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Learn Hardware Tools Names with Necessary Vocabulary Meaning & Image

Hardware tools name and pictures
1. Hardware Tools

Hardware / ˈhɑːrdwer / (ˈহাঃর্ড্‌ওর্‌) n 1. [metal tools, materials, and equipment used in a house or a garden, such as hammers, nails, and screws etc.] (ধাতব সামগ্রী): a hardware shop

computer hardware
2. Hardware

2. Hardware / ˈhɑːrdwer / (ˈহাঃর্ড্‌ওর্‌) n [the physical and electronic parts of a computer, rather than the instructions it follows] (<কমপিউটারের>যন্ত্রাংশ): We supply computer hardware to businesses.

pliers tool
Pliers / ˈplaɪərz / (প্লাইএর্জ্‌) n [a metal small tool with two handles, used for holding things firmly or pulling small things like nails and twisting and cutting wire] (পাক-সাঁড়াশি; প্লাস): Pass me that pair of pliers, please. He clipped off a piece of wire with the pliers.  

Ø Twist / twɪst / (টুয়িস্ট্‌) v {Pt. Pp. twisted / twɪstɪd / (টুয়িস্টিড্‌)} [to turn Sth, especially repeatedly, or turn or wrap one thing around another] (পাকানো): He twisted her head so she could see what was happening.

Ø Clip / klɪp / (ক্লিপ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. clipped / klɪpt / (ক্লিপ্ট্‌)} [to cut Sth with scissors or a similar sharp tool, in order to make it shorter or neater; to remove Sth from somewhere by cutting it off] (<কাঁচি, প্লাস ইত্যাদি দিয়ে>কাটা বা ছেঁটে ফেলা): He clipped off a length of wire. 

mallet tool
Mallet / ˈmælɪt / (ˈম্যালিট্‌) n [a tool like a hammer with a large flat and made of wood or rubber] (কাঠের হাতুড়ি; কাতুড়ি):

hammer tool
Hammer / ˈhæmər / (ˈহ্যামর্‌) n [a tool consisting of a piece of metal with a flat end which is fixed onto the end of a long thin usually wooden handle, used for hitting things] (হাতুড়ি): He struck her on the head with a hammer.

<VERB> Hammer / ˈhæmər / (ˈহ্যামর্‌) v {Pt. Pp. hammered / ˈhæmərd / (হ্যামর্‌ড্‌)} [to hit something with a hammer] (হাতুড়ি মারা): I could hear you hammering upstairs.

<SYN> Pound

Ø Strike / straɪk / (স্ট্রাক্‌) v {Pt. Pp. struck / strʌk / (স্ট্রাক্‌)} [to hit or attack someone or something forcefully or violently] (আঘাত করা): He fell striking his head on the edge of the table.

<SYN> Hit

Sledgehammer tool
Sledgehammer / ˈsledʒhæmər / (ˈস্লেজ্‌হ্যামর্‌) n [a large heavy hammer with a long handle, used for breaking stones or other heavy materials or for hitting posts into the ground etc.] (ভারী-হাতুড়ি):

Ø Post / poʊst / (পৌস্ট্‌) n [a vertical stick or pole fixed into the round, usually to support something or show a position] (খুটি):  
<SYN> Pole

spanner tool
Spanner / ˈspænər / (ˈস্প্যানর্‌) n {US wrench} [a metal tool with a specially shaped end for holding and turning nuts and bolts] (বিঘত): I will need a spanner to change the back wheel.

monkey wrench tool
Monkey Wrench
Monkey wrench / ˈmʌŋki rentʃ / (ˈমাঙ্‌কি রেনচ্‌) n {UK adjustable spanner} [a device which has parts that can be moved to tighten or unfasten any size of nut and bolt] (বানরমুখো-বিঘত):

Ø Tighten / ˈtaɪtn / (ˈটাটন্‌) v {Pt. Pp. tightened / ˈtaɪtnd / (ˈটাটন্ড্‌)} [to become tighter or to make Sth become tighter, firmer or less easy to move] (কষানো; কষা করা বা হওয়া; আঁটা): The nuts weren’t properly tightened and the wheel came off.

