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Kick / kɪk / (কিক্‌) v {লাথি দেওয়া/ মারা} [to hit someone or something with the foot]: An ostrich can kick a man to death.



Kicked / kɪkt / (কিকঠ্‌)


Kicked / kɪkt / (কিকঠ্‌)


Kicks / kɪks / (কিকছ্‌)


Kicking / kɪkɪŋ / (কিকিং): Stop kicking, it hurts!

Kid / kɪd / (কিড্‌) v {ধাপ্পা দেওয়া; বোকা বানানো} [to say someone about something that is not true, mainly as a joke]:


Kidded / kɪdɪd / (কিডিড্‌)

Kidded / kɪdɪd / (কিডিড্‌)

Kids / kɪdz / (কিড্‌জ্‌)

Kidding / kɪdɪŋ / (কিডিং): Are you sure you're not kidding me?

Kidnap / ˈkɪdnæp / (কিড্‌ন্যাপ্‌) v {অপহরণ করা} [to take a person away illegally and keep them as a prisoner, mainly in order to get money in exchange for returning them]:


Kidnapped / ˈkɪdnæpt / (কিড্‌ন্যাপ্ঠ্‌‌)

Kidnapped / ˈkɪdnæpt / (কিড্‌ন্যাপ্ঠ্‌)

Kidnaps / ˈkɪdnæps / (কিড্‌ন্যাপ্‌ছ্‌)

Kidnapping / ˈkɪdnæpɪŋ / (কিড্‌ন্যাপিং)

Kill / kɪl / (কিল্‌) v {হত্যা করা} [to make someone or something die]: Smoking can kill.


Killed / kɪld / (কিল্ড্‌)

Killed / kɪld / (কিল্ড্‌)

Kills / kɪlz / (কিল্‌জ্‌)

Killing / kɪlɪŋ / (কিলিং)

Kindle / ˈkɪndl / (কিন্‌ডল্‌) v {আগুন ধরা বা ধরানো} [to make a fire start burning by lighting paper, wood, etc.]: to kindle a fire/ flame


Kindled / ˈkɪndld / (কিন্‌ডল্ড্‌)

Kindled / ˈkɪndld / (কিন্‌ডল্ড্‌)

Kindles / ˈkɪndlz / (কিন্‌ডল্‌জ্‌)

Kindling / ˈkɪndlɪŋ / (কিন্‌ডলিং)

Kiss / kɪs / (কিছ্‌) v {চুমু দেওয়া} [to touch someone with lips as a sign of love, greeting, affection, sexual desire, etc.]: Go and kiss your mother goodnight.


Kissed / kɪst / (কিছঠ্‌)

Kissed / kɪst / (কিছঠ্‌)

Kisses / kɪsɪz / (কিছিজ্‌)

Kissing / kɪsɪŋ / (কিছিং)

Kneel / niːl / (নীল্‌) v {হাটু গেড়ে বসা; নতজানু হওয়া} [to go down into or move into a position where your body or your both knees are on the ground]:


Knelt / nelt / (নেলঠ্‌): She knelt and prayed for guidance.

Knelt / nelt / (নেলঠ্‌)

Kneels / niːlz / (নীল্‌জ্‌)

Kneeling / niːlɪŋ / (নীলিং)

Knit / nɪt / (নিট্‌) v {বোনা; বয়ন করা} [to make clothes, etc. from wool or another type of thread using two long needles]:


Knitted / nɪtɪd / (নিঠিড্‌): I knitted this sweater myself.


Knitted / nɪtɪd / (নিঠিড্‌)

Knits / nɪts / (নিঠছ্‌)

Knitting / nɪtɪŋ / (নিঠিং)

Knock / nɑːk / (নআঃক্‌) v {টোকা দেওয়া} [to repeatedly hit a door or something, etc. in order to attract attention]: Mind you do not knock that glass over.


Knocked / nɑːkt / (নআঃকঠ্‌)

Knocked / nɑːkt / (নআঃকঠ্‌)

Knocks / nɑːks / (নআঃকছ্‌‌)

Knocking / nɑːkɪŋ / (নআঃকিং)

Knot / nɑːt / (নআঃঠ্‌) v {গিট বা গিট্টু দেওয়া} [to tie something with a knot or knots]:

Knotted / nɑːtɪd / (নআঃঠিড্‌‌): The two ends of the rope were knotted together.


Knotted / nɑːtɪd / (নআঃঠিড্‌‌)

Knots / nɑːts / (নআঃঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Knoting / nɑːtɪŋ / (নআঃঠিং)

Knead / niːd / (নীড্‌) v {ময়দা ইত্যাদি পিষে এবং হাতে ঠেসে তাল বানানো} [to press and stretch the dough, wet clay, etc. firmly and repeatedly with the hands to make it ready to use]:


Kneaded / niːdɪd / (নীডিড্‌): He kneaded

the dough.

Kneaded / niːdɪd / (নীডিড্‌)

Kneads / niːdz / (নীডজ্‌)

Kneading / niːdɪŋ / (নীডিং)

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