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Narrate / ˈnæreɪt / (ন্যারেঠ্‌) v {বর্ণনা করা; কাহিনী বলা} [to tell a story or to describe events as they happen]:


Narrated / ˈnæreɪtɪd / (ন্যারেঠিড্‌‌)


Narrated / ˈnæreɪtɪd / (ন্যারেঠিড্‌‌): The story is narrated in flashback.



Narrates / ˈnæreɪts / (ন্যারেঠ্‌ছ্‌)


Narrating / ˈnæreɪtɪŋ / (ন্যারেঠিং)

Need / niːd / (নীড্‌) v {চাওয়া; প্রয়োজন হওয়া} [to have something, or to want something very much]: I need to go to the toilet room.


Needed / niːdɪd / (নীডিড্‌‌)

Needed / niːdɪd / (নীডিড্‌‌): They badly needed a change.

Needs / niːdz / (নীড্‌জ)

Needing / niːdɪŋ / (নীডিং‌)

Neglect / nɪˈɡlekt / (নিগ্লেকঠ্‌) v {অবহেলা বা অবজ্ঞা করা} [to not give enough care or attention to someone or something]: Do not neglect your health.


Neglected / nɪˈɡlektɪd / (নিগ্লেকঠিড্‌)

Neglected / nɪˈɡlektɪd / (নিগ্লেকঠিড্‌)

Neglects / nɪˈɡlekts / (নিগ্লেকঠছ্‌)

Neglecting / nɪˈɡlektɪŋ / (নিগ্লেকঠিং)

Nod / nɑːd / (নআঃড্‌) v {মাথা নাড়ানো বা নোয়ানো} [if you nod, you move your head up and down to show agreement, understanding, approval or greeting, etc.]:


Nodded / nɑːdɪd / (নআঃডিড্‌): He nodded approval.

Nodded / nɑːdɪd / (নআঃডিড্‌)

Nods / nɑːdz / (নআঃড্‌জ্‌)

Nodding / nɑːdɪŋ / (নআঃডিং)

Nominate / ˈnɑːmɪneɪt / (নআঃমিনেঠ্‌) v {মনোনয়ন দেওয়া} [to officially suggest that someone should be chosen for election, prize, honor or position, etc.]:


Nominated / ˈnɑːmɪneɪtɪd / (নআঃমিনেঠিড্‌)

Nominated / ˈnɑːmɪneɪtɪd / (নআঃমিনেঠিড্‌): He was nominated for a special award.


Nominates / ˈnɑːmɪneɪts / (নআঃমিনেঠছ্‌‌)

Nominating / ˈnɑːmɪneɪtɪŋ / (নআঃমিনেঠিং)

Notice / ˈnoʊtɪs / (নৌঠিছ্‌) v {লক্ষ/ পর্যবেক্ষণ করা} [to see or become aware of something or somebody]:


Noticed / ˈnoʊtɪst / (নৌঠিছ্‌ঠ্‌): I noticed them come in.


Noticed / ˈnoʊtɪst / (নৌঠিছ্‌ঠ্‌)

Notices / ˈnoʊtɪsɪz / (নৌঠিছিজ্‌)

Noticing / ˈnoʊtɪsɪŋ / (নৌঠিছিং)

Nurse / nɜːrs / (নাঃর্ছ্‌) v {সেবা/ শুশ্রূষা করা} [to care for a person or an animal while they are ill/sick or injured]:


Nursed / nɜːrst / (নাঃর্ছঠ্‌): He nursed his wife devotedly back to health.


Nursed / nɜːrst / (নাঃর্ছঠ্‌)

Nurses / nɜːrsɪz / (নাঃর্ছিজ্‌)

Nursing / nɜːrsɪŋ / (নাঃর্ছিং)

Numb / nʌm / (নাম্‌) v {অবশ বা অসাড় করা} [to make a part of the body unable to feel anything, for example, because of cold]:


Numbed / nʌmd / (নামড্‌): The extreme cold numbed his hands.

Numbed / nʌmd / (নামড্‌)

Numbs / nʌmz / (নামজ্‌)

Numbing / nʌmɪŋ / (নামিং)

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