Ø Unfasten / ʌnˈfæsn / (আনˈফ্যাছন্‌) v {Pt. Pp. unfastened / ʌnˈfæsnd / (আনˈফ্যাছন্ড্‌)} [to release or open Sth that is fixed or closed] (আলগা করা; খুলা/খোলা): I can’t unfasten this button/belt

pipe wrench tool
Pipe Wrench
Pipe wrench / paɪp rentʃ / (পাপ রেন্‌চ্‌) n [a heavy tool used for turning a soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface, the design of the adjustable jaw allows it to lock in the frame, such that any forward pressure on the handle tends to pull the jaws tighter together] (নল-বিঘত)

Ø Heavy / ˈhevi / (ˈহেভি) adj [weighing a lot; needing the effort to move or lift] (গরীয়ান; ভারী): He tried to push the heavy door open.

Ø Adjustable / əˈdʒʌstəbl / (ˈডজাছ্‌টব্‌ল্‌) adj [that can be moved to different positions or changed in shape or size] (সমন্বয়যোগ্য; উপযোজ্য): The height of the bicycle seat is adjustable.

Ø Jaw / dʒɔː / (জো) n {Plu. jaws} [the parts of a tool or machine that are used to hold things tightly] (<পাকসাঁড়াশির>দাঁত): the jaws of a vice

Ø Lock / lɑːk / (লাঃক্‌) v [to be fixed in one position and unable to move] (<কোনোকিছুতে শক্ত ভাবে>লেগে যাওয়া বা লেগে থাকা): I tried to move forwards but the wheels had locked.

screwdriver tool
Screwdriver / ˈskruːdraɪvər / (ˈস্ক্রূড্রার্‌) n [a tool for turning screws, consisting of a handle joined to a narrow metal rod-shaped at one end to fit in the cut in the top of the screw] (তিরজুত):

phillips screwdriver tool
Phillips Screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver / ˈfɪlɪps ˈskruːdraɪvər / (ˈফিলিপছ ˈস্ক্রূড্রার্‌) n [a type of screwdriver with two small blades on the end shaped like a cross. It is named after the American H F Philips who invented it, and is used with a Phillips screw] (স্টার-তিরজুত):

allen key tool
Allen Key
Allen key / ˈælən kiː / (ˈএ্যালন্‌ কী) n [an L-shaped metal tool with six sides that is used to turn a screw with a six-sided hole in the top] (এলান কী):

tester screwdriver tool
Tester Screwdriver
Tester screwdriver / ˈtestər ˈskruːdraɪvər / (ˈটেছটর্‌ ˈস্ক্রূড্রার্‌) n {Also. test light} [it is a simple piece of electronic test equipment used to determine the presence or absence of an electric voltage] (বিদুৎ-তিরজুত):

bradawl tool
Bradawl / ˈbrædɔːl / (ˈব্র্যাডোল্‌) n [a small pointed tool used for making holes] (ছ্যাঁদা; ছিদ্র করার সুচালো ছোট যন্ত্র):

file tool
1. File
File / faɪl / (ফাল্‌) n 1. [a thin, flat or rounded metal tool, which has rough surfaces for rubbing wooden or metal objects to make them smooth or to change their shape] (উখা)

2. File
2. File / faɪl / (ফাল্‌) n [a box or folded piece of card for keeping loose papers, letters and other documents in an ordered way] (নথি; ফাইল): We keep your records on file for five years.

Ø Rub / rʌb / (রাব্‌) v {Pt. Pp. rubbed / rʌbd / (রাবড্‌)} [to press or be pressed against Sth with a circular or up and down repeated movement] (ঘষা): These marks will never rub off.

