout rude remarks at them to show that you have no respect for them]



Jeered / dʒɪrd / (জির্ড্‌): 'Coward!' he jeered.


Jeered / dʒɪrd / (জির্ড্‌)


Jeers / dʒɪrz / (জির্জ)


Jeering / dʒɪrɪŋ / ( জিরিং)

Jeopardize / ˈdʒepərdaɪz / (জেপর্ডাজ্‌) v {বিপদগ্রস্ত করা} [to risk harming or destroying something/ someone]:


Jeopardized / ˈdʒepərdaɪzd / (জেপর্ডাজ্‌ড্‌): She has jeopardized the future of her husband's career.


Jeopardized / ˈdʒepərdaɪzd / (জেপর্ডাজ্‌ড্‌)

Jeopardizes / ˈdʒepərdaɪzɪz / (জেপর্ডাজিজ)

Jeopardizing / ˈdʒepərdaɪzɪŋ / (জেপর্ডাজিং)

Jerk / dʒɜːrk / (জাঃর্ক্‌) v {ঝাঁকি মেরে চলা} [to move or to make something move with a sudden short sharp movement]:


Jerked / dʒɜːrkt / (জাঃর্কঠ্‌): He jerked a fish out of the water.


Jerked / dʒɜːrkt / (জাঃর্কঠ্‌)

Jerks / dʒɜːrks / (জাঃর্কছ্‌)

Jerking / dʒɜːrkɪŋ / (জাঃর্কিং)

Join / dʒɔɪn / (জয়ন্‌) v {মিলিত বা সংযুক্ত করা} [to connect or fasten two or more things together]: Join the two halves together with glue.


Joined / dʒɔɪnd / (জয়ন্ড্‌)

Joined / dʒɔɪnd / (জয়ন্ড্‌)

Joins / dʒɔɪnz / (জয়ন্‌জ্‌)

Joining / dʒɔɪnɪŋ / (জয়নিং‌)

Joke / dʒoʊk / (জৌক্‌) v {ঠাট্টা বা রসিকতা করা} [to say a funny story or trick, in order to make people laugh]:

Joked / dʒoʊkt / (জৌক্‌ঠ্‌)

Joked / dʒoʊkt / (জৌক্‌ঠ্‌)

Jokes / dʒoʊks / (জৌক্‌ছ্‌)

Joking / dʒoʊkɪŋ / (জৌকিং): Do not worry, I am only joking!


Judge / dʒʌdʒ / (জাজ্‌) v {বিচার করা} [to form an opinion about someone/ something, based on the information you have]:


Judged / dʒʌdʒd / (জাজ্‌ড্‌)

Judged / dʒʌdʒd / (জাজ্‌ড্‌): Schools should not be judged only on exam results.


Judges / dʒʌdʒɪz / (জাজিজ)

Judging / dʒʌdʒɪŋ / (জাজিং)

Jumble / ˈdʒʌmbl / (জাম্বল্‌) v {তালগোল পাকানো} [to mix things together in a confused or untidy way]:

Jumbled / ˈdʒʌmbld / (জাম্বল্ড্‌)

Jumbled / ˈdʒʌmbld / (জাম্বল্ড্‌): His clothes were all jumbled together in the box.


Jumbles / ˈdʒʌmblz / (জাম্বল্‌জ্‌)

Jumbling / ˈdʒʌmblɪŋ / (জাম্বলিং)

Jump / dʒʌmp / (জাম্ফ্‌) v {লাফ দেওয়া} [to push yourself suddenly off the ground or away and into the air using your legs and feet]:

Jumped / dʒʌmpt / (জাম্ফ্‌ঠ্‌):

He jumped over the fence. He jumped out of his chair.


Jumped / dʒʌmpt / (জাম্ফ্‌ঠ্‌)

Jumps / dʒʌmps / (জাম্ফ্‌ছ্‌)

Jumping / dʒʌmpɪŋ / (জাম্ফিং)

Justify / ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪ / (জাছ্‌ঠিফা) v {ন্যায্যতা বা সত্যতা প্রতিপাদন করা} [to give that someone or something is right or reasonable]: He failed to justify his absence in the office.


Justified / ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪd / (জাছ্‌ঠিফাড্‌)

Justified / ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪd / (জাছ্‌ঠিফাড্‌)

Justifies / ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪz / (জাছ্‌ঠিফাজ্‌)

Justifing / ˈdʒʌstɪfaɪɪŋ / (জাছ্‌ঠিফাইং)

Jail / dʒeɪl / (জেল্‌) v {কয়েদ করা বা হওয়া} [to put someone in a prisone]:

 <SYN> Imprison


Jailed / dʒeɪld / (জেলড্‌)

Jailed / dʒeɪld / (জেলড্‌): She was jailed for life for murder.

Jails / dʒeɪlz / (জেলজ্‌)

Jailing / dʒeɪlɪŋ / (জেলিং)

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