Necessary Vocabulary V




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Vacate / vəˈkeɪt / (কেঠ্‌) v {খালি করা} [to leave a room, building, chair, seat, etc. so that someone else can use it]:


Vacated / vəˈkeɪtɪd / (কেঠিড্‌‌): She vacated the flat and went to stay with her Great Aunt Emily.



Vacated / vəˈkeɪtɪd / (কেঠিড্‌‌)


Vacates / vəˈkeɪts / (কেঠ্‌ছ্‌)


Vacating / vəˈkeɪtɪŋ / (কেঠিং)

Vanish / ˈvænɪʃ / (ভ্যানিশ্‌) v {হঠাৎ অদৃশ্য হওয়া; মিলিয়ে যাওয়া} [to disappear or stop being present or existing, mainly in a sudden, surprising way]:

Vanished / ˈvænɪʃt / (ভ্যানিশঠ্‌)

Vanished / ˈvænɪʃt / (ভ্যানিশঠ্‌)

Vanishes / ˈvænɪʃɪz / (ভ্যানিশিজ্‌)

Vanishing / ˈvænɪʃɪŋ / (ভ্যানিশিং): This plant is vanishing from our countryside.


Vary / ˈveri / (ভেরি) v {পরিবর্তন করা বা পরিবর্তিত হওয়া} [(of a group of similar things) to be different from each other in size, quality, shape, etc.]: Prices can vary enormously.


Varied / ˈverid / (ভেরিড্‌)

Varied / ˈverid / (ভেরিড্‌)

Varies / ˈveriz / (ভেরিজ্‌)

Varying / ˈveriɪŋ / (ভেরিইং): The danger of a heart attack varies with body weight.

Verify / ˈverɪfaɪ / (ভেরিভা) v {সত্যতা যাচাই বা পরীক্ষা করা} [to check that something exists or is true or accurate]: Please verify that your password was entered correctly.


Verified / ˈverɪfaɪd / (ভেরিভাড্‌)

Verified / ˈverɪfaɪd / (ভেরিভাড্‌)

Verifies / ˈverɪfaɪz / (ভেরিভাজ্‌)

Verifying / ˈverɪfaɪɪŋ / (ভেরিভাইং)

Vex / veks / (ভেক্স) v {বিরক্ত বা উত্যক্ত করা} [to cause somebody to feel angry, worried, or upset]:


Vexed / vekst / (ভেক্সঠ্‌): It vexed me to think of others gossiping behind my back.


Vexed / vekst / (ভেক্সঠ্‌)

Vexes / veksɪz / (ভেকছিজ্‌)

Vexing / veksɪŋ / (ভেক্‌ছিং)

Violate / ˈvaɪəleɪt / (ভাইএলেঠ্‌) v {ভঙ্গ/ লঙ্ঘন করা} [to go against or refuse to obey a law, agreement, principle, etc.]: to violate international law


Violated / ˈvaɪəleɪtɪd / (ভাইএলেঠিড্‌)

Violated / ˈvaɪəleɪtɪd / (ভাইএলেঠিড্‌)

Violates / ˈvaɪəleɪts / (ভাইএলেঠছ্‌): The directive violates fundamental human rights.


Violating / ˈvaɪəleɪtɪŋ / (ভাইএলেঠিং)

Visit / ˈvɪzɪt / (ভিজিঠ্‌) v {পরিদর্শন করা} [to go to see a person or a place for a period of time]: Come and visit with me sometime.


Visited / ˈvɪzɪtɪd / (ভিজিঠিড্‌‌):

I visited him in hospital.


Visited / ˈvɪzɪtɪd / (ভিজিঠিড্‌‌)

Visits / ˈvɪzɪts / (ভিজিঠছ্‌)

Visiting / ˈvɪzɪtɪŋ / (ভিজিঠিং)

Vomit / ˈvɑːmɪt / (ভআঃমিঠ্‌) v {বমি করা} [to bring contents from the stomach back out through the mouth]:

Vomited / ˈvɑːmɪtɪd / (ভআঃমিঠিড্‌): She vomited up all that she had eaten for dinner.


Vomited / ˈvɑːmɪtɪd / (ভআঃমিঠিড্‌)

Vomites / ˈvɑːmɪts / (ভআঃমিঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Vomiting / ˈvɑːmɪtɪŋ / (ভআঃমিঠিং)

Vote / voʊt / (ভৌঠ্‌) v {ভোট দেওয়া} [to express a choice or opinion formally by marking a paper or raising your hand which person you went to win an election, or which plan or idea you support]:


Voted / voʊtɪd / (ভৌঠিড্‌‌)

Voted / voʊtɪd / (ভৌঠিড্‌‌): The proposal was voted down.

Votes / voʊts / (ভৌঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Voting / voʊtɪŋ / (ভৌঠিং)

Vow / vaʊ / (ভা) v {শপথ নেয়া; মানত করা} [to make a determined decision and serious promise to do something]:


Vowed / vaʊd / (ভাড্‌): I vowed never to drink so much again.


Vowed / vaʊd / (ভাড্‌)

Vows / vaʊz / (ভাজ্‌)

Vowing / vaʊɪŋ / (ভাইং)

Validate / ˈvælədeɪt / (ভ্যালডেঠ্‌) v {বৈধ করা; আইনসিদ্ধ করা} [to make something officially acceptable or approved, that is true]:


Validated / ˈvælədeɪtɪd / (ভ্যালডেঠিড্‌): It is a one-year course validated by London's City University.


Validated / ˈvælədeɪtɪd / (ভ্যালডেঠিড্‌)

Validates / ˈvælədeɪts / (ভ্যালডেঠ্‌ছ্‌)

Validating / ˈvælədeɪt / (ভ্যালডেঠিং)

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