Ø Object / ˈɑːbdʒekt / (ˈআঃবজেক্ট্‌) n [a thing that you can see or touch but that is not usually a living animal, plant or person] (ইন্দ্রিয়গোচর বস্তু বা পদার্থ বা সামগ্রী): Furniture and other household objects were piled up outside the house.

Ø Ordered / ˈɔːrdərd / (ˈওর্ডর্ড্‌) adj [carefully arranged or controlled] (যাথাযথ অবস্থায়; শৃঙ্খলভাবে): a well-ordered society

<SYN> Orderly

chisel tool
Chisel / ˈtʃɪzl / (ˈচিজ্‌ল্‌) n [a tool with a sharp flat edge at the end, used for shaping wood, stone or metal] (বাটালি):

Ø Edge / edʒ / (এজ্‌) n [the outer or furthest point of Sth] (<কোনোকিছুর>প্রান্ত/কিনারা): I sat down at the water’s edge.

saw tool
Saw / sɔː / (ছো) n [a tool that has a long blade with sharp points (called teeth) along one of its edges. A saw is moved backwards and forwards by hand or driven by electricity and is used for cutting wood or metal] (করাত): When we cut wood with a saw then produce sawdust.  

<VERB> Saw {Pt. Pp. sawed / sɔːd / (ছোড্‌)} [to cut wood or other material using a saw] (করাত দিয়ে কাটা): The carpenter sawed and hammered all day.

Ø Tooth / tuːθ / (টূথ্‌) n {Plu. teeth} [any of the rows of points which stick out from the edge of a tool or piece of equipment, such as a comb, saw, or zip] (<কিছুকিছু যন্ত্রাদির>দাঁত): the teeth on a saw

Ø <IDIOM> Backwards and forwards [from one position to another and back again many times] (আগুপিছু): Raju paced anxiously backwards and forwards.  

Ø Sawdust / ˈsɔːdʌst / (ˈছোডাস্ট্‌) n [the dust and small pieces of wood which are produced when wood is cut a saw] (কাঠের গুঁড়া): We scattered some fresh sawdust on the floor of the cage.

hacksaw tool
1. Hacksaw
Hacksaw / ˈhæksɔː / (ˈহ্যাক্‌ছো) n [a small saw with a narrow blade in a frame, used for cutting metal] (কুরাত):

plane tool
1. Plane
Plane / pleɪn / (প্লেন্‌) n 1. [a tool with a blade set in a flat surface, used for making the surface of wood smooth by shave off very thin layers off it] (রেঁদা):

<VERB> Plane / pleɪn / (প্লেন্‌) v [to remove small strips of wood from a surface with a plane] (রেঁদা করা): You will have to plane some more off the bottom of the door, it is still sticking.

2. Plane
2. Plane / pleɪn / (প্লেন্‌) n {UK aero plane} [a vehicle designed for air travel, which has wings and one or more engines] (উরোজাহাজ): The plane took off an hour late. We’ll be boarding the plane in about 20 minutes.

Ø Smooth / smuːð / (স্মূদ্‌) adj [completely flat and even, without any lumps, holes or rough areas] (মসৃণ; কাচের মতো সমতল বিশিষ্ট): The surface should be sanded smooth. 
Ø <PHRASE> Shave Sth off [to cut very thin pieces from the surface of the wood, etc.] (<কাঠ ইত্যাদি>চেঁছে ফেলা): I had to shave a few millimeters off the door so that it would open more easily.

Ø <PHR> Take off [(of an aircraft, etc.) to leave the ground and begin to fly] (<বিমান>উড়াল দেওয়া/ছাড়া): The plane took off at 8.30 a. m.  

Ø Board / bɔːrd / (বোর্ড্‌) v {Pt. Pp. boarded / bɔːrdɪd / (বোর্ডিড্‌)} [to get on a ship, train, plane, bus, etc.] (<জাহাজ, ট্রেন, বাস, প্লেন ইত্যাদেতে>আরোহন করা বা উঠা): At London airports, he boarded a plane to Australia.

spirit level tool
Spirit Level

Spirit level / ˈspɪrɪt ˈlevl / (ˈস্পিরিট্‌ ˈলেভ্‌ল্‌) n [a glass tube tool partly filled with liquid, with a bubble of air inside and shows whether a surface is level by the position of the bubble] (কোনোকিছু উপরিভাগ সমতল কিনা তা দেখাবার জন্য বায়ু-বুদ্বুদ সম্বলিত পানি দ্বারা আংশিক ভাবে পূর্ণ কাচের নল; বায়ু-বুদবুদ যন্ত্র):

Ø Bubble / ˈbʌbl / (ˈবাব্‌ল্‌) n [a ball of air in a liquid, or a delicate hollow sphere floating on top of a liquid or in the air] (জলবুদ্বুদ; বুদ্বুদ): blowing bubbles into water through a straw

scraper tool
Scraper / ˈskreɪpər / (ˈস্ক্রের্‌) n [a tool used for scraping, for example for scraping mud from shoes or ice from a car] (চাঁছনি): Using a scraper to remove wallpaper can be very time-consuming.

Ø Scrap / skræp / (স্ক্র্যাপ্‌) v {Pt. Pp. scrapped / skræpt / (স্ক্র্যাপট্‌)} [to cancel or get rid of Sth that is no longer practical or useful] (অকেজো বা অব্যবহার্য বলে ফেলে দেওয়া; বাতিল করা): The oldest of the aircraft were scrapped.

Ø Time-consuming (adj) [describes a task that takes a lot of time to do] (সময় বেচেযায় এমন): Producing a dictionary is a very time-consuming job.

wire brush tool
Wire Brush
Wire brush / ˈwaɪər brʌʃ / (ˈওআইএর্‌ ব্রাশ্‌) n [a brush with pieces of wire fixed into it, used especially for cleaning metal] (তারের বুরুশ):

axe tool, ax
Axe / æks / (এ্যাক্স) n {Also. ax[a tool with a wooden handle and a heavy metal blade, used for chopping wood, cutting down trees, etc.] (কুড়াল): Raju used an axe and to chop down the old apple tree.

hatchet tool
Hatchet / ˈhætʃɪt / (ˈহ্যাচিট্‌) n [a small axe with a short handle] (ছোটকুড়াল; কুঠারি):

bit brace tool
Bit Brace
Bit brace / bɪt breɪs / (বিট্‌ ব্রে) n {Also. brace} [it is a hand tool used with a bit to drill holes, usually in wood. Pressure is applied to the top and the tool is rotated with U-shaped grip] (বেধনিকা; ছিদ্রকর):

Ø Apply / əˈplaɪ / (প্লা) v {Pt. Pp. applied / əˈplaɪd / (প্লাড্‌)} [to press on Sth hard with your hand, foot, etc. to make Sth work or have an effect on Sth] (আরোপ করা; <কোনোকিছুর উপর>চাপ প্রোয়গ করা): Pressure applied to the wound will stop the bleeding. 

Ø Rotate / ˈroʊteɪt / (ˈরৌটেট্‌) v [to move or turn around a central fixed point; to make Sth do this] (চক্রাকারে আবর্তিত করানো বা হওয়া): Rotate the handle by 180 degrees to open the door.

Ø Grip / grɪp / (গ্রিপ্‌) n [a part of Sth that has a special surface so that it can be held without the hands slipping] (<যন্ত্রাদির>যে অংশ আঁকড়ে ধরা হয়; আঁকড়া): The grip on a golf club

vice tool
Vice / vaɪs / (বাছ্‌) n {US vise} [a tool with two parts which can be moved together by tightening a screw so that an object can be held firmly between them which it is being worked on] (সাঁড়াশি; বাইস): Vices are often used to hold pieces of wood that are being cut or smoothed.

drill tool
Drill / drɪl / (ড্রিল্‌) n [a drill is a tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, usually a drill bit or driver bit, used for boring holes] (তুরপুন): There will be a fire drill sometime this morning.

Ø Drill / drɪl / (ড্রিল্‌) v [to make a hole in Sth using a special tool] (<তুরপুন দিয়ে>ছিদ্র করা): Drill a series of holes in the wall for the screws.

Ø Bore / bɔːr / (বোর্‌) v {Pt. Pp. bored / bɔːrd / (বোর্ড্‌)} 1. [to make a long deep hole with a tool or by digging] (<যন্ত্রাদির সাহায্যে>সংকীর্ণ ফুটা বা ছিদ্র করা): He used a drill to bore a hole in the wall.

2. Bore / bɔːr / (বোর্‌) v [to make Sb feel bored, especially by talking too much] (<বেশি কথা বলে কাউকে>ক্লান্ত বা বিরক্ত করা): “Am I boring you?” She asked anxiously.

pneumatic drill tool
Pneumatic Drill
Pneumatic drill / nuːmætɪk drɪl / (নূম্যাটিক্‌ ড্রিল্‌) n {US jackhammer} [a powerful tool which is held in the hand and operates by air pressure, used for breaking hard surface such as road] (বায়ু-তুরপুন):

drill bit tool
Drill Bit 
Drill bit / drɪl bɪt / (ড্রিল বিট্‌) n {Also bit} [the part of a tool used for cutting or drilling (making holes)] (<তুরপুনের>বিঁধ):

tape measure tool
Tape Measure
Tape measure / teɪp ˈmeʒər / (টেপ্‌ ˈমেজর্‌) n [a long narrow strip of plastic, cloth or flexible metal that has measurement marked on it and is used for measuring the length of Sth] (ফিতা):

Ø Measure / ˈmeʒər / (ˈমেজর্‌) v [to find the size, quantity, etc. of Sth in standard units] (পরিমাপ করা; মাপা): A ship’s speed is measured in knots.

penknife tool
Penknife / ˈpennaɪf / (ˈপেন্‌নাফ্‌) n {Also. pocketknife} [a small knife with one or more blades and screwdriver, scissors, etc. that fold down into the handle and is usually carried in pocket] (ছোঁট ভাঁজ করা ছুরি): He pulled the penknife out of his pocket and opened it.

scissors tool
Scissors / ˈsɪzərz / (ˈছিজর্জ্‌) n [a tool for cutting paper or cloth that has two sharp blades with handles, joined together in the middle] (কাঁচি): a pair of nail scissors   

Sandpaper / ˈsændpeɪpər / (ˈছ্যান্ড্‌পের্‌) n [strong paper with a rough surface coved with sand or a similar substance, used for rubbing surfaces in order to make them smooth] (শিরিস <কাগজ>): coarse/fine sandpaper

<VERB> Sandpaper / ˈsændpeɪpər / (ˈছ্যান্ড্‌পের্‌) v [to make Sth smooth by rubbing it with sandpaper] (শিরিস কাগজ দিয়ে ঘসে মসৃণ করা):

Ø Coarse / kɔːrs / (কোর্ছ্‌) adj [rough and not smooth or soft, or not in very small pieces] (মোটা; অসূক্ষ্ম): coarse sand/salt/hair

Ø Fine / faɪn / (ফান্‌) n [very thin or in very small pieces or drops] (সূক্ষ্ম; মিহি): a fine thread

hook tool
Hook / hʊk / (হূক্‌) n [a curved piece of metal, plastic or wire for hanging things on, catching fish with, etc.] (আকশি; গ্রহণী): Hang your towel on the hook.

<VERB> Hook / hʊk / (হূক্‌) v {Pt. Pp. hooked / hʊkt / (হূক্ট্‌)} [to fasten Sth with a hook, hang Sth on a hook, or catch Sth with a hook] (আঁকশি দিয়ে ধরা/আটকানো): We hooked the trailer to the back of the car.

Wire / ˈwaɪər / (ˈওয়াইএর্‌) n [a piece of thin metal thread which can be bent, used for fastening things and for making particular types of object, that are strong but can bend] (তার): The box was fastened with a rusty wire. 

<VERB> Wire / ˈwaɪər / (ˈওয়াইএর্‌) v [to connect a building, piece of equipment, etc. to an electricity supply using wires] (তার দিয়ে বাঁধা): Make sure the plug is wired up correctly.

Ø Thread / θred / (থ্রেড্‌) n [a thin string of cotton, wool, silk, etc. used for sewing or making cloth] (সুতা): loose threads

Ø Rust / ˈrʌst / (ˈরাস্ট্‌) n [a reddish-brown substance that is formed on some metals by the action of water and air] (মরিচা; জং): Pipes covered with rust

<ADJ> Rusty / ˈrʌsti / (ˈরাসটি) adj [covered with rust] (জং ধরা): a rusty nail 

steel wool tool
Steel Wool
Steel wool / stiːl wʊl / (স্টীল্‌ উল্‌) n [a thick layer of thin steel threads twisted together, small pieces of which can be used to rub a surface smooth] (ছাঁট):

nail tool
1. Nail
Nail / neɪl / (নেল্‌) n 1. [a small thin pointed piece of metal with a flat head, used for hanging things on a wall or for joining pieces of wood together] (পেরেক; তার কাঁটা): Hammer a nail into the wall and we will hang the mirror from it.

2. Nail

<VERB> Nail / neɪl / (নেল্‌) v {~Sth (+adv./prep./adj.)} [to fasten Sth to Sth with a nail or nails] (পেরেক ঠোকা; পেরেক দিয়ে আটকানো): A notice had been nailed up on the wall.

2. Nail / neɪl / (নেল্‌) n [thin hard layer covering the outer tip of the fingers or toes] (নখ): Stop biting your nails! Clip your nails 

screw tool
Screw / skruː / (স্কূ) n [a thin pointed piece of metal with a raised edge twisting round along its length and a flat top with a cut in it, which is used to join things together, especially pieces of wood] (পেঁচ-পেরেক; স্কূ): One of the screws is loose. Now tighten all the screws.

allen screw tool
Allen Screw
Allen screw / skruː / (এ্যালএন্‌ স্কূ) n [a screw with a hole that has six sides] (এলান স্কূ):

bolt tool
Bolt / boʊlt / (বৌল্ট্‌) n [a screw-like metal object without a point which is used with a nut to fasten things together] (হুড়কা; বল্টু): nuts and bolts

nut tool
1. Nut
Nut / nʌt / (নাট্‌) n 1. [a small piece of metal with a hole through the center that is screwed onto a bolt to hold pieces of wood, machinery, etc. together] (নাট): Nuts and bolts are to hold pieces of machinery together.

2. Nut 

2. Nut / nʌt / (নাট্‌) n [a small hard fruit with a very hard shell that grows on some trees] (বাদাম): Sprinkle some roasted chopped nuts on top.

Washer / ˈwɑːʃər / (ˈওঅশর্‌) n [a small flat ring made of rubber, metal or plastic placed between two surfaces, for example under a nut to make a connection tight] (ওয়াশার):

Workbench / ˈwɜːrkbentʃ / (ˈওয়ার্ক্‌বেঞ্চ্‌) n [a strong table for working on especially one on which objects such as pieces of wood or metal can be firmly held so that tools can be used on them] (ছুতার-টেবিল):

Toolbox / ˈtuːlbɑːks / (ˈটূলবাঃক্স্‌) n [a box with a lid for keeping tools in] (যন্ত্র-তোড়াং): 

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Noted From Oxford & Cambridge Dictionary; Google Image

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